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Koresh's Mother Murdered Near Alleged Stolen Treasury Money

Koresh's Mother Murdered Near Alleged Stolen Treasury Money

CBS news and other news agencies have reported the mother of the late Branch Davidian, David Koresh, was murdered by stabbing. Bonnie Clark Halderman was found at the home of her sister, Beverly Clark, who was taken into custody on or about Friday, Jan. 23, 2009.

The victim, Bonnie Halderman, had reportedly written a book about her late son, a 2007 autobiography, "Memories of the Branch Davidians: The Autobiography of David Koresh's Mother".

There is a large consensus of citizens who believe that the U.S. Government was clearly at fault for the deaths of the nearly 80 Branch Davidians, including about two dozen children.

It is interesting that this gruesome assassination occurred in Chandler, Texas within 5 or so miles of the outskirts of Tyler, Texas, which is the reported location of a recent arrival at Bank Of America of an alleged $ 12.8 Billion in stolen U.S. Treasury funds! Here is the link on that post:

To many observers of these reported facts and information it might seem that a crime family is busy doing more clean ups and eliminations in order to destroy evidence-the same type of clean ups which happened to Cantor Fitzgerald Financial Offices at the World Trade Center on 911, and the Alfred P. Murrah Building at the Oklahoma Bombing, and the Pentagon on 911, and other fires and catastrophes around the world in the past few years which I don't have time to list.

Sorcha Faal's article at is particularly accusatory against the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate. That article is here:

This report actually claims that the murders of Koresh and his followers were ordered by then U.S. President William Clinton after the Davidians cracked a secret U.S. Black Operations code. It also claims that the CIA was using Buffalo Airlines to daily transfer cocaine, laundered money, kidnapped children for CIA pedophile programs, and arms and agents at the World War II runway that bordered the Branch Davidian Village.

Please note on the map of Texas how very close to this area George W. Bush's (partner of William Clinton, and Daddy Bush-'Poppy' Bush)Crawford, Texas place is to Waco there, and this runway. Does it fall into place and dovetail for you?

Can this be another witness-citizen type of person red-listed like the witnesses to the JFK Assassination? A surviving mother telling the truth as she knew it, murdered for a price?

You may as well impeach all the recent Presidents clear back to Bush Sr., President 41, and if Reagan was involved in The October Surprise and The Iran-Contra Affair, impeach him, too.
Impeach em all. Impeach em posthumously,too.

If you lose the above page the link is at:'s_Mother_Murdered_Near_Alleged_Stolen_Treasury_Money.html

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...that thing in Waco on TV, Joe, and thinking that, once those Davidians shot back, nobody was going to get out of that house alive (kind of like the Incident at Oglala--nobody messes with the FBI without paying heavy).

Whatever it is, there's nothing too far out for me to believe about our government anymore. What a shameful thing to have to say.

R Ap

According to a former Pentagon Official who said he spoke with a sniper who was there, the FBI may have received some undue blame since that official claimed the Clintons had Operational Support Group from Belgium come in and do the final grisly work on the Davidians, and the FBI was left holding the bag.

Yes, much could be said about all of that, but the most important factors to many observers are:
1) The dead ATF agents were shot point blank in the left temples. How would someone in front of you like the Davidians be able to do that, and furthermore, I don't think that was their intention.
The belief held by many is that these agents were sacrificed in order to have the necessary due cause to eliminate the principals in the compound.
2) The 'wet team' of assassins were called in to murder the Americans due to the Posse Comitatus Act which forbids military types from taking up arms against citizens. The outsiders led the final assault and sidestepped that law.
3) I believe the Sheriff's name who was shot in the Gordon Kahl shooting when they went to arrest him in the hideout at Annieville, Arkansas, was Gene Matthews who was shot in the back, with a shotgun, I think. How could Kahl have reached around behind him and done that? That was another burning down of a compound where one person said he overheard officers laughing downtown about how they'd poured fuel down the smokestack.

The main point to all of this is that most observers watching these atrocities don't realize the officers and feds are put up to this by the fact we serve the Rothschilds, Bildebergers, Rockefellers, etc., a Geomasonic Global Conspiracy of Freemasonry, Illuminati, etc., and our pitiful citizens actually fall into these spots and think they can somehow fight and win.

With the advent of the coming collapse of the money system, a lot of those minds will change when millions, not hundreds of thousands, look around and find ourselves broke, then we'll wonder why in the hell we didn't listen and pay more attention to all these horrors as they were suffered by our countrymen.

For "if we don't hang together, we shall all hang separately."

I tried to discuss these incidents with a few people, but to no avail. I can't do anything about them, but I can give those who want to know what's up a better accounting than the filthy Zionist Media.
I think the book is called 'Free Lunch' which supposedly describes how our income tax payments are taken directly off and sent to various officials without ever reaching the Treasury. ???? The people who know about this stuff say it like a big damn joke.
Thanks, Later

...or some Belgians dressed up to look like them, or whatever, the message still gets out there: Move along, folks. Nothing to see here (Don't mess with us--or those who sent us).

Later, Joe
R Ap

You've got that right. They hardly need guns to do anything by the time they follow and set the targets up, do they?
'Cointelpro' is a good example of that, for sure.

The trouble with serving in the FBI is that you could be judged by the company you keep, particularly since - wasn't it the N.York Times who published the series on how the FBI hired-worked with killers-actual hit men, etc., then they hypocritically got after Whitey Bulger and a few others and tried to desperately clean up their image. One FBI spokeswoman I remember was saying something like "we don't do that stuff anymore". !!!???? Really?

