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More Impeachment-Treason Evidence. Bush Still Killing Us.

George W. Bush's actions and in-actions are still killing Americans.
Whether George W. Bush does the killing directly or causes it indirectly, he had/has a legal duty to provide a certain degree of protection to the U.S. and We, The People, via his oath of office.

'Three College Students Murdered By Illegal Aliens'

'NYC Cops Killed By Previously Deported Illegal Aliens'


"If the illegal aliens are responsible for 25% of the homicides since that is the percentage of inmates that they represent, then it can be said that each year more people in the United States are killed by illegal aliens than were slaughtered on September 11, 2001. "

"Report after report issued by the Office of the Inspectors General of several agencies and the GAO (General Accountability Office) paint a horrifying picture of nonfeasance, misfeasance and malfeasance by USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services)."

The following transcript cites proceedings of The House Subcommittee on Immigration, Border Security and Claims, on May 5, 2005:
Much of the problem is discussed here.

Also, former 29 yr. Veteran INS Officer states that "I was stunned to find out that while Congress had appropriate sufficient funds to hire an additional 800 new special agents for ICE, a number I thought was woefully inadequate, the President slashed that number to just 143 new special agents! He similarly cut the 2,000 additional Border Patrol agents that had been funded by Congress to just 210 new agents!"

George Bush has left the U.S. woefully unprotected while he pursued his trophy war hunting in exotic lands and deserves impeachment.
Some of the transcripts which are most important which Mr. Cutler made available on the internet are listed as "path unavailable", etc.. Fix is in.

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And that is fucked up for sure

Fuck him and the two party system as a whole

god bless american patriots.

No More Two Party dictatorship.
expect more of the same


Yeah, I'm afraid some of Bushfraud-Hillarfraud's Giga-Fund money must have gotten to Pelosi good, because shortly after she was installed she reportedly had received some warnings or threats, whereupon she asked the military for a bigger-military type aircraft in which to fly.

The Giga-Fund has probably bought off nearly every major political force that could stop the high cons, and it whets the appetites of more politicians like a real lust, I guess.
Senator Clinton Withdrew Stolen Funds From Grenada Bank
Take the case of this Illinois Governor just arrested for reportedly trying to sell the vacated Senate seat to highest bidder. He reportedly made some statements about wanting to make some real money here, and put his wife on at some $ 150,000.00 per year too. I can't blame him for being ambitious, but didn't anyone tell him about AMDOCS, etc., and how every telephone in the nation can be listened to?!!!!Without warrant? Maybe they video'd him, etc..Oh, well.

Reports have it that the big Global Settlements, The Reagan-Mitterrand Funds Payments are still being blocked, so don't expect any money from every single ATM you visit.

Fitzgerald and the FBI need to go after these big shots like Billary and the slush fund keepers who are the real problem
who manipulate too easily with so much money. This governor was already under investigation back months ago and was saved until now, when, the day before he was arrested he ordered the state to stop doing business with Bank of America, since they failed to support the company which closed down, costing so many jobs.

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