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Is Rep. John Conyers corrupt?

Rep. John Conyers (MI) has portrayed himself as a leading supporter of impeachment but in his job as Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee he has blocked impeachment for years.

Conyers promised to hold impeachment hearings after the election but broke his word. Conyers ignored a petition with over one million signatures asking for impeachment hearings. Conyers also ignored a number of other petitions that added up to another million or so signatures.

Now we find that Conyers was using a Republican operative involved in alleged vote rigging scams to maintain his congressional website.

More here: “GOP election stealers run Rep. John Conyers' Congressional Website"
and at "GOP Technology Powerhouse eMerges Behind Firewalls on the Hill"

There are a multitude of progressive and Democratic website specialists available who could maintain Conyers' website. Why did he go to this GOP operative? Did Conyers' have a "behind the scenes" relationship with the GOP? Does this explain Conyers' refusal to hold impeachment hearings? Will we ever know? The only way Conyers can prove to the voters in his district that he wasn't playing games with impeachment is to start impeachment hearings prior to January 20th.

Cheney has admitted authorizing torture. In an interview with Brit Hume that aired on Fox News Sunday, President Bush admitted that he personally authorized torture.

Torture is prohibited by the US Constitution, Federal Law and by treaty in the Geneva Convention.

Defending the Separation of Powers and the House's Constitutional prerogative as the sole maker of Federal Laws and the Constitution's mandate to have them obeyed and enforced by the executive branch, is the responsibility of the US House, not Obama. What is Conyers waiting for?

If Conyers fails to allow impeachment to proceed before January 20th he will be remembered as the man who refused to use the power of his office to defend our Constitution, Rule of Law and Separation of Powers.

Conyers may claim that Speaker Pelosi took “impeachment off the table” but that excuse no longer has any credibility. Pelosi made her own decision to violate her oath of office. Rep. Conyers' decision to violate his own oath is a separate matter and is solely between Conyers and the Constitution. Conyers' excuse that “she made me do it” is rejected by all.

If the Illinois House can vote to impeach after only 90 minutes of debate, the Democrats in the 111th Congress can get impeachment hearings started before January 20th .

Conyers can stop the coming Bush pardons of those that advocated torture in our name by starting impeachment hearings. If Rep. Conyers is the patriot he claims to be, he will do so.

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Call John Conyers/Tell him History is watching him

Start Impeachment Hearings before Jan 20th
to stop the pardons

Call 800-828-0498 and ask for Conyers
and then call your own congressman
and tell him or her to
call for impeachment hearings to start this week.

John H Kennedy, Denver CO,
43 yr Democratic voter

Since becoming Chair of the House Judiciary Committee John Conyers has given lip service only to all calls for impeachment proceedings even though Bush had 36 serious articles of impeachment and Cheney had 3 serious articles of impeachmnet pending in his Committee going on two years. Apparently, nothing will move this Chair to act, not even his oath of office to the Constitution, and not even alleged murder charges, crimes against peace, war crimes, and crimes against humanity, click here

Conyers could not even summon the courage to follow his own sage advice when he bravely tauted "impeachment is difficult and it is painful, but the courage to do what must be done is the price of remaining free", click here

Conyers, a true and blue "johnny come lately", and true to form, certainly will the find the courage after the fact to pen a new article on "Why Cheney/Bush Should Have Been Impeached" by John Conyers Jr.

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