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Obama's Presidency Derailed-Hillary Still Running The Money

President Barack Obama is already running into the same brick wall similar to the one President JFK ran into before he was assassinated.
There are several reports online which coincide, and indicate that he is being used as a false front by D.C. Crooks which I refer to as 'Candidates For The Con'.
I covered the subject of blackmail in that copyrighted report and commented that blackmail-risk candidates are the absolute worst candidates to serve public office, particularly the presidency.
It appears that certain officials are not recognizing Obama's authority as President and are overriding his orders and decisions, possibly using the Patriot Act as the cover to continue what is described as continued theft of the U.S. Treasury by the same cons who were looting it in Bushfraud's regime. This overriding effect looks similar to the JM-Wave-CIA-Zapata operation of The Bay of Pigs, where JFK was hardly consulted BEFORE that attack began. So we see a repeated symptom of control being issued from behind the mainline visible government now which reminds one of that pre-assassination era.
The reported $ 12.8 Billion which reportedly came up missing from the Treasury has been reported to still be illegally parked in the Bank of America at Tyler, Texas under the names of Neil Bush and George Stephanopoulos. Now there's a crime family that preys together!
The recently ousted Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, was reportedly on to the involvement of the Northern Trust Bank of Illinois in the Bernard Madoff ponzi scheme. Consequently you saw a sudden coup against him similar to the one performed against Eliot Spitzer over the call-girl bust, a Mossad operation to enable the continued thefts of U.S. Taxpayer's funds. Congress is so crooked the word went out on Blagojevich to get him down quickly is what I figure. If he lives long enough to blow the whistle on the cons, he may still be able to do some damage to them and the theft operations against the United States and U.S. Citizens.

'Obama's Presidency Threatened by Bush-Clinton Crime Family Coup, and Bernard Madoff Ponzi Scheme Update'

Also, Chris Story says much the same thing in this report:
'Obama Being Used as a False Front by the Crooks' at

Your comments on how this stuff fits together are welcome.

Incidentally, if Hillary Clinton is in charge of the black ops Pentagon funds as described in the above report, then those warnings Heneghan put up about the next 72 hours are possible, for if any severe emergencies occur with the bio-warfare or other conflagrations, it will further enable the D.C. cons to move farther into emergency mode-martial law phase, and this will enable them to more completely override President Obama's jurisdiction with their phony Patriot Act and emergency-Admiralty Law provisions which were created for just the purpose of continuing the hijacking of America operations.
One would have thought the Democrat Party would have run a squeaky clean candidate to completely suppress and remove Hillary Clinton who is reportedly one of the biggest criminals on earth. They didn't do that. They didn't enforce the warrants against the Bushes and Clintons via crook Mukasey, and they have apparently had someone installed into the Presidency who will also further the aims of the D.C. cons by keeping the G.H.W.Bush employee, Hillary Clinton, in office, anyway. Either way it was a done deal for the cons.

Now you can see how both parties are bought and paid for, as in BRIBED.


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Not only is President Obama meeting resistance from the well-entrenched Wall Street-based criminal apparatus which has been part and parcel of the Federal government since the time of John Kennedy and Franklin Roosevelt, but please take note of how Obama has come down rather hard against the Wall Street culture of corruptiuon and greed in the last two weeks, including his blistering indcitment of Wall Street execs who grabbed billion-dollar bonuses while begging for taxpayer-financed bailout money for their supposedly "crippled" banks. When Wall Street's practices and schemes became the targets of his wrath, the green brick wall was immediately erected to block his economic policies at every turn. More on that in a bit.

Also, concerning the ugly -- and vicious -- impeachment of former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, remember that he was intimately linked to convicted political shakedown artist Antoin "Tony" Rezko. Rezko had been initially used by Federal prosecutors to attempt to crush the candidacy of Barack Obama by attempts to link him to Rezko's political fundraising shakedowns of businessmen and other prominent people, but when that avenue of attack against Obama proved to be a fruitless dead-end, it was decided that Rod Blagojevich would make a better target for Federal prosecutors primarily because of his extremely populist politics, and his stubborn refusal to makes deals or curry favors with those Illinois State Senators and Representatives who are connected (either through business, familial or personal ties) with the Bush-Clinton Crime Family.

