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Mere imprisonment is not enough, for these two wicked pieces
of humanity

P. Welch

Put them in Abu Ghraib, and put the prisoners that are there or were there in charge.

I would pefer to see them all at the end of a rope in the same location where they hung Saddam Hussein.----------TODAY!!

Try them for war crimes and put them in prison for at least ten years. Try them for abusing the Constitution and put them in prison for another ten years.

I think a better tag line for that poster is "Liberty and justice for ALL." (For me, MLK's words are too "sacred" to be used in this context.)

and i agree


It's an outrage that this Criminal is allowed to grant interviews in an attempt to Cover his ass regarding his war crimes.
Cheney was not only trying to scare the public, I feel his was 'sending smoke signals'. What would vindicate Dick more, another attack within the US.He'd not only get the glory of being right about his fearmongering, it would negate any prosecution for his war crimes.
Someone should be reviewing the audio & visual from that interview to determine if DICK was communicating with his old protege.
Honestly how often did Dick grant interviews? Come out of his 'secret location'. Dick has never cared about American lives, only his own sense of power and influence. Was the two attacks on the WTC only the first 2 down payments on the aid and comfort provided by the Reagan Admin in the '80s'. Does Bin laden & AQ still have more to repay- esp now that Dick has helped in recruitment and developing a Global network of members?
Dick has proven he hates the American liberties (wiretapping), Despise the concept of Democracy ('00 election) and prefers the socio economic system of Feudalism and Caste inequality (Corp Rule).
Dick Cheney has been our nations Top Enemy of the State for Decades- start with the crimes of Nixon, then Reagan, into HW and Ultimately W- mere puppets in his quest for world domination by any menas necessary.
Cheney's interview should be considered as suspect as any coming from Bin Laden.

Cave Adsum

I'm with what you say until you equate Dick Cheney with Bin Laden. I would much sooner trust what Bin Laden has to say than anything Cheney has to say. I am one of the serious researchers into the events of 911 and I have spent hundreds of hours trying to unearth what really happened. There is no question that the official government explanation is impossible. Further, there is very, very strong evidence that Dick Cheney was a key player in 911.

We need a powerful, skilled and courageous independent prosecutor, with sufficient powers to investigate the crimes of the Bush administration. And 911 should be included in that investigation. If the government fabricates and then sticks to a story about such a catastrophic event, and especially if it furthers major portions of their agenda, (Patriot Act, Iraq Invasion, HUGE Homeland Security and Pentagon spending expansion, Billions and Billions in largely unmonitored contracting money, etc.), then that is more than sufficient justification for a real investigation.

Can you imagine what different country, and for that matter a different world we would be living in if the truth came out about this? Think how much of a deterant that would be against future administratios abusing their powers. Maybe it would finally get the majority of Americans off their duffs and paying attention to what their governement and their tax dollars do. It's a dream, but I keep hoping not an impossible one. We need to keep pushing for it.

Purple Girl, you are my new best friend, you write what I think! I find it incredible that there are still Americans out there that defend Cheney the Dick and his puppet George. The 2 of them are our nation's top terrorists against America. They should have their tiny penises cut off and fed to them before they are infected with AIDs and left in the tiny hidey-hole where Saddam was found.

Of Pat's song, Dave!!

My America Doesn't Torture!

The symbol of law in america is a lady,blindfolded holding a set of scales. The symbolism has always gave me a sense of appreciation to the person who thought of this and of course respect for the law. Justice has no bias, no impartiality and it is meant to be fair from the lowest and poorest to the highest and the richest. No one is above the law. This is what it means-beatiful concept.
What happened folks? We throw away our kids in filthy prisons for getting high, hold it over their heads for years as a felony so they can't get a good job, as we punish them multifold for a 'crime' that should be rehabilitated not punished. As peoplebreak the law it has become a money making endeovr for the city and state coffers. We are preyed upon the roads and highways of this great nation,especially around the holidays. Is this freedom? How can we enjoy a holiday when we have a checkpoint up ahead and you better have your papers ready to prove your a good boy since you are no longer innoncent, you have to prove your not guilty. The more repressive laws we allow them to put on the books the less justice for us. A truly good and free nation should have few laws, a tyranny has many.
As we've voted for change we can believe in, we have been deceived,again. For those who have lied to us,spied on us,broke their oath to the supreme law of the land; the mighty constitution. As they've authorized torture,homicide,renditions,signing statements,thrown away due process,habeous corpus, and they get away with it scot free! They've attacked a non-belligerant nation for lies,spins and false informatin and we are still there! This is against all internaitonal law designed to stop this fascist violence which was the beginning of WWII. The Iraqi's never did us any harm, we terrorize them with 'shock and awe' and destroy their nation,kill a million,make 5 million homeless and tell them we've come to give them democracy and freedom. What orwellian logic. This what hitler would do and say, but this is america, and it seems we have morphed into what we've always said we hated; a violent,fascist, empire bullying and attacking anyone,any nation,anytime, anywhere no matter who is president. I shudder for this nation when i think about the justice of G_D.
No oversight,no committes, no supeana's,no arrests, no nothing but a clean slate and we let 'history decide'. What a crock of bull. What a whitewash. What am i to teach my children? That if your rich,powerful,and/or a politican you are above the law? I have lost my respect for american law for it is merely a shadow of its once great intent. All men are not equal. Law is not fair. Law is biased, crooked as a country mile and i will teach my kids about morality and ethics but american law? It is corruption, it is now stained by hypocrisy and founded on double-standards.
So, as you get pulled over by a cop for doing nothing wrong,and he is asking you where you are going,where are you coming from, and do you know what time is it? Ask him why he pulled you over,does he not sign an oath to the supreme law of the land which states that we are entitled to live our lives without harrassment and to be secure in our persons unless upon probable cause? And then as he tells you to get out of your car,as he calls for backup and the cannine unit, remember your in america, not east germany or stalinist russia and your now guilty till proven innocent on the side of the road. What the hell happened america? Where are your balls of dissent? As your government robs you and your kids future to give to bloated banks who pass out fat checks to their officers and the new government wants another trillion for another sellout,i mean bailout,ask yourself who is the one getting bailed out? Is it you? Why does obama say the same thing(fear ,fear economy is gonna collapse if you dont hurry and give us the $)that bush did just a few months before? Trillions for what? We've been robbed and no one is arrested, no one is charged, its all just 'good business'and we're screwed.

