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'US Hides $ 60 Trillion Off Books'. Madoff, Bribery.2nd CRITICAL UPDATE!1-08-09

Jan.08-09 2nd Critical Update-HOT EXPLOSIVE

This link is to report the claim the New York Federal Reserve Bank of New York was used by Madoff, J.P. Morgan Chase, & members of the SEC "to disguise numerous criminal financial transactions made by Madoff". President of the N.Y.FED RES. Bank Timothy Geithner cooperating with Federal Prosecutors in N. York State.

If John Kennedy Jr. had not been assassinated, Hillary, Madoff and the other criminals would have been in prison long ago, but now, as Caroline Kennedy attempts to enter the Senate as N.York Senator, the matter is boiling over into the fire. If she gets into office, Hillary, Madoff, and Rubin, and the other key crime player figures face prison instead of just exposure.
There are files on Sen. Dianne Feinstein's alleged criminality in this report, and more.
This stuff is all linked to the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate.


Jan. 07, 09.The link I have on the '$60 Trillion Off Books' has reportedly been tampered (UPDATE: The link is back up)

UPDATE: Jan. 10, 2009 - This Walter Burien Video, 'The Biggest Game in Town' is apparently back up and in working order.

This is proof the GOP Fraud Government has it's collective BUTT showing! They are corrupt, filthy and fraudulent beyond belief!!!! We've had sexually deviate and perverted morons running our country for decades!!!

This changing of the link numbers is an indication that the cover up of the government frauds and high official thefts, which may be linked to those like Madoff, are going to be issued a 'national security' blanket to hide the truth from you the same way the illegal CIA uses it and 'plausible deniability' to hide their crimes, also.

Anytime exposure threatens their filthy corrupt club they run & duck behind the 'national security' cloak and send agents over to various judges' chambers and put the word on the judges to numb it all up. This is how the GOP business has been conducted for decades- just a bunch of filthy damned crooks who, if they cannot convince the judges on seeing it the 'con' way, the judges or members of the judges' families wind up dead like the Chicago judge Lefko's husband and mother. Sources claim Judge Lefko's Family was murdered by 2 FBI Division 5 Agents several months after she ordered Judith Miller and Matt Cooper to turn over evidence. Scroll down at this link:

Tony Blair's MI-6 Agents Caught Trying To Blow Up Chicago Subway

So the judicial members of the United States already know what can happen to them or their families if they don't accept that bag of money offered them.

This incredible video indicates the US keeps a second set of invisible books and has $ 60 Trillion dollars 'off the books', which means the bailouts are sheer fraud, and along with the contrived shortage of money, there is an intentional exercise to completely devastate 'We, The People'.

Also, Bernie Madoff's caper is linked to government and government bribes of high officials. The ring of snakes in government is huge. They have completely sold us out.

The Biggest Game in Town" video Published to the Internet

Also, here is where 'THE MONEY HAS GONE'. After reviewing the Bernie Madoff Theft-Scandal, it is apparent that the non-oversight by the S.E.C. has contributed to, if not caused, this latest of mega-thefts of US Citizens to occur. Right now the SEC is refusing to disclose a list of Madoff's assets filed on Wednesday.

So it should be considered that the SEC is participant in this conspiracy, or why not make a full public disclosure?

What has this got to do with impeachment? It was Bush Administration that deregulated all this stuff which allowed it in the first place, so if Bush's or Cheney's assets and portfolios stood to gain any aggrandizement from the deregulation you have a case for conspiracy, conspiracy to defraud the U.S. Taxpayer-Citizens and U.S. Treasury. I imagine one of the main reasons Madoff's balance sheets cannot be disclosed will eventually be termed Bush's favorite 'hide-behind', "A MATTER OF NATIONAL SECURITY"; this, in order to hide the culpability of high officials just as they were hidden concerning 911 WTC & Pentagon Attacks in the Sibel Edmonds Case where she was denied attendance at her own hearing and the matter was gagged.

Right now much of the 'missing money' from the world sits in Israel. Here is what The Wayne Madsen Report says: "Here is one secret: Much of Madoff's loot is sitting in Israeli banks. It has been reported to WMR that Israeli restaurants and stores are packed with people and that Israelis are flush with money with Israeli banks sitting in favorable financial positions. Now compare Israel to the United States, Britain, and the harder hit nations of Iceland, Ireland, and Latvia. It does not take a financial wizard to figure out where the world's money has gone and to whom." WMR.

