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Gaza Hospital Crowded With Civilians, Doctors Say

Gaza hospital crowded with civilians, doctors say |

Far more civilians than Hamas fighters are arriving for treatment of war wounds at Gaza's main hospital as Israel's military incursion into the territory continues, two doctors say.

When the Israeli airstrikes began more than a week ago, the first casualties Shifa Hospital saw were fighters in military uniform, a Palestinian doctor said Monday.

"But after that day and until this day, we didn't receive any men from the resistance or anyone in the military," he said. "All of them were civilians."

Eric Fosse, a Norwegian doctor volunteering at Shifa, said he had seen more women and children among the casualties Monday than on any other day since the Israeli offensive began December 27. Most of the wounded men he is seeing are civilians as well, he said.

It is not clear whether Hamas dead and wounded are being taken to a different hospital.

Nearly 600 Palestinians, including at least 100 women and children, have been killed in Gaza since the campaign began, according to Palestinian medical sources. In addition, at least 2,750 Palestinians have been injured, most of them civilians, the sources said.

The Israeli military said Tuesday it has killed 130 Hamas militants since the ground offensive began Saturday evening. The Jewish state says the offensive is designed to stop months of rocket strikes on southern Israel by Hamas militants in Gaza.

Israeli government officials claim Hamas is hiding fighters and weapons at the hospital, but the images from Shifa's emergency ward show families.

"We were hit with a rocket," a boy in the hospital said as his brother wandered in a daze, nursing an injury to his ear. Another child cried nearby, moaning for her mother as doctors tried to treat her injured limbs.

A nurse trying to set up an IV in another room said the hospital is treating five people from one family. Another woman wept for her 6-month-old child, who she said died after four days without food or water.

The stench of death hovered around the facility, which is short of medicine, electricity and water. The morgue is overflowing, with two bodies crammed into each drawer.

"Where are our leaders? Can they have mercy on our children?" one woman wailed. "All the dead are just lying around."

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And the puppet obama continues his silence hiding behind the lame excuse "the country has only one president".

I beg to differ, the country has one CORRUPT PRESIDENT and one CORRUPT PRESIDENT-ELECT.

Watch carefully america, this is what you can expect here in america in the future with this puppet obama. Because israel is allowed to spy on all americans!


Obama does not give a dam about these women and children. If he did he would be shouting from the highest podium.

This proves obama is bought and paid for by israel!

If fact israel owns america, all of congress with the exception of a few and the entire senate.


THERE HAS BEEN A COUP D'ETAT IN AMERICA AND ISRAEL IS THE WINNER. AMERICA IS NOW UNDER THE CORRUPT COMMAND OF ISRAEL. the Soviet occupied part of Berlin, and the USSR looked to be coming apart, and the gang of thieves and murderers that ran things over there, wearing a different mask, took over completely, I remember a media reporter calling an ordinary Russian on his phone to get a reaction. The woman was freaking. Everything she had come to know about her country was being turned on it's head.

Looks to me like we, here in the USA, had better get ready for something similar. When they said that 9/11 changed everything, I think that's exactly what they wanted out of it--something they could use to change everything we've come to know and expect here.

So far, so good--for them, anyway.

R Ap

DonP I presume that it makes no difference either to the Palastinians or the rest of the world. It is of academic interest to most Americans, but can be easily ignored. The deliberate murder of woman and children in Darfur creates great consternation among civilized people. In Zimbabwa the murder by neglect of thousands from cholera creates calls for replacement of the despot in charge. However, it seems that the brutal murder of civilians by the Israeli army is acceptable as long as they can continue a charade of self defense. Eventually the world must gag on their revulsion for these actions and civilized(?) nations will be forced to act to finally provide the Palastinian people with at least the minimum care afforded prisoners.

Can I just ask why you don't speak about the brutal murder of civilian by the Hamas militants??? The civilians are being killed because Hamas terrorists are hiding amongst them and shooting rockets from schools and homes of civilians. Why is Israel's fault for attacking the people who are trying to kill them?????!!!!!! If someone was shooting a gun at you, you would strike back at them exactly where they are standing, wouldn't you? The terrorists are hiding amongst civilians, they are the murderers, not the Israelis. The terrorists are running around with babies in their arms so Israeli soldiers won't attack them. WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE PUT CHILDREN IN THE LINE OF FIRE????? They do not value the lives of their own people and yet you call Israelis the brutal murderers?

