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Dave Zweifel: Bush's lies are coming home to roost

The Capital Times
By Dave Zweifel

Several months ago I suggested in this column that if Bill Clinton could be impeached for lying about his extracurricular sex life, then George Bush could be impeached for telling lies to get us involved in what appears to be a never-ending war that has taken the lives of nearly 2,000 Americans, wounded another 15,000-plus and resulted in the deaths of at least 30,000 Iraqis.

As far as I can tell, Monica Lewinsky was the only victim of Clinton's shenanigans and she's still very much alive.

I got letters, of course, telling me how stupid I was and, besides, since Congress is controlled by Republicans, there's no way that Bush will ever get impeached in the first place.

That's undoubtedly true.

But it's now turning out that quite a few folks agree that maybe this guy ought to be held accountable for the lies he's told and, I'm sorry to say, continues to tell.

A poll done in early October by the respected polling organization Ipsos found that a full 50 percent of Americans favor impeaching the president if he lied about the war in Iraq. Forty-four percent said he shouldn't be impeached, even for telling lies about his reasons for going to war. The rest either didn't know or care.

The percentage for impeachment grows considerably the younger the person is and the lower he or she ranks on the income scale.

The Ipsos poll comes on the heels of one done by the polling organization Zogby back in June of this year. The Zogby gauge of public opinion showed that in June 42 percent of Americans answered yes to the question of whether Bush should be impeached if he told lies to get us into war while 50 percent said he shouldn't be.

The change in opinion from June to October coincides with the dramatic drop in the president's approval rating, which now stands at about the same percentage as the vote that Herbert Hoover received against Franklin D. Roosevelt back in 1932 - 39 percent.

The fact that half of the people would agree impeachment is in order is surprising because there really is no one campaigning for impeaching the president in any high-profile place, like in Congress or the media.

People are coming to the conclusion by themselves.

Fortunately for Bush, the failings of this administration didn't become apparent to a majority of the people, at least, until after the 2004 elections.

But lies and cronyism in politics usually come home to roost.

They're doing that now.


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There are many brighter lights just lately that are illuminating the path that George W. Bush will have to follow that will eventually lead to his Impeachment. All of the scandal (including a male prostitute) that surrounds the entire administration, the profound horror of the debacle in Iraq & an increasingly vigilant Congress are making for an interesting set up for the 2006 elections. That will be the key, a Democratic House, to the eventual Impeachment of the current President. It is worth noting that Congressmen Kuscinich & Nadler have just recently stepped up to the plate to move this process forward. Let anyone say how stupid or hopeless Impeachment may seem now but having lived through Watergate & and as an avid a reader of history I can assure you that many more fantastical things have happened with far less compelling circumstances. The Bush Administration has built a house of cards and the door of a windy day is about to open.

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