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Your Government and You!

By Timbre Wolf

In the past I taught a lot of private music lessons. One of my students was a man who was a little older than me. Why was he taking guitar lessons at forty (plus) years of age? During one guitar lesson I finally worked up the nerve to ask him what all of the lumps were that surrounded his neck.

"I used to haul medical waste," he said. Then he added, "Some of it contained radiation. The pay was good - I got a farm and a house - but I didn't think anything at all about what was going in the back of my truck." How many readers, I wonder, know that dead smack in the middle of Oklahoma (where I was teaching music lessons) there is a nuclear waste facility?

Why was he taking guitar lessons? He figured that he might as well do what he wanted to do before he died.

When someone warms up a cup of coffee in the microwave most of us like to refer to it as "nuking" the drink. When we are not curious about a peculiar people, who are not in agreement with what Dick Cheney called our "non-negotiable way of life," and who reside on the other side of the globe then we are fond of saying, "Nuke 'em."

Someone recently pointed out to me that radiation (the "nuke" in "nuke 'em") is not immediately perceptible via any of the five senses. There was mention of Madam Curie in my high school physics class. She, of course, died as a result of her work with radiation. But, alas, not everyone took that class and they do not know that story.

But most people who say, "Nuke 'em," genuinely mean it . . . meaning that they have no fucking clue what a nuke is. They are relying solely on their five senses for their understanding of radiation.

We have a president now who says that his is "agnostic" regarding nuclear power. There is the prospect of a $50 billion (that's million but, like, with a B in front of it) nuclear power facility encouragement program coming soon from a Federal Government near you.

Ironically H. Clinton used that same term to describe the same thing - her position on Nuclear Power - "agnostic." An delicious irony here is that a rather literal translation (from the Greek) of "agnostic" is "one who is without knowledge." A modern interpretation would be something like "one who is ignorant."

I don't know how you feel about it, but, . . . I DO know how I feel about having a President and Secretary of State who profess to be ignorant about nuclear power.

Since there are people out there - you might even be one of them - who don't know what nukes are or what they do . . . "Let me be very clear . . . radiation will kill you . . . and every living thing on the planet." It's non-negotiable.

Even if you look at medicinal radiation therapies, the waste from which my guitar student hauled away, the purpose is to kill that part of the body which is offending the whole.

Nuclear power plants are not "green" in any sense of the word. They are not "necessary." They are not "non-polluting" and they will not even "cut down on carbon emissions" (not if you count their construction with it's massive reliance on fossil fuels or their "admissible" use of CFC's which have been banned . . . at least in theory, to say nothing of their inevitable "decommissioning").

But let's not beat the horse to death. We have bigger fish to fry.

What do we know about our government? Well . . . let's see.

We know they just allocated 700 billion of our tax dollars to "bail out" banks and financial institutions (and their executives who can't seem to spit out the silver spoon long enough to ensure their future safety).

We know that many of the antics of Bush administration were declared "unconstitutional" by the Supreme Court and yet impeachment was never seriously considered by the House. (We now know that Pelosi approved torture . . . hmm, kind of sounds like a conflict of interest doesn't if?)

We know that our government doesn't give a flying fuck about the environment, the rights of other democracies to exist (think Palestine), those of us who are soon be homeless due to foreclosure (now. . . what was that $700b for exactly?), or just about anything else that we, the people, actually are concerned about.

And so, in conclusion, what are we going to do? How do we stop the foolish and misguided leaders of this great country called America? How do we get their attention?

Multiple choice and true/false quiz:

Banks and financial institutions should take our tax dollars and spend them however they think that they should, including the spending of millions of dollars for CEO compensations, especially given that they have done such a wonderful job with our money in the past.
(Circle one)

Since our government is so responsive to we, the people, we should keep paying our taxes so that they can still pay for useful programs like nuclear power plants, extravagant CEO compensation, and turn a blind eye to things like torture and environmental degradation.

If your government is going to bail out banks but refuse to demand legal accountability from them for obscene (oh yeah. . . and ILLEGAL) loan agreements for your home, you should:

A. Pay your taxes

B. Pay your taxes and become homeless because you are low-life scum - worse than mafia bosses and bank CEO's - and undeserving of housing.

C. Pay your taxes, become homeless, AND volunteer with the Sheriff's Department so that you can kick others out of their homes too.

More advice? Learn to play the guitar.

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(Pls place this accordingly under any energy discussion)

Why did my local school district vote down solar on the huge new school complex yrs ago? Because it would not incur its return on investment during the term that the politicians were in office. Of course the community as a whole would reap the rewards eventually.

Yes, here is where the president is correct. Expenditures on renewable infastructure are and investment. The return on investment often takes longer than a politician in office can control. And the ROI can be calculated/ projected/hypothesized.

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