We in Amerika sit at the holiday season thankful for what we have, many of us like me unable to exchange gifts with relatives this year, while senators and congressmen allowed foreign lobbies and a criminal president and vice-president to loot the whole country!! We are looking at the end of our country as we know it if there is not enough money in our financial institutions to create jobs with, and as the military has been deployed to keep the peace at home here in Amerika, it is a critical precipice we totter upon over all these thefts by foreigners.


Happy New Year, Everyone, joe at

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If you want to find out who's behind the "intentional exercise to completely devastate 'We, The People'...", you need look no further than those elements, individuals and organizations which are part and parcel of the Anglo-Dutch-Venetian oligarchical/financier system.

The British Empire, and its Dutch and Venetian offshoots, have had America in its sights ever since a group of former British subjects gatered themselves together, and decided to escape from the iron grip of European oligarchy -- using the cover story of seeking "religious freedom" to win those few European sympathizers to their cause -- in order to sail across the ocean to a new, relatively unknown continent where they could create a true republican nation which would be free from the oppressive clutches of the British-Dutch-Venetian oligarchy.

Once that republican nation -- which would become the United States of America -- had been established, they would bring a genuine republican form of government to Europe in order to crush the iron grip of the oilgarchy across Europe, beginning with the British Empire, through the use of government policies and programs to break the back of the oligarchy through the permanent end to the oligarchical system of "colonialism".

Unfortunately, among those who left England, were several British agents who'd been sent to infiltrate the Puritans and sabotage their efforts to create a republican form of government.

It's primarily because of the legacy of those British agents provocatuers, such as Aaron Burr and others whose allegiance was to the British/Dutch/Venetian oligarchy, rather than to the United States, which has led this nation, inevitably, to the point where Presidential administrations, beginning with Nixon, all the way to the reign of George W. Bush, have deliberately and willfully dismantled and repealed all of the safeguards and regulations which Franklin Roosevelt had put into place to protect the U.S. economy and to allow for a means for the U.S. to break the back of the colonization system which had been put into place by the British oligarchical system by means of distributing scientific and technological progress freely to other nations in order to encourage them to create republican forms of government, and rebel against the crushing, deadly grip of the ollgarchy.

The British, especially, loathe America's existence with a depth and passion which goes back several centuries. So, in order to destroy America -- which is their avowed goal -- is to pulverize our nation through economic swindles and malfeasance, as well as a population which has been deliberately "dumbed down" to the point where they know little, if anything, about physical economy, who've been taught that "money" is "important", while knowing very little (if anything) about the role credit plays in the maintenance of an actual economy, and who've been taught that "globalization" is supposedly "good", even though globalization has made the bulk of the world's population (including Americans) poorer, sicker and their overall physical, emotional and spiritual conditions of life have collapsed.

And in the meantime, our fellow Americans are more than content to "sit at the holiday season thankful for what we have, many of us unable to exchange gifts with relatives this year" and we justify that inability to exchange gifts with relatives by falling back on those time-honored "reasons", including "Christmas is strictly for children", or "the holidays are meant to be enjoyed by the kids", and that old chestnut, "I'm not in the mood to buy holiday gifts for my relatives; after all, they spend money on themselves all year", while Israel continues tto bomb Hamas in the Gaza Strip, and Israelis' wallets bulge with cash which has been swindled from Americans who still blindly believe that the Israelis, like the British from whom they sprang, are our "friends".

With "friends" like the British and Israelis, who need enemies?

Yes, that about sums this up, and that's a lot! I look back at Pelosi, and the others who shook in their boots at the thought of impeaching the bums and lay the blame of all these mega financial disasters and thefts on them, for one thing.
Thanks for bringing us up on the history. This entire ordeal has worsened here in America to the point of a damned nightmare. I don't see how (illegal immigrant)Obama could possibly fix things, and to make matters worse, he is a British Intelligence Asset. His dad was, too. Like father like son.
The Clintons in their effort to stay in power, and others, have preferred to overlook the salvation of America in order to further aggrandize themselves and avoid prosecution. The whole country and all over the world people are on to all this crap. I don't think the peoples of the world hate We, The People, but they hate our leaders, especially Bush, with an unparalleled passion.
Bush should remain in an undisclosed location forever, after leaving office. That bastard and his thieves have simply looted everything, and to celebrate it IsraHell goes on another tear murdering Palestinians.
I hardly think those little rockets launched against IsraHell could pose serious threat to the nuclear plant at Dimona.

