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We are all Gazans

By Cindy Sheehan

My eyes are red from crying as I write this.

The images of bloody babies and maimed children and mothers and fathers wailing in pain are too much for me to bear!

Today, the defense forces of Yahweh's "Chosen People" bombed two UN refugee centers. The schools, which Israel knew were being used as refugee centers (the UN was idiotic enough to give the GPS coordinates?) were demolished, dozens of innocent Gazans killed and Israel makes the convenient claim that Hamas was using the playgrounds as rocket-launching pads, which has been denied by the UN.

Mr. "One President at a Time" famously said: "I am not against war, I am against dumb wars." Even though he has resisted commenting on the horror being perpetrated in Gaza right now, we know what side he is going to weigh in on, as when he was in Jerusalem in July, 2008 and told Israeli president Shimon Peres: "For most of Israel's 60 years, you have been deeply involved in this miracle that has blossomed," and while in Sderot, in Southern Israel, which is, as most of Israel is, built on Palestinian land, he affirmed Israel's right to defend itself from the very weak Hamas rockets. Memo to Mr. "Only One President at a Time," we know you love Israel and get that you long ago sold out to the American-Israel Political Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the US/Israel imperial-military cabal, but no Palestinian baby has fired rockets from Gaza.

I am here to tell Obama, that war is not dumb: IT'S EVIL! All war is evil. From the war on poor people of color here in American streets to the genocidal wars of aggression against Arab peoples waged by America and Israel: all war is completely, absolutely, incontrovertibly and atrociously evil. Until Congress and the Knesset and respective administrations come down off of their muy macho and extremely racist perches of death and destruction, we have no "hope" at all for any kind of profound and positive "change."

George Bush is a lame duck idiot who has always supported death and destruction and welcomed both Republican and Democratic allegiance to the war machine. He is finally leaving and we are overjoyed, but should we celebrate an incoming administration that feels it's okay to comment its brains out about the economy, but when it comes to sticking up for the helpless sitting ducks in Gaza he cops-out with lightening speed and amazing alacrity?

I am sick, sick, sick of babies, children and other innocents paying the price of greedy and bloodthirsty governments. I feel a deep sense of helplessness at the carnage as many of my colleagues and much of the "peace" movement wants to give the incoming war-monster, Zionists a "chance." Well, I say: BULLSHIT!

At the rate Israel is slaughtering Gazans, hundreds of more will die and thousands more will be wounded when Doctors have no medicine or supplies; and tens of thousands are frightened and starving while Obama remains silent. Silence is complicity and if we follow the lead of our misleaders, we are complicit also.

What can we do? Tax time is coming up. Your taxes have been paying for death and destruction since you started paying them, no matter how old or young you are. Do you sleep peacefully at night knowing that your hard earned money is going towards paying for killing Gazan babies? Iraqi babies? Afghan babies? I rarely sleep peacefully at night anymore, but not because I fund the US/Israel war machine.

I am going to call on the supervisors of the City of San Francisco to divest of any holdings or investments in Israeli companies. The violent apartheid of all Palestinian people must stop and a fair and humane solution must be economically forced with mostly white Israel as it was with South Africa. You can start a similar movement in your own city or join others that are already in place.

Our protests must be organized and smart to force our elected officials to finally do the humane thing. Most of our federal elected officials are bought and paid for by AIPAC which has seemingly unlimited resources and influences much legislation in our government to be pro-Israel.

How many babies must be massacred before we get righteously outraged and decide to carry the moral water for this fascist government and speak with one voice crying out for peace and justice?

When Gazans are being systematically killed by American made bombs dropped from American made planes and being strafed with American made bullets shot from American made helicopters, we can do no less.

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Cindy....please get some help.

Are you people out there all keyboard and no action?! Cindy has called for a tax strike and it bothers me that the fear of reprisal from a criminal tax organization can make you fear a tax "FREEZE"!

Wake up, People! How dare you keep bitching, moaning, and writing about the current bloody state of affairs and the bailout of billionaires while you continue to finance them every year.

