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Gore Urges Action on Economy, Global Warming

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I can remember only one winter worse than this (1978) and this winter ain't even over yet. I suspect that global information is being withheld ... the pendulum is going back to cold.


It is about the global trends that are happening to climate change. I remember many scientific discussions about holes in the Ozone layer many years before Al Gore came on the scene. The discussion used to be about Ozone Depletion:

Global warming (the effect) has been going on since the dawn of the Industrial Age (the cause). Al Gore did not "invent" it. Unfortunately, mankind did.

the science best say it would take a thousand years to work, they also said that the ozone opens every four thousand years it lets in more radiation that kinds of cleans things up. does anybody know were we are on that scale? we need alternet energy yes but we are broke. to change our motors in all our planes boats cars and trucks around the world will be an astronomical amount of money that we dont have, so the next best thing would be clean up the motors we have now that can be done by good piston rings good valve seats and higher octane fule so it burns off clean, the fuel we have now has a lowerd octain and it does not burn off clean thats why you need a catalitic converter the fuel that doesnt burn in your motor burns in your converter . there is some hydrogen systems that you use will our lesser value fuel that makes it burn off so claen you are able to take all polution stuff off you car and pass the california test better than any new car can. these systems use 12 volt electricity to run a electrolizer that has water and baking soda to poduce hydrogen and oxegen mixture that is called browns gas this is pulled in your motor by its own vaccume system and it makes all the fuel burn in your motor so you get more power and clean exsuast( water for gas .com) is a web site you can get more info on this, one claim they had was a 350 chevey engine on a california freeway got 72 miles to the gallon of gas thats incredible mine only got 16 miles to the gallon new. so if the oil companys dont by it up to berry it or the car companys realy want it to be used we could have it . or go to water for gas .com and learn about it for your self it used on deisel trucks and cars with fuel, there is a lawn mower that was ran just on browns gas so it shows us it could be a stand alone fuel too. whatch out for an enviromentalist rapeing of our economy over this scare tactic of globel warming this fear mongering stuff is no differant than the war on terror or the cold war , lets look hard at the cheapest way to use less fuel lets explore hydrgen one quart of water can make 80000 cubic feet of hydrogen gas.

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