World Watches US-Backed Murder of Palestinians.

As the world looks on U.S. Backed IsraHell slaughters hundreds of Palestinians in this latest massacre, and our country shamefully remains in DENIAL. Bush approves, Obama seems to approve, others register approval for the murder. The U.S. has succeeded in becoming one of the most hated countries in the entire world for this main reason. And it is not politically correct to allow Arabs justice even at Guantanamo seems to be the party line. What a bunch of excrement resides in here!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Stephie1776 & all. Hope you enjoy the new look at my homepage,

Hope your holidays were as peaceful as they could possibly be, Joe... and I love the new look at It's much easier to read and use (less cluttered and confusing), and I can find out what I need to know quickly and easily. Excellent work!

Now, on to the matter at hand...

You're absolutely correct when you state that the U.S. actively backed the murder of Palestinians at the hands of the Israelis, and that the responsibility for this blatantly outrageous crime against the Palestinian people can be laid at the doorsteps of several guilty parties, including the Bush/Cheney Israeli-funded "Dictatorship", both houses of Congress, both political parties, and the American MSM, all of whom regularly spout carefully crafted Israeli lies about the Palestinians, Hamas and Iran to a populace who know very little (and I fear, care even less) about international political affairs, and are ready, willing and able to believe anything that their Congressman, Senator, newcaster or Fundamentalist "Christian" televangelist preacher tells them, even when what they're telling them about Israel, Gaza, Islam and Iran are a collection of bald-faced, outrageous lies with no basis in actual truth.

Consider this, if you will ... It should be clear to anyone who has even a shred of sanity and human decency, that this Israeli attack against Gaza was fully planned a year ago, at the beginning of 2008, and that the assult was carefully timed for the U.S. Presidential transition and the Western holidays (Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year's, when much of the American population would either be away on vacation, hunkered down at home, surrounded by entertainments, or be absorbed with the details of the U.S. Presidential transition), with the full backing of Bush and Cheney. Only a clinically insane fool like Bush and a criminal-minded sociopath like Cheney could go along with such a murderous scheme, a scheme fully devised by the Anglo-Saudi criminal/financial apparatus.

Another thing to think about is this -- Anyone with a competent working knowledge of the history of the region knows that the Muslim Brotherhood is a creation of British intelligence (and has absolutely nothing to do with the true Muslim religion), and also keep in mind that this is the same British intelligence apparatus which has sponsored most of the leading political/religious factions in Israel today, particularly the pro-Fascist Jabotinsky grouping of Benjamin Netanyahu.

But the question arises, why are British intelligence assets being set off to kill one another? Unfortunately, nobody bothers to study history anymore, and nobody seems to possess a full understanding concerning the bigger game which is already being unleashed on a dangerously ignorant population who have no clue about how dangerous this geopolitical game is, and that they, their families and their nations are the unwitting pawns in this deadly game, ready to be swept off the chessboard at a moment's notice, to become nothing more than "collateral damage", and never to be given a second though by the players in this game of geopolitical brinksmanship.

George W. Bush has become the most discredited man on the planet, and he will hold this dubious "honor" until a new candidate arrives to become his successor. Bush's open backing for the ongoing Israeli invasion of Gaza is an unspeakable crime, and this should be added to the long list of crimes which call out for his impeachment.

The mass killing of Arab children by the Israeli military cannot be defended. It cannot be tolerated and must be stopped immediately, especially in light of today's Israeli bombing of three schools, including a United Nations school in Gaza, which was being used as a refuge for Palestinians fleeing the Israeli invasion. Israeli jets bombed the school, killing at least 40 civilians, including many children, and bombed two other schools in other parts of Gaza.

This most odious crime is being condoned by George W. Bush, and his stubborn refusal to call for an immediate cease-fire will have repercussions for a long time to come, including the real possibility of perpetual war in the Middle East, which will spill out from the borders to engulf the entire world.

