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Israeli Deaths Mount

In addition to four Israeli dead from Palestinian missiles, five Israeli soldiers are now dead in Gaza, at least four of them from "friendly fire." So, more Israelis have already died because of Israel's decision to slaughter Palestinians by the hundreds than had died in incidents alleged as the justification for this crime. When will they ever learn?

Presumably sometime after the U.S. media stops allowing them to use the presence of, and danger to, their occupying troops as a new justification for barbarism.


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...that the 4 Israeli victims of missile attacks came AFTER the start of Israel's bombing of Gaza.

good point -- and included here:

The breadth of the Pro-Isreal bias in America was blatantly displayed earlier this morning, Wednesday January 7, 2009, on ABC's GOOD MORNING AMERICA.

I was walking through my living room on my way to the kitchen to make breakfast for myself and my 90 year old Mother who had tuned to GMA on the Philadelphia ABC affiliate.

First, I must advise that I am in the midst of reading my third book by James Petras, a distinguished professor at the University of Bingamton, SUNY, New York in sociology. He has written extensively and quite effectively about what he referrs to as the ZIONIST POWER CONFIGURATION (ZPC).

It took me a milisecond to understand how GMA's story line about Isreali children huddled in bomb shelters, with air raid sirens blaring in the background, was pure ZPC generated material.

Just yesterday I searched and found Petras' website on the internet. There I was able to read his latest essay specifically geared to the Gaza situation. In it, he traced the tactics used by the ZPC to victimize Isreal and claim its actions as being done in "self-defense" while tagging Palestinian/Hamas activities as "terrorist".

GMA's story was a "knee jerk" ZPC piece of vile propaganda. Americans are being fed such propaganda constantly on television, radia and the print media. One must ask whether getting the facts straight is even a part of American life any longer. Unless you delve diligently into internet materials which give the Palestinian perspective, an American is hard pressed to hear "the other side".

Americans need to get a grasp on whether their (our) own country's interests are promoted by unfettered support for the State of Isreal. Does it make sense for this country to stick its and its citizens necks out for Isreal? If so, what prompts this conduct?

Petras' books provide clear and compelling information which pointedly fingers this ZPC as the force which clouds American policies. He accurately identifies how the ZPC's various and vast elements work in concert to vilify and discredit ANYONE who dares to question ANYTHING Isreal does ANYWHERE. This includes activities here in the United States and to the United States' interests anywhere in the world.

For a good example, do an internet search for information about the USS LIBERTY. The LIBERTY was an American Naval vessel stationed in international waters in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea in 1967. Please, if you are so inclined, read the unfiltered accounts of those seamen who survived the "attack". Hear their stories about how the American government "gagged" them from speaking anything other than the offical government version of the "incident"! Then ask yourself why good, honest, patriotic American veterans are unable to give their side of the story to allow the reat of we Americans to decide for ourselves what happened then and how that impacts on what is happening now and in the last several decades.

Gagging, obstructing. obfuscating and secrecy all tend to achieve an apparent agenda whihch is meant to suppress facts and manipulate opinion. Why is it that someone reading this will instantly tag its content as "anti-semetic"? The answer to this is simple. "Anti-Semetism" has been adopted by the elements of the ZPC since the Nazi Holocaust as its moral "raison d'etre"!

The problem is that the Nazi's treatment of the Jewish people in Europe was a antisocio-religious scurge and purge based on nationalistic fervor. If that sounds familiar in today's America, you are beginning to get the point. Remember, Isreal's existence was realized in the latter 1940's AFTER WW II ended.

Isreal became an Eastern Mediterranean nation in the wake of WW II. Palestinian territory had been in existence for centuries before WW II. Palestinians' social fabric existed within its own customs and morals throughour pre-WW II history. After WW II, the victors searched around for a place for a "Jewish homeland". The WW II victors selected Palestine with little or no inpur from the people who already lived there. A people who, by the way, fit the Webster's definition of a SEMITE. That being anyone of Eastern Mediterranean descent.

Now, I am not any kind of expert on such matters, but I do not think yu have to be any sociological genius to understand that the taking of your home and lands by outside interests and getting ZERO in return is a pretty inciting factor. Ask yourself how you would react if such conduct were perpetrated upon you! Would you be incited to FIGHT BACK?

I highly recommend the books of James Petras which contain material from whihch you can get a balance of information about the Middle East and the influence exerted on American government concerning Middle East policy.

We, the American people must exert our independence in the same manner now as our Founding Fathers did when they declared our freedom from the tyranny of Great Britain in 1776.

As long as one American is hungry, one American is without health care, one elderly American is without necessary medicine, and one American is unemployed or under-employed, there should be no "free Lunch" for foreign interests, especially Isreal. Our American taxpayers hard earned money should not be spent providing war machinery and weaponry for Isreal's self perceived "insecurity"! That "insecurity" is perceived by the ZPC and portrayed on behalf of the State of Isreal in this country by the ZPC's elements here in a manner which compromises true American interests.

Taking care of our own is not "anti-semitism" as will be the likely claim of the ZPC at every level of its vast organizational network. For far too long, the "voices " of the ZPC have been heard and their words have been taken at face value without question or offer of documentation in support of the claims made. Americans must demand this STOP!

Since there is this ZPC, Zionist Power Configuration, Americans must counter it with the creation of our own AIF, AMERICANS' INTERESTS FIRST, to demand of those who promote the interests of any foreign nation, especially Isreal's, to clearly demonstrate how American interests are promoted. Americans need to consider all of the pros and cons of a particular policy under consideration in order to understand what it is we are being asked to support. We must demand to know, "WHAT IS IN IT FOR US?" This is not a matter of selfishness, it is a matter of survival!

Richard J. Schaedler

Horrific image on front page of Norwegian newspaper and detailed accounting of how it was premeditated by the Israeli military. Should be seen and reported on by all.

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