By the way, ALL of your objections about why you "can't" stop paying income taxes, thus the flow into a murderous regime and corporate greed factory, ARE FEAR-BASED ONLY!

*In unity we can take back our government and country; alone we CHANGE NOTHING!


Hey kidz!!! Want the REAL story on Sith Lord Rothschild's IRS/Federal Reserve numbers racket??? . .. ;-)

A good place to start is with fallen brother Aaron Russo's
master-piece "America: Freedom To Fascism" . .

"America: Freedom To Fascism"

You are sorely missed my dear brother . . .thank you for what you left behind for the younger kidz . . .;-)

Let's see action!!! A good place to start is to break the "Digital Divide" and march into the Corporate Media Monopoly and WAKE UP YOUR NEIGHBORS!!! . . .

. . .Take out a classified advertisement in your local papers, entertainment weeklies, and Cable TV Community Access giving the Title of this film with this link and other sites that host this MUST SEE film, kidz!!!

Then repeat every week!!! Raise hell if the Zionist Press denies you your First Amendment Rights and refuses to accept your business. . .

Rock On, sister Cindy Sheehan!!! With much love from this ol' fool from North Cackilacki!!! . . .;-)

"To Hell With The I.R.S."
- Me And The I.R.S. by Johnny Paycheck


~ the taxes are taken right out of my check. If I refuse this, I can not work.

How do you get an employer to hire you if you refuse to fill the w-4 form? I've never met one?

~ A simple $500 'mistake' on their tax form by me resulted in 700% penalty which was removed from payroll due to a court order issued to my employer.

Where do you find employers who will risk their entire business to help in ones civil disobediance.

Ya'all make it sound great, call us skeered, livin in fear but I can tell ya man, jail is cold, the food sucks and you boys ain't around to bring me smokes when I'm in it, all this big talk about rights means jack when yer standin alone ....
~ Amandil

Cindy Sheehan continues to be the Conscience of America

As we all breathlessly await the new administration, let us not forget that 600 Palestinians (and counting) in Gaza are literally breathlessly awaiting our new administration. Of course there is no need for panic as Israel continues to bombard and invade, with an estimated 1.5 million inhabitants there are sure to be some left by the time Bush’s term expires and “one president at a time” Obama takes the reins.

Many of my friends have chosen to support him and of course I not only voted for him, but advised others to do the same considering the dilemma our undemocratic two-party political plutocracy confronts us with each election cycle. Is Obama the real deal though?

He has said that he in not against war, only dumb wars. Well then he must consider Israel ’s attack on Gaza a smart war. If he did not, he would surely condemn it. We all now know from his remarks to the American people that we only have one president at a time. Does Obama, as a member of the human race and of course the most prominent one, not have a duty to humanity to speak out and at the very least and call for an immediate cease fire on all sides?

Cease fires, sheesh fires though. We can all hearken back to the summer of 2006 when exactly ONE (1) brave member of that august body our United States Senate had the courage to stand up and call for an immediate unconditional cease fire when Israel had decided to send its air force and army into Lebanon as a summer camp exercise, so to speak. Of course those of us who have gone to the polls and pulled the Democratic lever for years could be so proud of our Democrats in the Senate to know that they to a man and woman managed to resist calling for the cease fire. The lone dissenter, Chuck Hagel, Republican, Nebraska . Actually a handful of Congress Members have weighed in on an immediate cease fire. A couple of others have joined Dennis Kucinich, who always does the right thing. Boy we’re sure lucky we didn’t get him for a president, aren’t we? While we all breathlessly await word from the Senate, one is left to wonder how many innocents in Gaza will literally breathlessly join the tragedy there?