This came my way and I think it worth sharing. Marty Kaplan's essay at Jewishvoice. No eyes for Gaza? Can't remember title but it came out y'day and to quote a friend, "Has this guy been in my head?" link


RainMadeline, maybe my browser's messed up, but I don't see the link you speak of posted in your text box. Did you forget to add it.
We might be interested to see it. thanks, joe

I don't know what happened, but here is link

As I reread it becomes no more clear. Half of the people in Gaza are children. What must we do to make it stop.

Someone I know stopped by with a flyer he made up and asked me to consider vigiling outside of synagogues because the politicians are all bought out and the jewish americans would make the difference. I don't see myself demonstrating in front of any house of worship, but what can I do locally, that will make a difference?

Other than calling Congress, passing the word locally by word of mouth, you might try writing a brief editorial for your local newspaper. There isn't a lot a working individual can do, especially without lots of 'dough', as Bogey would say.
Public displays can be met with brute police force, so soap-boxing is liable to get into arrestable areas, etc..

But this is one phenomenon of The New World Order; take away the ability of the people to organize and act against it.

If the money which has been extracted from the 'on the books' U.S. Treasury had been placed where it should have been put, and used honestly, I think there would be actual prosperity for most folks, but since it hasn't, the citizens have been and will continue to take a literal beating along with the companies and corps..

The information I've read from more than one source indicates that much of the whole world's troubles right now are attributable to one man; George H. W. Bush (Senior)aka 'George Scherf(f), the illegal Nazi Immigrant.

Shame on Jimmy Carter for appearing with Bushes, & Clinton in a recent news photo. The entire world looks at that photo of clowns and thugs whom the media pampers, plays up, and they frown on us. Pathetic how these clods are made out to be great leaders.


Yes, Stephie1776, & now I'm wondering if Hamas really is responsible for allegedly firing the rockets. All the Israelis are using that line as regularly as a party line phrase. The trouble with war is that much of what goes on, especially on the front lines is obscured, and we only have reports and various press statements to go by, and those reports are laundered, at best.

It almost looks like a wag-the-dog for something else going on. Heneghan, in his fairly wild expose, writes that it is to help declare an emergency of Martial Law here in U.S. even though we are reportedly already under some sort of blanket Martial Law thanks to Pelosi criminal and the others.

Bush was reportedly in Baghdad to sign the withdrawal agreements, etc., or so they said, but according to some reports was there to steal more money, which the World Court had placed out of his reach. It had apparently been anticipated that Bush would try to steal the accounts, so they outpredicted him, and this accounts for his rather fallen, sad look after Baghdad.

In the event Hamas cannot be controlled by the Palestinian people, it will be the people, like you said, who suffer.

Roland Burris was discriminated against barred from taking his Senate seat, and the irony is, probably more than half of those who barred him have already accepted massive bribes. Makes me think they desperately are trying to keep Congress a carefully screened and controlled club the way they strong armed this senate seat.

Anyway, I cannot help but think that as the Madoff Scandal has grown to over $100 Billion in stolen or misappropriated funds, the Candidates For The Con are using the Gaza Attacks simply to distract the public attention away from the scandal, especially since it now involves (official government)SEC criminality. Madoff's funds were reportedly traced to an Islamic Charity which is tied to the Mumbai Massacres.

Reports are stating that Madoff has been an employee of The Bush-Clinton Syndicate for years and his firm was 'Enronised' and hollowed out like Enron and others.
The level of high criminality is staggering so they will throw emergency after emergency at us and everything but the kitchen sink!
I have to re-upload the page(s) at my site using I. Explorer so the spacing will be standardized. Thanks for kind comments on the web page. Looking at it with Firefox makes it a lot better, but I guess, sadly, Firefox is best suited for browsing.

To answer your previous query-statement "But the question arises, why are British intelligence assets being set off to kill one another?"

Reports indicate that at least a faction of British MI-6 is infiltrated by the Bush Clinton or Bush Crime Syndicate, so some of these agents are deliberately sabotaging each other, it would seem. Story states that the criminal elements of these intel agencies are imploding and killing one another like rats in a sack who are trapped and have no place to run.