It's a nice sentiment, but it won't work because there are too many stupid people in America.

First there are the blithering idiots that voted Republican for all the "reasons" designed to appeal to idiots (They'll keep us safe from terrorists, they're Christians, they'll cut our taxes, they'll get big government off our backs, they'll stop abortion, Bush is a "regular guy", etc.)

Then there are the merely stupid people who thought (and still think) that the Democrats are a progressive antidote to the Republicans, despite years of evidence to the contrary:

1. They oppose a single-payer health care system.

2. They voted for the war.

3. They enabled a fascist to stay in the White House for eight years.

4. They helped the Republicans overturn the Constitution.

5. They saddled working people with NAFTA and the WTO.

6. They maintained laws (like Taft-Hartley) that prevent the formation of unions. (Although I give Obama credit for starting to rectify this.)

7. They allowed media consolidation, which told us Iraq was planning a nuclear attack on the US.

8. They maintain laws that inhibit non-corporate-funded parties.

9. They voted for fascist judges on the Supreme Court.

10. They allowed the government to spy on us, and set a precedent that telecom companies that illegally did this weren't charged with anything.

11. They allowed our government to torture.

12. They supported tax cuts for the rich.

These are all right-wing positions! Anyone who thinks the Democrats are progressive after all this is stupid, or hasn't been paying attention, or both.

Why should the Democrats antagonize their corporate paymasters, when stupid liberals will unconditionally vote for them, thinking they're "progressives"? It only takes one senator to filibuster. The Democrats let it all happen!

If the Green Party got even 5% of the votes, they'd be eligible for Federal funding, and would give the Democrats some competition from a REAL progressive party. The Green Party has been calling for impeachment for YEARS (as opposed to the off-the-table party).

In the last election, only about 1% of you voted Green. So why should the Democrats listen to you now? What are you going to threaten them with, voting for them again??

Sorry, just as Pelosi had her "table", Obama also has his table and prosecution is not on it.

it's OK to switch teams based on Ideals. Indeed, it is our duty to break away from those that would fail us.


May the web of deceit that has plagued our world for decades continue to dissolve and expose those that would seek to deceive and exploit.

May their plans be stopped by our collective actions and may they be safely removed from society and secured in a safe place where they can observe a world community that has learned to share and care for one another and the world in peace.

It can happen here...

I couldn't agree more and have been saying so, myself, for years. Let me just add a little "fantasy" concept to that:

Wouldn't it be a wonderful way to govern and change the electoral format if there were only "teams" DURING the election process? After that, they would all take off their respective jerseys and do the job they were (allegedly) elected to do and GOVERN in a fair, NON-POLITICAL way for the best of the country and "We The People"?! It seems it has become a 24/7/12 BATTLE with idiotic (team) political posturing until yet the NEXT election so they can save their asses and the seats they put them in.

According to the early days of the Constitution--you remember that?-- elected officials were to come from all over the country to REPRESENT their constituents' voices and wishes. Government elections were meant to be a SERVICE and choose a SERVANT for the people and the nation and NOT a career position. The idea was for everyone to be joined together in the process and to have a voice. This is WHY there MUST be TERM LIMITS and the understanding that farmers and carpenters NEED to be elected and represented as well as lawyers and the wealthy of all stripes.

Folks, we were at a crossroads in 2008 and made the wrong turn; the familiar turn for the lesser of two evils. Now look where we are AGAIN! Already picking apart the new guy as same old/same old and seeing evidence that he JUST MIGHT BE; albeit, for his more subtle manner, intelligence and TEAM JERSEY.


Continental Congress 2009:

Will you be there ... David Swanson ....

These two in my opinion are like modern day mobsters. I believe they took advantage of every opportunity that would personally benefit them selves at the expense of a whole nation. The feeling to me is that America has been sold, robbed, and raped under their selfish eye. For this , a full blown,plete investigation should ensue. All men are suppose to be equal in this country, so let's keep it real and prosecute all mobsters.

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