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London News: Over 100,000 people march through Hyde Park

towards the Israeli embassy in Kensington, in protest at Israel's attacks on the Gaza Strip
By London Paper

AN anti-war demonstration ended in violence tonight as protesters clashed with riot police in l London.

The protest against Israel's attacks on Gaza saw one police officer knocked unconscious and two others receive facial injuries, a police spokesman said.

An initially peaceful demonstration ended with a group of protesters facing mounted riot police throwing missiles and smashing windows on Kensington High Street near the Israeli Embassy.

Riot officers from the Metropolitan Police force charged at the group of mainly young men.

Sticks and barriers were hurled at the officers by the group, many of whom were masked.

About 300 police in full riot gear had surrounded a similar-sized group of protesters pushing them up the street.

Organisers believed more than 100,000 people joined the massive march through central London in protest at Israel's attacks on the Gaza Strip.

Celebrities including musician Brian Eno and Eurythmics star Annie Lennox joined the procession from Hyde Park to the Israeli embassy in Kensington.

The march included rallies at the start and end addressed by speakers including Eno, Stevenson, former London mayor Ken Livingstone and Cherie Blair's half-sister Lauren Booth.

Booth said: "Tony Blair's only comment regarding the ceasefire has been to say that it can only take place after the tunnels in Gaza are destroyed.

"What he is suggesting means that after the massacre people will have no access to food, kerosene and medicines that came through those tunnels. That is not a ceasefire that is a slow agonising death."

Lennox said that it was important that people made their voices heard on the issue.

She said: "I'm taking a humanitarian stance. I do not believe in a militaristic approach. It's very important that people in society at large see that we can use our voices collectively."

Organisers - including Stop the War Coalition, the British Muslim Initiative and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign - said they hoped there would be no repeat of the ugly clashes with police that marred a demonstration in London last Saturday.

Lindsey German, Stop the War's convenor, said the march would be a passionate, but peaceful protest.

She added: "We are calling for an end to the massacre and for Israel to get out of Gaza and Palestine.

"We want the British government to take a much stronger position.

"There would have been outrage from governments around the world if this had happened anywhere else - the condemnation has been at best half-hearted."

On Sunday the Board of Deputies of British Jews will also hold a rally calling for peace in Israel and Gaza in Trafalgar Square in central London.

Air strikes by Israel's military hit more than 30 targets in Gaza on Friday, killing at least one child, while Hamas launched a barrage of rocket attacks on two cities in the Jewish state.

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Jihadists banging at the Door
That's right! How dare Israel strike back at a terror organization on its border with "out of proportion" force?

Let me ask you, if a mad man is banging on the door of your home and he is declaring his fanatical intent to kill you and your family, what should you do? Well obviously, call 911 and get the police to your home ASAP. Now think! Do you tell the police, it's only one mad man, so, only one police officer will be required? Or, do you insist the police bring all the resources available to stop this mad man intent of your family’s murder?

This is no different from the circumstances that Israel has been in for over 60 years. There have been mad men at their border threatening to kill the Jews and destroy Israel. As outcome from the Jews historical experience with comparable threats, they know full well that they cannot rely on ANYONE else for their self-defense.

HAMAS, Hezbollah, PIJ, PLFP, PLFP GC, Tanzim, PRC, and a myriad of Jihadist terror-gangs are committed to Israel’s destruction. These are the mad men banging on Israel's door threatening to kill. They are so determined to kill Jews that they have indoctrinated their children to embrace being Shahid (see Al-Minar TV children's programming) and become martyrs in the cause of Jihad. This perverse (kamikaze) logic betrays their own people and deploys "civilians" as cannon fodder for the cause. HAMAS knows full well that by leveraging the MSM with the grotesque images of their "shahids" that they can manipulate world opinion. It's working quite well!

So, the next time there is a lunatic at your door, proclaiming his intent to kill your family, think about how many police officers you want to arrive to stop him in his Jihad. So much for proportionality.

Conversely, would Israel’s actions be acceptable to YOU if the HAMAS rockets and mortar rounds into Israel (over 8000 in the past 5 years) were more effective in their death count of Jews? What are you thinking? As you ponder this twisted notion, do not forget that the declared intent of HAMAS (mad man at the door), as per their Charter, is to kill Jews and destroy Israel. Is this the side YOU are supporting? Think about it! Who is Israel to negotiate with? Which one of the myriad of terror gangs speaks for the Palestinians? Which one speaks for YOU? Which terror gang (mad man at the door) do you find acceptable. Or, do YOU simply want Israel to be destroyed? These are the choices. You decide. Zero sum conflict resolution. Unfortunately, either you support Israel's right to exists, or, you

1/10/2009 NEW

London Protest video

"Today we are all Hamas" 200 000 + Protesters


Paris Protest Video

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