That's why there are reports of gunshots in banks and trading offices in various places, not only in other parts of the world, but within the U.S., as well.
The reason we are seeing Isra-Hell destroying so many Palestinians in this latest Gaza Conflict is because they are tied to the New York Federal Reserve Money Laundry which Hillary Clinton, Chuck Shumer, Rubin, Madoff, and the others are tied to, and they are doing their flat out best to start a full fledged war in the Mid-East to create enough emergency to distract the prosecution of the real cons in the Bush-Millman-Clinton Crime Syndicate.

Sooner or later you folks, not just Stephie1776, are going to believe that this most impeachable a- - hole pResident is of a very real and dangerous criminally syndicated operation stretching around the whole world and is involved in banking, military, government, education(universities) intelligence, law enforcement, and oil and geological explorations and investments. joe

If the reports of gunshots being heard within banks and trading offices in the U.S. are true, there may be a lot more to what's going on than we realize.

Ever since Bernard Madoff ran what turned out to be a glorified Ponzi scheme which looted Americans and foreign nationals to the tune of at least $50 billion dollars, there are now calls for a "new Pecora Commission" to investigate not only Madoff's criminal financial enterprise, but also the rampant climate of criminal conduct on Wall Street.

If you don't know what the original "Pecora Commission" did, here's a quick overview... From 1932-1934, the Senate Banking and Currency Committee held a series of hearings that exposed the massive fraud and corruption which led to the 1929 stock market crash. That investigation, which was headed by former New York City assistant district attorney Ferdinand Pecora, paved the way for the numerous banking regulations created by Franklin Roosevelt, including the Securities Act of 1933, the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, and all of these regulations have been successfully gutted and repealed during the last seven Presidencies, beginning with Richard Nixon.

In an op-ed-piece published in the New York Times on January 6th, economic historian Ron Chernow asked the question, "Where Is Our Ferdinand Pecora?," in which he called on President-elect Barack Obama to task Congress with "a sweeping inquest into the twin housing and stock market crashes to create both the intellectual context and political constituency for change."

The call for a "new Pecora Commission" is especially relevant because of the recent suicide of Adolph Merckle, the 74-year old German billionaire entrepreneur, whose 120 companies employed 100,000 workers. He was facing bankruptcy -- the result of financial speculators, who shorted Volkwagen stock and caused shareholders, including his own investment firm, to suffer massive losses.

Another thing which makes the creation of a "new Pecora Commission" an imperative is this -- Because of this criminal financial misconduct which has been committed by Wall Street bankers, in collusion with the Anglo/Dutch/Venetian financier oligarchy, a corrputed American political class, and the passive complicity of the American people themselves, numerous U.S. laws have been violated. Crimes of a very serious magnitude have been committed. While the American people have the right to know the depth and breadth of the criminal abuses that have been perpetrated by the very bankers, investors, and regulators who they entrusted with their savings and retirement funds, they will be shocked not only at the just how broad and deep these criminal financial abuses go, but also by their own complicity in covering up these crimes by their failure to be financially literate, as well as their own greed and selfishness.

It should be obvious to anyone with some shred of common sense that Congress has the responsibility to seriously probe the underlying causes of the greatest financial catastrophe in modern history. Once Congress has cast the proper spotlight on the characters and actions behind this calamity, it will be the job of the U.S. Department of Justice and other enforcement agencies to determine the proper action. Perhaps an effective Congressional probe, on the scale of the original Pecora Commission investigation of 1933-1934, will not only lay the foundation for a new regulatory system, witrh stronger penalties for those who violate them, but will result in some of the leading Wall Street culprits spending considerable time behind bars.

The American people, deserve nothing less than an honest, thorough investigation, and the full weight of the law must be directed against those found to have committed crimes, and that honest, thorough investigation will also force the American people to see themselves as they truly are -- greedy, passive, selfish and addicted to the lure of "easy money" without ever having to engage in actual physical labor -- and in the process, the "indictement" of the American people by a "new Pecora Commission" may force the American people to change their ways, as well as their ignorant views on the economy, "money" and what "credit" is actually supposed to be used for, as well as finally realizing that America's mission is not to be an empire, or a temple of greed, but a land where a true republican form of government can flourish, and where scientific and technological progress can demonstrate hwo we can rise above our self-imposed limitations and our "virtuous victim" mentality, and reach (quite literally) for the stars.

And yet, there is this lingering question ... will the Congress and the American people have the political will and the necessary guts to face themselves and their complicity in these financial crimes if a "new Pecora Commission" is put in place?

