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Israel Planning Strike on Iran

Here's a Jerusalem Post article that mentions the use of radar provided by the U.S. but does not mention the recent withdrawal agreement in Iraq under which the U.S. will supposedly not control Iraqi air space and therefore not be able to provide it to Israel for purposes of bombing Iran.


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That all those 40 000 Centrifuges they talk about only Enrich URANIUM till 5% and nuclear bombs require 95%.

They DID NOT mention that IRAN signed the NON PROLIFERATION TREATY unlike ISRAEL and other nuclear POWERS.

And The IAEA has verified the sites.

The only dispute right now it’s about some LAPTOP COMPUTER FILES found mysteriously by the US "INTELLIGENCE"

I hope OBAMA can get an "INTELLIGENCE" team with a higher IQ.


yep 5,000 centrifuges (not 40,000) despite UN mandates asking for a temporary stop to ensure compliance, so the NPT doesn't apply and Iran is in violation of its obligations. Next you'll be whinging 'Well Israel has them etc etc...' the usual trot out that says 'two wrongs make a right'. I agree with Iran's rights, but unfortunately 'Death to the USA' doesn't bode well for neighbourly intentions. If I saw my neighbours getting bigger and bigger weapons while shouting to the world 'he wants to kill me, bring me down etc' he might run the danger of me taking him at his word, before it's too late.

You should get educated on the issue before posting in this website.

I've never seen so many incorrect statements in one page:

1- That article indeed mentioned 55000 Centrifuges.
2- IRAN in 2003 (the UN watch dog and the 2007 NIE Reported) stopped his Atomic weapon programs.
3- It is completely legal to enrich URANIUM UNTILL 5% under international law.
You should watch this video made by an EX UN Inspector:

Let's reply your statements one by one:

1. Iranian president has made several threats to wipe Israel off the map.

R- That's INCORRET, The current Iranian president (AND NOT THEIR SUPREME LEADER) stayed the ZIONIST REGIME should disappear. You can check his statement right here:

2. The Iranian national hero is 12 year old suicide bomber, whose face is on the back of children’s school bags.

R- Whom the BOY was blowing UP and WHY?

3. Iran bases her political objectives around a medieval religious doctrine.

R- And what about ISRAEL "BIBLICAL DREAMS". This is from Prime Minister OLMERT:

"The dream of Greater Israel -a homeland for the Jewish people from the Nile to Euphrates- which inspired the founding fathers of Zionism, was already dead."

4. Iran funds, arms and trains Insurgents who kill US and British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan everyday.

R- That have NOT BEEN PROVED and besides if they did:
Are we legally there?
Who invited US to IRAQ, Dick Cheney?

By the Way ISRAEL have violated 42 UN RESOLUTIONS regarding PALESTINE

I personally believe that the corrupt think tanks by both class parties, from the ZIONIST WINEP, AIPAC sponsored warmongering group to the AEI and Brookings institute, all riddled with corrupt NEOCONS, ZIONISTS, LIBERAL WARHAWKS, all have agreed to set into motion to come up with a BI PARTISAN FASCIST-ZIONIST foreign policy that declares IRAN, falsely to violate the NPT treaty, as it already is routinely done, then to initiate illegal and military economic embargoes to provoke IRAN, and to agree with each other, all imperial class ideologies, to attack illegally IRAN based on false charges of U.N. Violations, as was done with Saddam and the non existant WMD.

How else do we explain that OBAMA has a war cabinet, with Zionists, Neocons, who already have signed up and declared a BI PARTISAN AIM to attack IRAN, including Daniel Ross, along with the rabid pro Zionist thugs for ISRAEL, Holbrooke, Rham Emanuel and the Christian fascist thugs, Biden and Hillary. Why would OBAMA put into place people who already have declared to follow through with an illegal aggression against IRAN, PUTTING OBAMA IN THE POSITION THAT HE HIMSELF IS FOLLOWING BUSH'S FASCIST EMPIRE AND THE DESTRUCTION OF THE RULE OF LAW. HE either fires anyone who has signed on to this agenda, or we must assume he WILL ATTACK IRAN WITH ISRAEL as soon as MR. YAHOO, Netanyahu gets elected in ISRAEL, the worst NAZI, FASCIST THUG and warmonger against IRAN.


1. Iranian president has made several threats to wipe Isreal off the map

2. The Iranian national hero is 12 year old sucide bomber, whos face is on the back of childrens school bags

3. Iran bases her political objectives around a medievel religios doctrine

4. Iran funds, arms and trains Insergents who kill US and British troops in Iraq and Afghaistan everyday

If you think the world should sit back and watch Iran aquire the bomb - then you are totally mad.

You do not speak on behalf of me.

Hi from a newbie. Anyway, wow all that just scares me but I still think it is allot of Blah blah blah, Israel has been saying this for a while, but who knows for sure....


Dear Scott Allan

Everybody knows that using capital letters on a message board is subsitute for having a small penis.

All of the points I have made are facts - You should take your head out of your ass becuase you have no facts whatsoever - you have only opinions, and for the record your opinions are both uneducated and nieve.