Then, we have these rather interesting developments which have occurred in recent weeks ... the same banking circles which President Obama blasted for their blatant greed, including relatives of former President G.W. Bush, who financed Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, even continuing their funding of the Nazi cause after the Pearl Harbor attack, are now turning their collective "influence" against a potential resurgence of the policies of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the new administration. Since the beginning of the year, a steady drumbeat has been growing, to the effect of driving a wedge between the new Democratic administration of Barack Obama, and the policies of FDR. Obama, who is known to be awn ardent student of FDR, even reading about FDR and his policies on the eve of his inauguration, clearly poses a threat to the financial elites' control of policy.

After the November election, Time magazine and the New Yorker had featured pieces optimistically reflecting on the similarities between the victory of Barack Obama and the Franklin Delano Roosevelt mandate of 1932. But, almost immediately, the London Economist moved to put the brakes on the euphoria with an article criticizing Obama for attempting to revive Roosevelt's economic policies, which the Economist declared to be a "massive failure". There were plenty of risks in "over-interpreting" the political mandate, they cautioned. After all, in their minds, the election was much more about getting rid of Bush, than ushering in "an era of activist government."

A month later, the conservative Heritage Foundation held a seminar in Washington, "Learning From the New Deal: How FDR's Economic Legacy has Damaged America." The speaker, Burton Folsom Jr. had just penned a book, New Deal or Raw Deal?, and argued that the legacy of FDR was one of "price fixing, court packing and regressive taxation." Among apologist Fulsom's other books are, The Myth of the Robber Barons, Empire Builders, and Urban Capitalists.

On December 30, Amity Shlaes, an "adjunct fellow" at the American Enterprise Institute, posted her first anti-FDR piece, "An Era of Uncertainty." There, she fretted about the "market uncertainty" which all of FDR's reforms caused, specifically when he pulled the dollar off the gold standard. Likewise, today, she said, all the questions about new regulation and taxes, "make it hard for the market to settle" on the price of paper assets. Clearly nervous about which way Obama would go, she urged him to "define" his programs early, and thus signal "Open for Business" to Wall Street.

And if that wasn't enough, there's this ... In an article in today's Washington Post, titled, "FDR Was a Great Leader, But His Economic Plan Isn't One to Follow," Ms. Shlaes attempts to re-write the history of the Great Depression and Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal. Ms. Shlaes, apparently distraught that Barack Obama "has made it clear that his model is Roosevelt," boldly states that while "Roosevelt inspired those in despair," as an economist, he "is unworthy of emulation." In fact, according to her, when it came to economic policy, "FDR failed abysmally."

The first goal of the New Deal was to create jobs, but unemployment still averaged above 10 percent, Shlaes reports, while acknowledging that it was a more-than-double--25%--when he took office. Nowhere is it explained that it was the fear and sabotage in the Congress, in pulling back funds for infrastructure investment and public works employment, that put the brakes on FDR's planned jobs creation, and we're seeing a repeat of this with Republican objections to the funding of infrastructure rebuilding which is part of President Obama's economic stimulus package.

The second goal of FDR's, according to Shlaes, was to "stimulate the private sector. Instead, it supplanted it", which is a truly fantastic assertion. What the government programs did was step in to create the infrastructure to lay the basis for a real economic recovery, which industry had refused to do. The private sector that was "supplanted," for example, in the case of providing electricity, was that which had helped create the stock market bubble which exploded in 1929, through its imaginative pyramiding schemes, which are strikingly similar to Bernard Madoff's own Ponzi pyramid scheme. It refused to provide electric power to rural populations, claiming it wasn't profitable.

Contrary to Ms. Shlaes's blatant lies, FDR's creation of the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Rural Electrification Administration brought electricity to millions of impoverished people, whom the private sector had "conveniently forgotten." It was the provision of government-sponsored infrastructure -- electricity, water management, 1,700 schools and hospitals -- under the New Deal, which brought forth new industrial growth through private investment into whole sections of the country, such as the southeast, where subsistence farming, poverty, and disease had until then been the major "industries". Ms. Shlaes also bemoaned the passage of the Public Utility Holding Company Act in 1935, which was designed to end Wall Street's control of this vital industry, describing it as the "Death Sentence Act" for "private capital".

