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Cindy Sheehan Pledges Civil Disobedience Campaign
October 19th, 2005 9:52 PM

Peace mom plans more arrests in D.C. and Thanksgiving in Crawford
By Sarah Ferguson

Cindy Sheehan made a return visit to the streets of New York Wednesday, joining the weekly vigil of Grandmothers Against the War outside Rockefeller Center.

In contrast to the scene in Union Square last month, when the police stormed the podium and cut off Sheehan’s mic, this time the NYPD went out of its way to be gracious to America’s leading peace mom.

Police politely urged the jostling camera crews and passing tourists to “please clear the sidewalk,


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Key Dates are the November 2 World Can't Wait Mobilization and the Nov 17/18 days of action against military recruiting in our communities and on our campuses. As Jim Morrison of the Doors once sang "They've Got the Guns, BUT WE'VE GOT THE NUMBERS" Direct Action Gets the Goods. See ya'll in the streets.

I vote Democrat in N.Y. If anyone opposes Clinton in the primaries, I will vote for that person. If Clinton is on the ballot for Senator, I will write in a vote for Lady Macbeth. That Scots dame had a conscience. She saw the blood on her hands and tried to wash it off.

Please set a timetable for getting U.S. armed forces out of Iraq. We are just making things worse there by occupying that country.

When will it end?

It doesn't seem to be coming to an end at all. I agree when will this end?

I'm 90 years old and wheelchair bound so I can't do anything but write my viewpoints. But I can and will continue to do that. I want to thank you Cindy for your perseverance. "Keep it up" and well win the fight!
Earl J Prignitz

Cindy for President!

we need cindy sheehan for president! at least she has the courage to stand up for her convictions and her country AND WE THE PEOPLE!she's obviously no chicken-hawk, spilling OTHER PEOPLES' BLOOD. she made the supreme sacrifice and has no son now! WE NEED SOMEONE WHO TRULY LOVES THEIR COUNTRY AND WANTS TO REMOVE THE SHAME OUR SO-CALLED LEADERS HAVE DUMPED ON AMERICA!

Cindy, you speak plainly and simply. It is making the hawks crazy. Keep it up. Have you considered a run for office? Just the process could be very helpful to the cause.

Yes, a simple sindy. A SIMPLETON!

I commend you lady. If it were my son that died, bush would be in jail where he should have been all along. He was lieing to America, and everyone with a brain knew it.
I am with you a 101%.

I'm a lifelong New York Democrat, but I can no longer stomach Hillary Clinton. She refuses to stand up against an illegal and immoral war, and she also has backed down from her support on gay rights (we're not even mentioned on her website). I agree: let's put the heat on Hillary. The soul of the Democratic Party is at stake.

I am with you Cindy I will not vote for anyone that is pro this illegal,immoral invasion and occupation of Iraq.They can keep their slogans of "stay the course","Can not cut and run"etc.When I say anyone I mean anyone can you hear me Sen. Bill Nelson,Sen.Mel Martinez,Rep.Connie Mack and any one aspiring to run for president or vice-president.

To those who still care about humanity

Cindy has a point and she needs moral, psychological and other individual's physical support with her in order to carry out the Nation's wish to get the troops out of Iraq and other Nations as soon as possible!!!! We should not be killing other people or exposing our children to be killed, we should be providing moral, psychological and financial support to those who are less fortunate than we are.

This administration portrait itself as the dumbest administration ever to enter the White House, but in fact it is the most calculative administration of them all. Its purpose is to demoralize this Nation before the world, so they can control the people within with very little effort and slave the mind of our young population. Such endeavors must be stop and the only way to achieve that is to impeach Bush and his clan out of the White House and place them in a prison cell where they belong for the war crimes committed against humanity! Enough is enough!!!!


Cairo D'Almeida
Ph.D. Psychologist in Training

If everyone who opposes this war would put off two major purchases - home, car, vacation travel - or five minor ones - big appliance, for example - the cumulative effect would really jolt those in power. Since those who hold power do so against the will of the majority already, majority opinion expressed as civil disobedience is unlikely to move them. Economic issues will move them. Such a "gold star boycott" would perhaps bring more of the Democrat Party leadership to heel.

I think you should all go on a hunger strike until all the troops are home!

I was at the march in DC Sept 24th but will be unable to join you over Thanksgiving weekend. Please know my thoughts are with you and I will do whatever I can locally.
peace and truth

Yes Mr. President you must give your citizens love for life and liberty, not shame and arrogant grandstanding excuses.

Yes, I wish everyone would get off Hillary's case. She is one of the best Republicans to ever represent New York. Jim in Seattle

Thank You Cindy...
With You ALWAYS in Spirit, will join you when possible.
Keep the drum beating, you have made the difference.
Thank You Sincerely, Leah

There are many of us who aren't able to join you in your protest, but are with you in spirit. Keep up your good work. Maybe we can get the Democrats off their duffs and start talking about a plan to get us out of the big mess.

Cindy, you have what it takes. I love following what you do. good luck

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