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Dave Zweifel: We've seen enough to impeach Bush

Capital Times
By Dave Zweifel
June 20, 2005

As I said in this space two weeks ago, if Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about having sex with an intern, then George Bush needs to be impeached for the deliberate lies he and his cabal told to start a war that has now taken the lives of more than 1,700 young American men and women and countless Iraqi citizens, plus threatens to bankrupt the country.

One of our "Sound Off" callers insisted last week that only "Bush haters" would say such things.

Another took to task the Wisconsin Democratic Party, which passed a resolution calling for the president's impeachment at its convention a week ago, for being "foolish and shortsighted."

"They bathe themselves in the lies, falsehoods and accusations against the Bush administration, unable to accept their losses, which will continue as far as we can see into the future," the caller insisted.

If I were that caller, I wouldn't bet a lot on those assumptions, for it's becoming clear that Americans are beginning to realize what an utter disaster this administration has been for their country. The president's approval ratings are at historic lows - well below 50 percent - and even the war he bamboozled Congress and the people to approve is being questioned by not a minority any more, but the majority of the American people.

What the opinion polls show is that many more than just "Bush haters" have seen enough.

The recent disclosures of secret memos of meetings involving British Prime Minister Tony Blair's staff have underlined just how cynical and deceitful the people entrusted to lead the United States were in fabricating intelligence to get this war under way. It has become clear that they never had any intention of letting the United Nations try to settle the dispute. It seems clear now that they had made up their minds nearly a year before that Saddam Hussein was to be forcibly deposed.

Yet Bush and his lieutenants kept telling the American people that war would be waged only as a last resort.

As Rep. John Conyers, a Michigan Democrat, said last week, "The veracity of those statements has - to put it mildly - come into question."

Because the administration refuses to answer questions about the so-called Downing Street memo and others that have surfaced since and because Bush's party controls all of Congress, Conyers had to resort to a "public forum" to gather testimony on the issue.

In a matter of a few days, more than a half million Americans signed petitions backing Conyers in urging the president to explain the memos. So far, Bush has dismissed it all as "falsehoods" and refused to comment further.

But the people want answers. Even those who don't hate Bush don't like being lied to.

Lying presidents need to be impeached. That's what the Republicans in Congress told us only a few years ago.

So let's get on with it.


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This needs to stay out in front of the American people. It seems the Bush Administration is very good at dodging responsibility and avoiding coming clean with America. The American public needs to continually be made aware how dangerous the Bush Administration is to our country. If this information that is coming out is accurate, than there is no question that Bush should be impeached. If Bush can defend his position, that he should. I don't like Bush, but it is not the reason I think he should be impeached if this information is accurate. I think anyone in this country should be concerned with the actions of any administration that would lie to take our country to war. It is the single largest decision that any President can make, is it not?

It is time the House of Representatives considers drafting Articles of Impeachment of President George W. Bush. By now, nearly anyone objectively viewing the actions of this President agrees:

  • He lied to, or at least intentionally misled, Congress about the reasons for the war in Iraq in his State of the Union Message. This is a felony under 18-USC, Part I, Ch. 47, Sec. 1001.
  • He illegally "detained" U. S. Citizens and others in Guantanamo and elsewhere without notification of the charges against them nor granting them the Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus as required by Article 1, Section 9, of the Constitution. In doing so, he acted to strip United States citizens of their constitutional and human rights, ordering indefinite detention of citizens, without access to counsel, without charge, and without opportunity to appear before a civil judicial officer to challenge the detention, based solely on the discretionary designation by the Executive of a citizen as an "enemy combatant."*
  • He rejected treaties protective of peace and human rights and abrogation of the obligations of the United States under, and withdrawal from, international treaties and obligations without consent of Congress, and including termination of the ABM treaty between the United States and Russia, and rescission of the authorizing signature from the Treaty of Rome which served as the basis for the International Criminal Court.*
  • *See more at

Certainly, these actions fall under the heading of "High Crimes and Misdemeanors" required under the Constitution, Article 2, Sec. 4, for impeachment. "The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors."

In the past, Presidents were impeached or charged with impeachment for much less. President Andrew Johnson was impeached, but later acquitted by the Senate, for firing his Secretary of War in violation of an unconstitutional law prohibiting him from doing so. President Richard Nixon was nearly impeached, but resigned instead, for obstruction of justice. President Bill Clinton was impeached, but later acquitted by the Senate, for lying about having an affair.

There is no doubt in my mind that President Bush committed far more serious and impeachable offenses. And he, along with Vice President Cheney and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, conspired to lead this country into war under false pretenses.

So the question for our Congress, do we wait another three and one-half years tolerating such continuing violations of law or do we begin the impeachment process now?

I believe the Congress should right now appoint a select committee and/or special prosecutor to investigate these and similar charges. I see no moral justification not to do so. Our very existence as a democratic republic and our leadership in the free world is at stake.

It is probably difficult for the folks with W stickers on their cars, and who dutifully watch "The O'Reily Factor", to admit they were wrong. Until Iraq directly effects them personally, they will probably be content to vent their frustration and hatred towards Arabs. Sanitized video of Iraq, with narration talking about "insurgents", not human life lost, eases their guilt.

I am more and more convinced that bush has lied to everyone. The Downing Street Minutes only confirms what I already believed. Impeach Bush now! What does Bush have against an official inquiry. If he has nothing to hide then he should have nothing to fear. But I thinnk we all know he has plenty to hide and to fear. Excuse me if I don't seem too objective on the subject. I tried to be objective and even supportive of Bush after 9-11 but I shortly began to see how evil Bush and company truly were. This evil must be exposed and charged.

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