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Watch MSNBC Tonight and Report Back Here

"Monday: The Truth Behind the Downing Street Memo - Chris separates fact from fabrication, in a Hardball Special Report - Monday at 7 on MSNBC."

and if you believe that, we've got some nuclear weapons to sell you...

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Here comes the GOP hatchet job on the DSM!

Is this suppsed to be 7:00 Eastern Time or are the times staggered for play in each time zone?

Scott McClellan, as usual, repeatedly deflected reporter questions on the DSM last week, just prior to Conyers' hearing. His only repeated statement was "The White House has already addressed the topics in that memo." When? Will Matthews revisit any time and space where those issues actually were addressed? I hope so, because I sure don't remember it.

This is atrocious. They have to guys who already have it in for the DSM!

What a silly bit of dancing around the real issues. They are talking about how of course there was planning going on prior to the war. Have they not read the memo? This is not the issue. I kept speaking to the TV saying "planning is fine UNLESS you are planning to cook up some lie and pass it off as a legal basis for the war.

That was a moronic discussion. I think I will email Hardball.


We should boycott products of all advertizers who sponser the Chris Mathews Show "HardBall". If we wish to pursue the truth we must hit them where it hurts,their ratings & pocket books.

Did anyone think Matthews was a not a GOP shill? My god, must come right out and say it? BTW, Ken Mehlman can be found at Mr. P's in DuPont Circle every Tuesday night. just a lil fyi

Your presentation on CSPAN was excellent-we taped it & want to help...970AM in Tampa Fl on the Todd Schnitt show @ 5pm-Schnitt reported that he knows docs were retyped by someone & originals destroyed to protect identity of leaker-That this makes the docs bogus-Is this the GOP attack? What has been confirmed about authenticity of the docs?

these docs were indeed copied to protect the leaker
numerous US media outlets have belatedly confirmed that they are accurate

I just caught the end of the show, where David Kay pronounced the whole DSM matter a "tempest in a teapot." James Woolsey added that the world is better off without Saddam. Not quite as edifying as one would hope. Oh, well.

Could we respect anything more from a mainstream media outlet,but a meaningless discussion that is not meant to get to the truth, but to avoid any real discussion.
To try and bury the facts that we intelligent, aware Americans have known from the beginning of all this.
That our selected president and cronies are bunch of selfserving chickenhawks,who up to now have sent over 1700 Americans and tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians to their premuture deaths.
Mainstream media walks around in fog wondering why their ratings continue to fall?
The fact of it is from my point of view is that the American people are considerably more informed and intelligent then they wish to think that we are.
I always hear them fall back the idea that we are giving the people what they want,but I believe the opposite is true!
A word of incouragement to all of you..Keep up the fight! They can't hide the truth for ever,the "Downing Street Minutes" prove that.

MSNBC should be ashamed of themselves, as should all of the SCLM. What must happen to get them to deviate and tell the truth for once?

We must cast the money changers out from the temple.


I believe the cover up is not only that of the administration but by the media as well. They wanted a war to improve their ratings. They joined the lie and that is why they are passing the Downing Street Memo as old news. What shocks me most are people like Bob Woodward, who during the Nixon era were relative unknowns, therefore, to make a name for themselves(self-interest), pursued & exposed a cheat. Today they are stars & with that, inegtrity & pursuit of the truth takes a back seat. They would rather smooze-up & hobnob with the powerful & corrupt & write books perpertrating their decietful propaganda. Wagshinton Post I didn't think you could fall so low. Where is the outrage for our fallen children. Didn't we say after Vietnam, "never again". Are we waiting for the next 58,000 of our best to die for a lie especially by an administration that dodged the draft(Cheney & Bush)before we act?

- I'm sorry Bush told us there were WMD when there weren't.
- I'm sorry Bush told us Saddam had ties to Al Qaeda, and didn't.
- I'm sorry Cheney told us that Saddam's agents had met with Mohammad Atta in Prague, when he didn't.
- I'm sorry Colin Powell became so spineless that he threw his principles out the window and lied before the entire UN.
- I'm sorry over 1700 US servicemembers are dead in a war that was based on a lie.
- I'm sorry our soldiers are being told their own parents have to pay for their body armor, because the US military won't.
- I'm sorry the Bush administration lied about what really happened to Pat Tillman, and then lied to his parents.
- I'm sorry Bush demanded Saddam comply with UN inspections, then when Saddam did comply, Bush invaded anyway.
- I'm sorry Bush told us Mission Accomplished nearly 2 years ago, and the bloodshed continues.
- I'm sorry Bush told us the few incidents at Abu Ghraib were only isolated incidents, when they weren't.
- I'm sorry Bush told us 7 months before the Iraq war that he hadn't yet decided to invade, when he had.
- I'm sorry Bush keeps telling us the over 500 prisoners at Gitmo are such bad terrorists that they simply can never be released, but then Bush can't even come up with enough evidence to charge even one of them with jaywalking.