How many of my friends who currently are still enamored with the president elect remember wearing tee shirts with the statement in Arabic “We will not be silent”? Why does he get to be silent while babies are being bombed and the current resident of the White House does nothing? If he can’t speak as a president elect, let him speak as a man.
Nick Egnatz
Veterans For Peace

I don't understand the Hamas. The Gaza Strip has one of the highest population densities in the world. So how can Hamas terrorists use this area as a base to fire rockets at Israel, then complain about their own casualties? What kind of a "leadership" is that?

When Israel finally retaliates, after eight years of rockets, the terrorists cowardly hide, live and operate within their own population. Is it any wonder that many are killed?

The children of Gaza live in a war zone, courtesy of Hamas. By the way, so do the kids in Sderot and southern Israel, for the past eight years, also thanks to Hamas. The difference (one difference): Since the beginning of the war, Israel has closed down all the schools in the south, which is fortunate, since rockets, fired randomly, destroyed two schools and a kindergarten. In Gaza, kids are used as human shields.

In the past eight years, European countries have donated billions of dollars to better Gaza's crumbling infrastructure and poor living conditions. But instead of improving the lives of its citizens - what a novel concept - Hamas used the monies to purchase rockets and train and supply suicide bombers who were sent into the centers of Israel, indiscriminately murdering innocent people. During this period, Hamas has fired rockets into Sderot and other villages around the Gaza Strip.

Until three weeks ago, we had a six-month "cease fire", during which Hamas still occasionally fired rockets. Furthermore, Hamas used this period to purchase new and improved rockets that can reach 40 kilometers, from Beer Sheba in the south to Gedera up north. Compared to "only" about 50,000 residents previously in danger, now 1 million people are within rocket range, more than 1/7 of Israel's population.

When Hamas started firing again, just before the official end of the cease fire, Israel finally decided - enough is enough. What we see on TV or on websites is a result of Israel pursuing terrorists who cowardly hide within their own population, stashing weapons in mosques, universities, hospitals and homes of innocent people.

Hamas has only one grievance: Israel's very existence. Israel is the litmus test for the rest of the world. Hamas is a puppet on Iran's strings. Israel's problem today is the world's problem tomorrow, if not today.

I wish things would be simpler, but they are not. There is moral clarity, on Israel's side, but that doesn't make it any easier. Only clearer.

ARREST BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/FARA AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !


You don't seem to grasp the real issue behind the conflict. The muslims in Gaza and what is left of Palestine have lost their right to cry for human compassion. When 5 arabic countries declared war on Israel, a country created for the survivors of the holocaust, they escalated a conflict which they could not win. To the victor go the spoils, you just don't grasp that it is the victor who sets the terms of peace, not the defeated. The muslims have brought on the onslaught and now they will pay a price in blood, don't try to rationalize it, your bleeding heart bullshit is losing its voice in the public forum and now the dominant forces are taking their rightful place to dictate the life and death of those that chose to continue the struggle. Maybe if you were to do some fighting, or read a little of history, you would know that only through preparation for war can you ensure any future peace. No matter how far off that future may be. The jews have learned a lesson from the nazis that oppressed and murdered their people. Organization and strength through arms will deter any aggression, only a more organized/powerful military can stop them. The muslims have neither and ultimately it will lead to their destruction

...according to the sign I carry when I stand in protest. I got that sign from an American Indian who told me his name is Buffalo Meat, or Buffalo Meet maybe--I don't know which. He helped to open my eyes to some things a few years back, so that sign means something to me. The words on that sign came from an Asian Indian named Gandhi, according to the sign, and "NO WAR" are the only other two words on it.

One of the ways I try to not cooperate with evil is to keep my income below the taxable level--not a real big deal, but something. My wife and our last daughter think I'm crazy, and maybe I am, but I breathe easier, sleep better, etc. these days.

In admiration of Cindy, and Buffalo--wherever you are...
R Ap

I Love you Cindy and my heart goes out to all those caught up in the holocaust in Gaza. Those of us who have evolved can see that the slaughter of women and children is inexcuasable. I am not surprised that many Isrealis are speaking OUT against the actions of their government.
FREE FREE PALISTINE! God help those who kill the innocents!

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