So ... if FDR's economic policies were such a huge failure, what should President Obama do? "Put market reform before spending", she says. Shlaes, who wrote her book while a fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, is part of a think tank network that is determined to distort and destroy any understanding of FDR, and these right-wing "think tanks", along with the continued theft of the U.S. Treasury by many Nazi bankers, including relatives of former President G.W. Bush, and those within the Democratic and Republican parties who've been bought and paid for by these same Nazi bankers, are already setting the stage for the ultimate riotous disintergration and pulverization of the American people through a series of severe, high-level national emergencies -- including the assassination of President Obama -- which would allow the immediate implimentation of the phony Patriot Act and emergency Admiralty Law provisions.

Keep watching events as they unfold, not only in Washington, but also in the Middle East, Europe, and Southeast Asia, and I would also counsel those who are wise to watch the months of May through September very carefully. Those five months are going to be the most dangerous months in our nation's history.

Naturally, I hope you're wrong, but after the last eight years, nothing would surprise me. Good luck.
Yes, I like the way Mr. Obama blasted the recipient corps of the bailouts who hand out the huge bonuses to execs, etc..

I read another blog that said the "Bushmites" in banking are still being weeded out and led away, fired, etc., before our banks take delivery of more funds. Also said that the Basel 2, banking regulations originated in the United States, were directed at Europe, and back at the U.S., again, when the U.S. bankers, not being able to manufacture more phony money out of thin air began to wince, with all their phony derivatives, etc..
So I have a bit of optimism that as these Bushfraud banking moles are extracted like wisdom teeth from their ranks where they are entrenched, there may then be a chance for the refunding programs of the Leo Wanta-Reagan Mitterand Protocols to succeed. But as Mr. Obama has stated, time is of the essence here... he puts it acting "swiftly", etc..

This is another problem with the Constitutionalists attempting to argue Mr. Obama's citizenship now. It's literally too late for that!!! If he's in his basic right mind, and is trying to do the right thing and restore what is left to restore, they'd better let him roll and do it fast.
There is no more time left to stop and do those arguments.

The problem is that Cheney and George W. Bushfraud, the Felon, (according to a federal judge he is a felon)have left the economy in such complete ruin it is collapsing.
See 'Federal Judge Ruling: George W. Bush is a Felon' at: or at the top of my home page where I also have the link.

Interesting parallel to FDR's time, U.S. Economy is in shambles- just hope they don't try to solve it with more wars. And yes it is pitiful to watch the Repukes rebut all this without providing any solutions themselves. It makes you wonder just what in the hell the Repukes are trying to do.... bring down the house on us?

Yes, looking at this situation resembles the same old manipulation by GOP Repukes by emergency procedure, thus by proxy.

You notice Ms. Shlaes, according to your post, said to put reform before spending, so once again the pattern of non-payment, de-funding of us all shows up, for the funding can be held up forever, as long as the reform is argued over. The argument over the reform will literally prevent the implementation over the Wanta-Reagan Global Refunding.
One would think the GOP Repukes are following the timetested way of International Banker control- the removal of money from circulation.

Excellent points, all. Especially about idiots trying to put Barack Obama out of office. I like Barack because he's serious. No bullshit. There wasn't another candidate out there that conveyed that to me except for Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich (and they were waaaay too radical for the establishment status quo (still like em both)). The rest of them were bloviating assholes. All of em! (OK, John Edwards was half ass, but showed no discipline over his dick, just like Slick Willie, so he's a goddamned loser, too). Hopefully his inner circle are figuring out an end sweep to circumvent all the obstructionist fucks and we get some things done-QUICKLY :) There's people out here prematurely judging this guy and will probably be eating crow pie shortly (incredibly comparing him to Bush, if you can believe that noise!), but I got a wait and see attitude on this. Jerkwads gave Bush eight years to figure out he was useless and I was hating his ass before he was Governor. Just like his criminal fuck dad. Anyway, great post and I'm still encouraged that things are steering back toward normalcy and the Rule of Law. Oh, the economy is still going down(!), don't get me wrong, but at least we have a human being at the helm for a change and it's been a looooooong time coming. Take care.
Your phrasing is especially accurate on "we get some things done-QUICKLY:" for sure. You notice Daschle has also bitten the dust and there will be more to follow.
What's disappointing is how much time and trouble and expense these cons are costing the U.S. and taxpayers and the more honest segment of lawmakers. Just like Libby, who refused to do any admissions up front, they wait until they're absolutely 'red handed' after obstructing and re-obstructing. These bastards who do this should 'swing'. the- wind, because all the while the system is teetering on financial collapse. One report said banks were within 3 hrs. of running out of money one day recently. 3 f---ing hours!!!

