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12.8 B Treasury$ Stolen To Tyler,Tx.,Police Involved. Wanta Protocols Disappear.

Update:There has been new reported activity of the funds which were ordered by the World Court to be released to respective trustees to back up our banks and financial institutions and governments. Those funds have reportedly disappeared." Wanta Protocols Disappear, plus New York Governor Paterson and New York Attorney General Cuomo Cover Up Death Threats Against Caroline Kennedy"
I have also left the above link at the top of my page:
According to the following report there have been police reports filed or created in Tyler, Texas when the Chief of Police was notified of an alleged theft/diversion on Jan. 22.
If this money really is the missing $12.8 Billion missing U.S. Treasury money, you have a duty as a U.S. Taxpayer Citizen to look into this and demand full investigations at a time when bizarre Wall Street Bailout demands are leeching and usurping what US Taxpayers have left on the books! You should raise holy hell at this and demand answers immediately, especially following the reported arrests of Robert Armenta, Senior Compliance Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of N. York, and the arrest of Christopher J. McCurdy, Senior Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, in charge of payments policy function at N. York Fed. Reserve Bank.
Armenta has reportedly been threatened with 25 yrs. to 99 yrs. in prison.

Read the whole report at:

Also, see the following report which is also posted top of my page,, which reports that Pres. Obama gave Treasury a direct order to release the Global Settlements Funds to repatriate the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterand Protocol Money and the order was refused by acting Secretary, Stuart Levey under guise of National Security due to Patriot Act Law. It looks like the NEO-CRUDS are keeping the money for their own.
Banks have been on the brink and this refusal by Levey is CRITICAL!


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