For 8 years Israeli citizens have been living with daily missiles attacks, constantly scared for their lives, yet the world does not seem to care about that. Israel held back from violence and tried to negotiate diplomatically. But clearly, Hamas is not interested in diplomacy. They openly state their mission, and that is to wipe out the Jewish people. Israel on the other hand is not interested in wiping out the Palestinians. They simply want to live beside their neighbors in PEACE.

I lived in Jerusalem for 3 years and every time there was a suicide bombing against Israel I would hear celebrations and gunshots fired into the air by the neigboring Arab town. If we (Jews) ever heard of innocent Palestians being killed it would be considered immoral and cruel to celebrate- we felt sadness and regret for the loss of human life. WHY ISN'T IT CRYSTAL CLEAR TO YOU THAT ISRAEL IS BEHAVING IN SELF DEFENSE AND YES, THERE IS A HUMANITARIAN CRISIS, AND IT IS 100% THE FAULT OF HAMAS. STOP BLAMING THE JEWS FOR EVERYTHING. LEARN THE FACTS!!!!!!!!!!

DonPYou asked why I did not mention Israeli deaths from Hamas rockests? The answer is included within the question, I did not need to. The virulent supporters of Israeli murder will never let one forget that for every Israeli killed 300 Palastinians have died over the past fifty years. The supporters of Israel like to forget that history is not on their side. I wish people like you would forget your bias long enough to actually learn about what has happened since 1948 and why we condemn the Israeli actions. Shalom

"The terrorists are running around with babies in their arms so Israeli soldiers won't attack them."

we cannot continue to accept flat out lies like this, and if the shoe was on the other foot, if someone came here an lied about Israels actions in such a horrible way as to demonize them, like this commenter does the Palestinians, I would ask the same thing.

the same lies on CNN and Fox without the opportunity to reply to them which you have here

they are saying that Hamas is hiding in the public areas, launching rockets from schools, crap like that...

...but this idiot is saying a guy is running down the street with a rocket in one hand and a baby in the other. That's a little different.

I guess the fact that it makes him look completely stupid to say something like that and that whatever he says after making a foolish comment like that should be enough for me.

But I just get angry at the stupidity of lies at a certain point, you know?

Pretty soon these idiots will be saying "yes, they were were Israeli rockets that killed that boatload of kids on the Red Cross ship... but the evil Palestinians took psychic control of the Officers in charge and blew up their own kids so that it would be used against us..."

or something equally ridiculous. (as if anything could be more ridiculous than "it's our land because God said so"...)

alright, I'll let it go.

This post is a classic example of the ZPC, Zionist Power Configuration. Here we have someone who is nameless, making claims about something that happened some unknown time in the past and that we as readers are to take as true because he is a Jew who lived in Jerusalem for three years and is telling he experienced this.

Of course there is no way to confirm as true anything this poster writes. There is no documentation or verification for the claim yet we are to accept it because he has experienced Isreal and therefor can be trusted to be telling us the truth.

Sorry, that no longer cuts it with many Americans. First of all, if you went to Isreal for three years, tell us where you are now and why you left "paradise". Next, give us some context about what was happening in Jerusalem at the time what you claim occurred happened. Nothing takes place in a vacuum! Provide a complete picture of activities in that time frame.

We all will be waiting for a long time for you to provide this because such will not be forthcoming. Isreal firsters, the elements of the ZPC always resort to quick style vignettes and sound bytes to portray the "sad plight" of Isreal. Turning the perpetrator into the victim, wolf in the sheep's clothing tactic is the ZPC's stock in trade.

A growing number of Americans are sick and tired of the ZPC's bullshit and you Mr. Anonymous fit the profile quite perfectly. So go jam your "anti-semetism" response right up your ass!

911 Call from Gaza Sorry All Circuits are Busy Now, Please Try Again Later

"Medical professionals against INSANITY !!!
Please try to help... this link will take you to the sister organization of the International Red Cross (IRC), the Red Crescent Society in the Middle East. Read their reports and do what you can."

Palestinian Red Crescent Society

ARREST BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/FARA AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !


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