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Give Bush the Boot

WHEN: Monday, January 19th at 11:00 a.m. ET
WHERE: Rally begins at DuPont Circle, followed by a march to the White House with shoes and combat boots

Also in San Francisco.


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Can someone please find an extra pair of shoes and throw them for me?? Oh, and please write "murderous scum" on the soles for me too, OK?


I want to use them for a good cause. I am sure many of the troops will thank me.

yea pal, if theyre new how bout donate em to a soldier or marine. kicking in the door of a guy who is obsessed with killing people like you and me sounds like a good cause and i would sure as hell thank you. go army

Join the Activist Coalition of DC in McPherson Square for Inauguration fun and activism! Tell President Obama what you HOPE for and then find out how to make it happen!

Keith sums up the last eight years and the litany of Bush screw ups.


Will Bush be held accountable for these residual deaths?

Fuck all of you communists sons of bitches. I'm glad that we bombed the hell out of those filthy rag heads. We are safer because of Bush, and no anti-american propaganda from all of you will change my mind!

Luckily , Bush's illegal spying did not shut down our freedom of speech , but not for lack of trying on his (or Cheney's) part, I'm sure. We appreciate your articulation of your feelings (and lack thereof) but honestly , we are against any flavor of tyranny here, fascist or communist or neocon or whatever. Hope you are not living in South Carolina, a "communist" Democrat is trying to make F-word a felony:

BTW , which "ragheads" are you referring to? Osama bin Laden and his gang fled to the N. Pakistan hills.

ARREST BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/FARA AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !


I honestly can't feel more honored than when a brainwashed, king worshipper showers me with profanity :) (It means we're on the right and just path!) Good thing it wasn't sticks and stones! (because I understand those are quite traumatic on bones!)

ESE for Impaired kids too.

So please go back to school.

"We are safer Because of Bush"

Ask your body BUSH: why did he (Cheney) Stood Down NORAD on 9-11?

Now please go away and don't come back. I hear it's really nice over in Iraq right now. Maybe you should go back there?

Saturday Night Live, Jay Leno, David Letterman and other late night comedy shows are always looking for folks should send them your webpage address. Some of this stuff is really good!

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