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EV1 - Was It Really a Battery Problem?

EV1 - Was it really a battery problem?

8:05 mins.

Exxon, the world's largest publicly traded oil company, recorded $45.22 billion in annual profits in 2008, as oil prices soared. In 2007, the company posted annual profits of $40.61 billion.

GM is a major recipient of TARP funds, received $13.4 billion taxpayer dollars, and faces a March 31st deadline to submit a restructuring plan to keep the funds. Hey! Here's a thought: how about using TARP funds to retool and start producing the EV1 again? Maybe the Car Czar should get on it.

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Aw, shucks, as Barney (Deputy Fife, not Frank) would say: "Twern't nothing." :)

Industry trashing a good idea, because Big Oil said to. This tanking economy is going to be as traumatic as WW 2. Can you imagine scrapping (then crushing) the P-51 Mustang pursuit fighter airplane because it was too efficient at killing Nazi's?

Good ol' patriotic corporations- screwing their customers since 19__ (?). Whatta motto.

Finally, someone who is not scared to speak up about what happened to the EV-1. The big three auto companies. want to make all the money they can't, and only, only when the last drop of oil has been sucked-up from the ground will these clowns wake up.

I personally would not by a car from either of these three co. My money will go to Tesla or some other company.

Corporations are the the resaons why we are in the crisis we are in.

The Watcher
It is really interesting the GM had one means of contributing to this Country getting off of oil. It was the EV-1. They (GM and the Oil companies) decided in their infinant wisdom to call in every lease vehicle that was out there in, then what did they do, crush every car no more affordable alternatives. This comes from greed siphoning every dime that they can get from selling cars and buying gas (the people). I say to GM start building/making the EV-1 again, that is the American thing to do.

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