The point is, in their specially prepared bunkers all prepaid for by we, the taxpayers, do you really think these obstructionist criminal bastards really give a crap about any of us? Hell no, they just want to keep pushing their own control machine of using the Pentagrom and pork to loot us dry!!
I have a certain degree of sympathy for Mr. Obama who was handed a bankrupted pile of crap for a U.S. System. The criminals in D.C. may have allowed him to run without opposing the effort in order to leave a trap behind them. If they order Judge John Roberts, and stooge Nazi, Scalia and the other black robed idiots at SCOTUS to accept a citizenship case on Mr. Obama you will see the wildest swing of events and announcements, all of which will be destructive to we little people regular joe-citizens, and aimed at de-throning The Pres.. What good would that crap be now that he has familiarized with the problems and is putting his shoulder to the wheel?!
thanks for the reply and comments. joe

hi guys my name is sandy according to me barak obama is a brillint man, i like obamas speach, he is always thinking positive i like obama


Since this is supposed to be an impeachment discussion I will answer your comment with the crucial question: If Obama is for change, as he promised us, will he get the U.S. out of Afghanistan and stop causing the U.S. Taxpayer to be bilked for Billions for the drug trade?
Read all of this link, and then read links on how U.S. Crime Families are in Afghanistan in the Drug Trade.

With all of the "sudden" talk about stopping the drug trade in Afghanistan making the rounds, especially in the halls of Congress, here's something to ponder... Did you know that the world's available money supply is tied largely to the attempted bailout of financial institutions? With that shortage of money, along with a shortage of any kind of credit, the current financial crisis is building up rapidly into catastrophic levels in all areas.

With no money available to be channelled into useful production, and most world leaders still not willing to address the necessary bankruptcy reorganization of the entire international financial system, unemployment is skyrocketing, factories and businesses are closing, state and national governments around the world are teetering at the edge of insolvency, and world trade is grinding to a halt. In late January, the United Nations' International Labor Organization (ILO) issued a report forecasting that 50 million jobs would be lost worldwide by the end of 2009, and that there will shortly be 1.4 billion "working poor", which is about half the planet's working-age population.

The ILO's forecast is actually "optimistic" given the accelerating disintegration of the global economy. People are going to start dying as a result of these economic conditions, and we're already beginning to see those death rates happen, due to increasing rates of suicides and domestic violence -- especially against women and children -- among the populations of the once prosperous "industrialized" nations.

Furthermore, the London-centered international drug cartel known as Dope, Inc. is moving in to take over the whole world economy with a vengeance.

The danger is this ... people who are pushing drugs will thrive and those who get drug money will feel that they're going to thrive, too. And those who aren't getting drug money are going to find out that they're not getting anything, and they'll use any means necessary to get their share.

Now, the argument is that you have to be good to the drug pushers, because they're the only ones who are supplying the loose cash in this situation, in which the legitimate world money supply is collapsing and the supply of money which is being generated by sales of illegal drugs is increasing.

This drug takeover of the world economy by the British Empire, operating through front men like the Nazi-trained George Soros, has to be stopped cold. The director of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), Antonio Maria Costa, has also exposed the escalating role of drug money in bailing out the drowning banking system. In a Jan. 27 interview in the Austrian magazine Profil and in comments to Associated Press, Costa said drug money laundering in unprecedented amounts is "certainly happening across the board.... The money is available, and the need for that money is there. I think the whole system is infected," Costa asserted.

Costa estimated that the total street value of all illicit drugs was about $320 billion a year. This, however, significantly understates the magnitude of the problem. Preliminary findings indicate that the total dollar value of drug production may well be two to three times UNODC's figure, and that other components of the global "black" economy -— which includes illegal weapons, commmodities contraband, gambling, prostitution, etc. —- are probably generating as much cash as drug money, bringing the total amounts of loose cash into the ballpark of $1.5-2 trillion a year.

In these days of trillion-dollar TARP bailouts and quadrillion-dollar vaporization of derivatives and other financial assets, $2 trillion may not sound like a lot of money. But this is loose, highly-liquid, free-floating cash, which can go a long way to purchase politicians and narcoterrorist armies, and salvage friendly financial institutions -— albeit for a very brief period of time.