Today's agents remind me of the drunks sitting in a bar before last call when the lights all go on and everyone looks around at how ugly each other looks... and's time2go.

Now that you mention it, I forgot this link which shows how F.B.I. criminals are controlled by criminals. Don't be fooled by the photo as this isn't about O.J..

'Dirty Politics--Hoover, Blackmail, Hemingway, and Murder'

Won a nice award. What a criminal murderous piece of filth the U.S. Government has been and still is!!! They mention how Liddy murdered, covered it up for feds, and other books call him a murdering slob. Nice people our tax payer money pays off! get to that about Dirty Politics--Hover, etc... Got a lot on my mind right now, but thanks for the hook-up. Don't know how much more of this kind of thing I can stand--really, without something cracking. Been reading, lately, about that Incident at Oglala, and the FBI's setting up of Leonard Peltier--all that, and back even further--to broken treaties, massacres, whatever else is back there in that part our history of Building the Nation.

You got it right, that part about "What a criminal murderous..." Anyway, got to get busy with other things right now. Thanks again for the link.

R Ap, again, with this:

I remember reading somewhere, sometime back, about one of Al-CIAdas Number 2 guys (they seem to have lots of Number 2 guys) that our current crop of torturers had somewhere, squeezing. The guy wasn't responding the way they wanted him to, so they threatened to get his daughter and work her over, too--maybe even kill her.

They had Peltier in 'the hole' for something, somewhere in one of the many prisons they've had him in, and were pissing in his food, then giving him shit for not eating it.

Right now, there's a long discussion going on here at ADS about something, and Batman's latest movie got in there--something about it being used as a propaganda tool to shed a favorable light on how we have to do the things we do (like break the law) to keep ourselves safe. (Maybe that's part of why the guy who played the Joker did what he did, in his real life--maybe he decided that having the gold and glory wasn't worth his being used that way.)

Anyway, been thinking about all of this stuff (still haven't got around to reading the Hoover thing) all last night--probably because I'd just learned then that a guy I know had committed suicide the night before last. Poor guy never had much of a chance in this life--had been pretty much on his own since about age 10, got into the drug scene, got busted enough times to be facing a stiff mandatory prison sentence. Lots of the other stuff that happens in a lifestyle like that is mixed up in there too, but never anything violent. Still, law being what it is, they were going to send him away to do some hard time. Probably, he'd just had enough, and decided to check out.

Very sad, all of this, that this is how our Government chooses to go about Securing the Nation--and no relief in sight, that I can see.

Later, if you're still up for it.
R Ap

Yeah, we have political prisoners in this country who probably are more a Re-pukes opponent than the Demorats, so again the GGOPP, Grand Old Gay Ole Pedophile Party, is culpable for treatment and arrest and unfair unjust confinement of those like Peltier.
Concerning torturing the guy's daughter; that's the way the illuminati cons are manipulating the whole herd of us as a people. A guy wrote an article and put it on that as soon as a child is signed up in a public school (I call em government schools cause that's what they are) the conspiracy of pedophiles has an automatic 'line' on the kid! So it's like putting a kid on the market to enroll them is what it means to me. Think of how pitiful that is. It's all done with money and 'lodges'....know what I mean?
Then after some family's child doesn't come home from school or the playground and is found dead the very bastards that killed the kid are laughing while a family and the whole neighborhood and community are traumatized. This activity has flourished since back when Bush 41 was President and it became known about Army General Aquino's ritual activities and many families were paid off in the settlements over the alleged abuse. They were paid millions in settlements.

So Aquino, under these unjust Pentagrom, impeachable regimes, got a promotion to be the head psyops officer of mind control. Apparently some of his tactics were used in the first Gulf War.

The impeachable point I am making is: the recent U.S. Regimes have been operating on torture, lies, killing, and crimes against families and there are many cases on record like the Franklin Cover up where the Feds have acted to obstruct, and to manipulate juries, etc., and the media cooperates in the whole conspiracy and cover up to make matters worse, so the general public is still unaware of all of this stuff.
We don't have a correct mindset as a people when murder and torture are glamorized. Just who the hell are all these so-called bad guys they claim that we need all this super neighborhood radar for??!!

They are people who needed help like your friend who committed suicide (sorry to hear that happened to your friend) and instead of teaching social skills to them the government seems to prefer to vilify them and create special watch lists as if they were terrorists, when all they ever needed was a job, a chance, and some of these poor folks never had the education and training to do much to start with.

This government is impeachable clear back to Reagan. Every president since Carter has been a damned crook. You can't tell me that sticking implants (you can read about all the various kinds in following link-many are not detected on regular x-ray, but appear as sinew, or blood vessels, etc.) into people without their knowledge while they are in surgery is moral, or just, or right in any way, yet when the frequencies finally catch up to the implant victim they can't do much to help themselves in their deep depression and despair. So that is the reason for many of these suicides.

and learn how people are being allowed to go home from surgery only to be murdered by microwave induced stroke, heart attack, or kill themselves out of the electronic agony of torture. Then go to this one since it's a short page:
'The Reason For The Shootings: Your U.S. Mental-Warfare Government' at:

We, as a people, have been abandoned and tossed into the garbage while the elite Re-pukes got fat off of us. They have been in office EVER SINCE CARTER WENT OUT! Clinton was a G.H.W.Bush EMPLOYEE, and he is a worthless piece of shit like his lesbian so-called wife, loser Hillary.

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