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Encourage Obama to Appoint a Special Prosecutor for Bush Administration

President Elect Obama's official website is, not to be confused with At, Obama is asking you to ask him questions about policies that are important to you. This new feature can be found here.

We would like to encourage you to vote in support of a particular question that has already been asked, so that it rises to the top of the list and stays there, this question:

"Will you appoint a Special Prosecutor - ideally Patrick Fitzgerald - to independently investigate the gravest crimes of the Bush Administration, including torture and warrantless wiretapping?"
Bob Fertik, New York City

Here's how:

1. Sign in. Click to sign into the website. It's just one easy step. You won't need to check your Email, and you'll be returned to the screen you were on.

2. Search. On the Open-for-Questions page type or paste into the search box these words: special prosecutor independently

3. Vote. That should bring up the right question which you can then vote for by clicking on the check mark.

Please do it now!

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"Will you hold Cheney/Bush accountable before they leave office by holding impeachment proceedings on Rep Dennis Kucinich's 35 serious Articles of Impeachment pending in Congress?"
Go to sign on, and type holding Cheney/Bush accountable in "Search Questions", please vote

Thanks for links.

-Granted, Patrick Fitzgerald is the one who is officially the Special Prosecutor now, but I believe Vincent Bagliosi is the right person, a man of VERY strong conviction and capability. And his book should provide a model for procedings.
-And I don't think further investigation is needed: the Bush 35+1 Articles of Impeachment and the Cheney 3 Articles by Congressman Dennis Kucinich were VERY thoroughly researched and documented, besides the Bagliosi book.
-Also, a system IS needed whereby the Special Prosecutor, witnesses, jury, etc. are PROTECTED from threats or retaliation.

What is Bob Fertik thinking? Fitgerald completely fouled up the prosecution of the first attack on WTC, then he also messed up the Libby prosecution. Better find someone truly honest and non-political.

You people are delusional. What kind of a communist puke are you spewing on this web site? The internet is getting infested by screw balls like you. Have you no shame?

Patrick Fitzgerald is just a "play it safe", "don't rock the boat" guy.
He does not have the guts to go after Dick Cheney.

Fitzgerald had every reason, during the Libby trial, to put Dick Cheney on the witness stand and force him to testify under oath about his handwritten notes and he did absolutely nothing. Fitzgerald just let Karl Rove, Bob Novak, and Dick Cheney completely off the hook, desite their obvious roles.

We need someone who is a lot otugher than this. Someone who willing to really put these guys under oath and charge them, and not pullback their punches.

I just wanted to let you know that we started a Cause on Facebook, Americans For Holding Bush Accountable, to pressure the Democrats and Republicans into investigating and prosecuting the Bush administration for war crimes, specifically for authorizing waterboarding.

If you want to help, join our Facebook Cause at:
Americans For Holding Bush Accountable

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