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Revoke Judith Miller's Pulitzer Prize

By Dave Lindorff

Click here to call on the Pulitzer Committee to investigate Judy Miller’s prize.

Now that the New York Times’ own ombudsman has weighed in with a scathing critique of Judith Miller’s lies and deceptions about her WMD and Al Qaeda reporting, including a recommendation that the paper not allow her back in its newsroom, it’s time to call for an independent investigation into her much trumpeted Pulitzer Prize, which she won jointly in 2002 with several other Times reporters for her articles in 2001 about Al Qaeda.

Clearly, Miller was no independent journalist looking for truth in her incarnation as “Ms. Run Amok,


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Yes, Judith Miller should have her Pulitzer Prize revoked and then she, the NY Times editorial staff and the corporate officers should all be tried for war crimes in their role in not only marketing an illegal war, but for deliberately covering up the TRUTH about Iraq, Afghanistan, and the 9/11 "Insider" attacks.

One need look no further than the video of Bush and the secret service men on 9/11 . . . the highly trained secret servcie men did nothing (i.e. the dog that didn't bark) proving that 9/11 was an "inside job".

Cui bono - Who benefits? PNAC-AIPAC-Israel-UK - The Neo Con Fascists.

Then hold war crimes trials for CNN, FOX NEWS, CBS, Clear Channel, Cox, and all the other Main Stream Media "Corporate Fascist" propaganda traitors to the US Constitution, violators of International Law and the Geneva Conventions.

Then, we'd better send flowers & chocolates to France . . .
"Freedom Fries" my ass . . .

So Chalabi was a "convicted embezzler." Yeah, convicted by a secret military tribunal in Jordan, a country full of paid off stooges of Hussein. Nice of you to forget that suka.
How about if you gamble 15 years of your freedom based on a secret tribunal in an Arab regime. How about it suka?

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