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Russ Feingold On The Rule Of Law - PBS-New Video

Bill Moyers Journal: Russ Feingold On The Rule Of Law


Right at the top of the list: Senator Russ Feingold and Bill Moyers. They sat down this weekend for a conversation on Feingold's hopes for the incoming administration and his desire to raise us out of the moral turpitude of the Bush administration.

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With the only ONE Senator who voted AGAINST the "Patriot ACT" even after 9-11 and the Anthrax Attacks!


"Obama top priority should be to restore the RULE OF LAW"

He says.

And that was exactly what Bruce Fain said too:

"Obama has to reject all those presidential powers Bush created"

Thanks for posting. Good interview. Rain

If he were truly interested in restoring the rule of law, he would be advocating for the impeachment and prosecution of Bush and Cheney.

Just like everyone else in Congress, Feingold swore an oath to support and defend the United States Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. There are no exceptions for "political expediency" or "the sake of the party." His refusal to insist on genuine accountability for the the single most corrupt and impeachable administration this country has ever seen, even though he has repeatedly acknowledged their crimes, puts him unquestionably in violation of his oath.

The Constitution does not mention political parties. But it does mention impeachment six times, beccause our Founders wanted to make absolutely sure of the ability to remove corrupt leaders, like the one they declared independence from when they formed this country.

Read the Declaration of Independence and absorb the stunning parallels between King George of England and George W. Bush.

Before Feingold talks about raising us out of the Bush administration's moral turpitude, he should worry about his own.

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Conyers Pretends to Care About Torture

I have mixed feelings about Russ. Mostly good, though. He fought like a lion against FISA, when Barack crumbled. That goes a long way in my book. Being the only Senator to not vote for War was incredibly brave too. If there's anyone in Congress that'd I allow a gimme, it'd be Russ. I have a feeling we haven't heard the last from him on this. I know how you feel, I want Bush (et al) punished severely for killing our troops (and everything else they've done).

voted no

It's about the precedent that will be set if they are not held accountable for their crimes as per the Constitution.

If these criminals walk free, what happens when some future president comes along, equally as bad or even worse than Bush? People will scream for accountability, justice and adhering to the Constitution, and this future tyrant will be able to say "They didn't go after Bush, so they have no business coming after me."

And he will be right.

No gimmies for anybody. If we can't get past the ridiculous party politics to the accountability, we might as well just pack it in right now and have a public burning of the Constitution to bring an official end to our republic.

Unfiltered Video Commentary:
Conyers Pretends to Care About Torture

any yarmulke wearing fuckers in this government are MOSSAD agents. they support the Israeli agenda of using the U.S. to fight their wars for them. Feingold is no exception to this rule, just one more MOSSAD agent wearing a lapel pin for the state of Israel.

I found these two videos on FAINGOLD you should watch:

In This one he OPOUSES the nomination on MUKASEY (In a very Polite way)

In this one from 2006 he speaks about the crimes committed by Bush.

I think he is in the same team as Conyers, but mostly I like them both but now that they have OBAMA, they should push for Impeachment. There are no more EXCUSES.

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