That would be a well deserved, and well intended office you mentioned, but it is already very late. There are, according to reports I've read, weekly & sometimes daily problems & crises funding the banks we draw and deposit from. As they face more and more shortfalls of credit and various calls and try to at least begin to meet 'Basel II' banking regulations they are suffering an extreme emergency condition of simply shortage of money to operate with which erupts from time to time.
As Story said recently at:

banks are going to have difficulty meeting their outgo demands every so often until the refunding process which Bush-Cheney blocked & reportedly stole! Even if the refunding of the banks takes place, US banks will continue to have intermittent problems from now on out way into the future.
Bush-Clinton crime has wiped out the US and just because we are here to receive a 'handout' occassionally does not mean we have an actual life, rather only an existence.
The Federal Reserve has had it, and it will be a thing we can only jack up and patch forever, due to the constant debt caused by using the unlawful unconstitutional currency printed and issued by the Fed..
The US needed care and improvement instead of further robbery committed on the watch of Bushes and Clintons, so instead of creating at least a foundation to build back up a Treasury liquid enough to issue some backed U.S. printed money, it sadly may never see that position.
Bill and Hillary Clinton, George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Gonzales, Rice, and Paulson, Bernanke, Mukasey, and the others have finished us.

ISBN-13 9781441455437 (Pokes a little fun at Georgie)

The debate over George W Bush is probably the most visceral debate of our century. There often seems to be no in between. Folks either love him or hate him. As we approach the inauguration of Barrack Obama, the internet has been bombarded with opinions ranging from one extreme to the other. In this book is a collection of dialog from all over the world and every walk of life. In an eight hour period of time just prior to GWB stepping out of the White House, one that that rings true is that we live in an amazing country just to be able to have this conversation.

Can a man's legacy be drawn from an eight year period in time? What kind of a footprint has GWB left on the American people, or the world for that matter? Has he served his country well by protecting us from terrorism, or has a alienated America from the rest of the world. What role did Christianity play under the leadership of George W Bush? Has he acted as a Christian in his role as President of the United States, or has he misused the Bible as a means of procuring votes and evoking war? Was the rebuilding of Iraq set in motion years before the Twin Towers tragedy, or was this a rapid decision based on an emergent circumstance? Did Iraq have
weapons of mass destruction, or should we have been focusing on catching Bin Ladin? What about North Korea and Proliferation of nukes in Iran? Was there miscommunication between the CIA and the FBI and why was Home Land Security restructured as it was? Were our civil rights violated by the Echelon Program? The list of questions will go on for an eternity and there will probably be more theories about the Bush Administration than the JFK assassination and the Watergate Scandal combined.

I have tried to keep this debate as original as possible. That includes errors in grammar, punctuation and spelling. I have also tried to collect them in a somewhat chronological method in order to keep a level playing field. I have simply collected publicly posted comments of others from open sources with no expectation of privacy or concealment. This is simply a collection of what others have had to say. I have tried to eliminate
personal attack between the folks debating (or at least leaving out what I thought may be real names of folks) Some of the statements are redundant, just as they came down the pipeline. What ever your opinion of George W Bush Is.... This is a compelling, and somewhat disturbing read.


You are mistaken, at least to some extent. There is no real conflict with me or those who can think and read accurate information and put two and two together. Bush is GUILTY.

The only conjecturing opinions which are positive for Bush are those supported by the main-slime, lying, filthy, corrupt, bought-off, Mossad-CIA riddled press. It is the false reports about Bush which tend to support the delusional thinking that somehow Bush was right. In fact there wasn't much he was right about. Neither was he right in abdicating his W. House position on 9/11 and allowing his daddy, G.H.W.Bush, aka 'Poppy' Bush, aka-ad nauseum, to fill the position while he vacated to some school to pretend not to know about what was going on.
You can create something non-existent, try to humor it up, and sell it, but that doesn't create laughter in the lands where Bushfraud has devasted the place and people. And you can pour perfume on a pig.
If you are trying to polish Bush up a bit you'd better go sell your crap somewhere else. As far as I am concerned there is only one side to Bush-GUILTY.
Please see the new post on the recently revealed FBI sting on the W.House which was ongoing for some 7-9 months and learn of the horror we still face over our banking situation.

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