Tell you what I'm sorry about - I'm sorry that 51% of my fellow countrymen are idiot enough to have "re"elected this moronic thug. Even if (and I believe they did) manage to cheat on the election, that any sane, rational person could cast a vote to put these people (and I use the term with reservation) back in office is way beyond my capacity to understand.

People talk about the DSM being "the turning point". Is it? Will it be? Or are we too far gone at this point - do the people really have the power to remove Bush from office at this point? He's already proven his contempt for both the Constitution and our judicial system. Remember he thinks he's the Lone Ranger, above the law. He believes he owes nobody any explanations or apologies.

David Gregory substituted for Chris Matthews.
He interviewed Michael Smith, the English journalist who received the Downing Street papers and broke the story. He brought out the main points in the papers. Interesting, pretty good.
Then weapons inspector David Kay and ex-CIA chief James Woolsey were on. It was pretty lukewarm; each verified and questioned various points.
Once again, nobody mentioned Bush's concurrent lying to Congress and the US, or the early bombing, or the goals of the Neocons, ...or Bush's reckless, dishonest, vindictive, insecure-macho-outdo-Daddy-power-hungry character. (sorry)
But I really think that, as the Iraq invasion continues to fail and take victims (cause Dubya ain't backin' down), and people get angrier about it, they will slowly face what's been happening. I did.

The Congressional Research Service and the Department of Defense reports that the official cost of the war up until last week is $208 billion and the lives of 1,704 U.S. troops.

There was a good DSM segment on Countdown. Olberman had Newsweek corrospondant Richard Wolf for a much clearer discussion than we saw on Hardball, with some interesting speculation on the motives of the leakers.

The thing that continues to be pushed aside is the fact that it is a Family Affair, Not Georgie alone could have forced Millions of Votes to be FIXED or that over the last 75 years, the Family would FIX, countless events and facts, Just ask Uncle Jonathan, the FIXER.

If you google IG Farben and Prescott Bush, you get a start at the Family Affair, then go to the shadow brothers, Neil and Marvin and John Ellis.

Also the Cheney Family with their hands in everything, and so many many more.

The Nurenburg Trials show the Fix in the beginning, where Otto Ambros and buddy Prescott got the wink, and on and on and on. It reads like a wild horror story, and as long as the media is on the side of the FIX, most will LOCKSTEP for their supper.

What the definition of "FIXED" is:

The Hardball show last night (6/20) was a well-orchestrated set-up right
out of the office of Karl Rove.

The pressure on the MSM has become too great to continue on with
the "ignore it and downplay it" strategy, so now Karl has sent forth
the "play it up, then discredit it" strategy, giving the MSM permission
to let themselves off the hook for following the prior failed strategy,
while still towing the line for the Emperor.

Conspicuously absent for this charade was the show's host,
Chris Matthews, which in and of itself speaks volumes about attempting
to downplay and/or discredit their purported "Downing Street Special."
An obvious requirement was to interview the author who broke the
original DSM story, to set a context for the attack that was sure to follow.

What in fact did follow was pure theater, as desigend by the show's
booking agent and scripted to perfection in advance. Save that entire
video as the clearest example yet of the Corporate Media's (General
Electric's in this case) desire to quell all dissent surrounding the Administration's Lies.

Rather than following the talking-head template of booking two
individuals who offer opposing points of view, the booking agent
recruited two CIA lapdogs who (SURPRISE!) ultimately arrived at the
same conclusion...that the Downing Street Memo and other supporting
documentation represent noting more than a "tempest in a tea pot!"

Before the segment even began, I already knew how it would end.
The story behind how this program was "manufactured" is all the
evidence the American public would need to understand how the
media manipulates reality to serve the Ruling Class.

Investigate the media! Reveal the truth of how and why these two
talking heads were booked and briefed, and by whom.

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