You hippy fuck - go and get a proper job

And an anonymous bitch at that. EVERY single bitch relitive of yours that comes in here talkin that SAME
SEAN AND RUSH bullshit, is always named ANONYMOUS.
Just how many DICKHEADS are IN your family? And speakin of dicks, naw, never mind. Im gonna let that one go. I don't want to humiliate you moma.

They got a defination for little weinnie heads like you, "TROLL".

If your so GUNG-HO about gettin it on with IRAN, then, are you now, or have you ever served in a millitary service? And THEN AGAIN, are you prepared to sacrifice and GO serve millitary time,IN THE NEXT IRANIAN CONFLICT you so desire,!? and I don't mean some rear with the gear pussy administrative MOS, or even as a RAMP RAT in the USAF, im talkin about combat arms on the ground sonny. UP-CLOSE AND PERSONAL! Where the REAL MEN GO. And I can assure you there are no right wing mouthy kool-aid drinkin war mongering mouth peice's among them. And so you can't counter with some bullshit, im E.D. MOTHERFUCKER, THATS "EXEMPT FROM DUTY" KNOW WHY? I DONE DID MY TIME IN A GODAMM WAR so don't think I gotta go with you, cause I don't.

Education? Hell yeah dick head, iI got one of those. I found out what happens when you don't get the correct spacing when you change out a burned out barrel on a
M-2 CAL .50 MG, and also when you don't get the correct ring gap spacing on the bolt of a M-16.

You go do that, and put some REAL SUBSTANCE TO YOUR HOLLOW RHETORIC, then you'll have earned the right to shoot your BIG MOUTH OFF, and ill personally send you some kool-aid, and HOSTESS cupcakes, and you know what? YOU'LL BE GODAMMED GLAD TO BE GETTIN IT SO YOU CAN QUINCH YOUR PARCHED THIRST OUT THERE IN THAT HOT DRY DUSTY GODAMM DESSERT!!! OUT

Alright ... first of all SCOTT ... DESERT only has one S my friend ... I only mention it because I know that lessor people would try to use that against you later on ....

Second Anonymous(Or should I call you hawkster?) ... Please ... If you REALLY want to have a conversation that actually goes some where(which I'm sure you don't because your argument and your style is ... weak ... to say the least) ... Well then you just come on over:

But forgive me if I don't hold my breath ....

Hey, what can I say? desert, hot dry dusty. Hostess cupcakes chocolaty, creamy filling, yummy - dessert;
letsss seeee, which one do i want?

The desert is "missing" that extra S ... Just like it's "missing" all that chocolaty, creamy filling ....

YUM YUM UMMPH CHOMP CHOMP. Better than a twinky
I know who this is, but im not gonna say and rat you out. did you see my postings yesterday? not the one above but in the nist thing go say something there an git it back out on the top of the list where it belongs

Just as I thought. Im dissappointed. I was so looking forward to her next insults.

wake up dude, bush can't be a fascist as there has been a free election or haven't you noticed, perhaps get that sand out of your eyes. if you want to be a 7th century throwback as you are free to do so in the free world, then please don't drag us down with you. Read these terms carefully and understand their full implication.
Around the world, Europe and the US and the UK are described as 'THE FREE WORLD'. The president is the FREELY ELECTED LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD along with other heads of state.
If you want to change things then BE ONE. It may surprise you to know that governments get bills, make payments etc and the books must balance, the same as an individual, and the U.S pays for it's oil same as everyone else. Get a grip man

The massive failure of the Democratic opposition to hold Bush officials into account through impeachment and war crimes tribunals, I have concluded, must be the realization that many of them, like PELOSI, REID, HARMAN, RHAM EMANUEL, and even OBAMA, could also be charged with complicity of these crimes, as many of them sat in on secret intelligence committee meetings and were told of the crimes by Bush, who said nothing and did nothing, except like most democrats, keep financing the illegal occupation, even after they now have been twice elected to get us out of IRAQ, with the latest reports now saying that OBAMA will keep 70,000 troops or less in a permanent occupation, betraying the public trust regarding Change.

Even more disturbing, regarding the RULE OF LAW, is that Democrats in the service of Zionism, American Empire are willing to follow, become custodians of Corporate fascism and Empire, willfully and knowingly, through OBAMA'S own war cabinet, has picked NEOCONS, ZIONISTS, and LIBERAL WARHAWKS, who have already declared openly to dismantle or continue to ignore the RULE OF LAW, as Bush officials, as BI PARTISAN think tanks, Zionist think tanks, like WINEP, to aggree in a BI PARTISAN FASCIST attack against IRAN. Dan Ross his Zionist thug has signed on to this declaration, VIOLATION OF THE RULE OF LAW, and

.....this would account for why Democrats will not prosecute Bush's War criminals, as they intend to become War criminals themselves!!!

zzzzzzzz = get a job scuzzy and you may be in a position to change things, other than that it sounds like a heap of crap using cliched phrases from a person with no power.
the real politicians are there doing it, right here and now as we speak. what's stopping YOU, being one in the land of the free huh ? stop whining and become a senator.

If it is I've been waiting for you ....

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