The campaign for drug legalization, which George Soros is spearheading internationally, will only make the problem far, far worse by vastly increasing drug consumption and revenues. The constantly repeated refrain that, "You just can't win the war on drugs, so we may as well strike a deal," is a pack of lies.

There are several reasons why we have a drug problem, and the primary reason is because governments don't want to take it away. There are many who say, 'Well, you can't solve the problem.' What do you mean you can't solve the problem?! We have the technological means to detect and find drug traffickers and drug supplies in fine detail; we know how to develop methods for solving the problem.

The actual problem is that we have a governmental/educational/economic/social/cultural/psychological system which has created the conditions for the "drug problem" to occur. You have to shut down the system, as well as vigorously address the various psychological, social and cultural issues which has allowed drug abuse to happen.

And here's something else to take into consideration ... Harry Markopolos, the chief witness at the Feb. 4 hearing of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Capital Markets, exposing the workings of the Madoff Ponzi scheme and lack of Securities and Exchange Commission action, identified "dirty money" from drug cartels and organized crime as part of the flow from "feeder funds" into Bernard Madoff's swindle.

Much of that "dirty money" came from the Russian mob and the Latin American drug cartels, which have interests in the drug trade in Afghanistan, and now, if President Obama claims he has a mandate for "change", here's the real test of just how serious he is about "change"; will he possess the political will to wipe out illegal drugs by firstly, not pouring 20,000 to 30,000 more troops into Afghanistan, and secondly, promoting a healthy educational/cultural/economic system which will be more attractive than the drug trade, which is drugging civilization to death?

What a tremendous lot of good, highly critical points here you've made.

Yes, the available cash which many institutions and corporations run on is either partly made up of, or backed by drug money, and lots could be said of the irony of having to 'need' the drug cult to stay afloat. Kind of like a severely beaten and abused wife feels she 'needs' her savage, bully husband to maintain the family.

President Obama, while refusing to give a yes or no on prosecuting George W. Bush, did emphasize again of the importance in boosting this money package along ASAP. He has the right idea on the TEMPORARY end of this, in order to at least slow down the spiral of the half million and more jobs PER MONTH we're losing! But when it comes to conceding the phony credit swap derivatives (that Sec. Geithner has reportedly decided to use to float or back the dollar instead of the good refunding programs cash money) need to be permanently trashed and written up instead of repackaging and reselling them, which was previously illegal, I don't think he can muster up to it.

For he would not only be opposing the investors of all these phony PONZI SCAMS, but Dope Inc., as well, since they are a major player RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of all of this! They are the muscle which was part of the PERMINDEX MURDER CORPORATION which was thrown out of France after JFK Assassination.

President Obama may be more of an executor, but is intelligent in his speech, vocabulary, demeanor, and focus, and thus far has not exactly spoken as though he expects to play the public for fools, so it will be interesting, at least.

Much of the horror behind what really caused the desperate decision to back the dollar and treasury bonds, etc., with the old junk debt most likely has to do directly with George H. W. Bush's buddies, including Greenspan and Paulsen, and maybe Levy and their attempts to do this phony credit derivative swaps awhile back using, apparently U.S. Treasury funds, where they reportely LOST BILLIONS OR TRILLIONS OF FUNDS IN THE GAMBLE. That perfectly explains the desperate reported grab of the $ 12.8 Billion stolen Treasury funds which finally arrived at the Bank of America in Tyler, Texas, where recently the mother of the late David Koresh was murdered-stabbed to death after writing a book on her son and the Branch Davidians.

This desperation is not just to steal money, but to raise funds and pool them together with other accounts in a possible effort to put back some of what they lost when they tried their stupid (as the late Cary Grant put it in one film) "dopey schemes".

The horror of all this is: according to what I've read, these D.C. crooks may have been 'betting the spread' with our U.S. Treasury Funds-our actual tax dollars to try to create revenue and thus hide thefts which actually occurred due to 'junior's' lame deregulation-Patriot Acts crap. The horror being; THEY'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO BET THE DAMN SPREAD LIKE A COMMON EMBEZZLER IN A BANK DOES TO PLAY THE HORSES AT THE TRACK!

(EDITOR'S NOTE: I'm not against playing the ponies, an inspirational lady I met, the late Elizabeth Montgomery, used to do that and hold a bit of a party back during production of t.v. series. There's a time and place for stuff.)

more later . thanks for your post, Stephie. joe

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