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Proposal for UFPJ Strategic Framework or Program Document

Here is a proposed addition:

We will work to achieve the prosecution of high officials who are guilty of war crimes, including the supreme crime of aggressive war.

It is imperative that we prevent future wars, that we reestablish the rule of law in addition to simply requesting that certain laws be voluntarily obeyed for the moment. We can do this by prosecuting high officials who are guilty of war crimes, including the supreme crime of aggressive war. We can also shift power away from the Pentagon and the White House, and back to Congress and to the United Nations.

If we do not take these steps, we will be permiting a lawless world in which crimes are lamented but the criminals not punished. We will be handing every future president absolute power and asking him or her not to be corrupted by it. And when a president launches a new war of aggression next year or next decade, our response will be limited to "Stop that this instant or, or, or... we'll march in the streets!" And our lobbying will either be directed at the president or at a powerless Congress.

We shouldn't underestimate the power of marching in streets. But it cannot be our only power. And it isn't. Many UFPJ member groups, including the Center for Constitutional Rights and AfterDowningStreet are working to prevent pardons, advance prosecutions, and restore checks and balances in our government. The Congress has significantly lost the powers to legislate, raise and spend money, declare and end wars, approve and reject treaties, approve and reject officials, oversee the government, and impeach those who abuse power. We cannot proceed as a movement within a democracy unless we restore and expand that democracy. We will not be able to persuade future officials to listen to us if past officials have suffered no penalty for ignoring us.

A grass roots effort is needed, in collaboration with attorney allies. We need to be doing outreach to prosecutors and electing prosecutors, doing outreach to gold star families, lobbying Congress for a special prosecutor, lobbying the AG for a special prosecutor, educating the public, organizing and filing mandamus petitions, civil suits, and other law suits that peace groups and individuals can file, working with allies abroad to use foreign and international mechanisms for justice, passing resolutions like Brattleboro's, trying to prevent pardons, etc.

There is work to be done that is critical and central to preventing future wars. That is the only reason for this work. And that project cannot succeed without this work.

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Very good,,,

My idea,,

As it appears that the men that love and profit from war from leaders/to rich, meet,discuss and work to keep the masses apart,,,
Such as the Belburg group(not sure of the spelling)..
They work to keep the people of many nations divided so that any time any country can become an enemy...

This is the true definintion of EVIL...

Let us hope an event occurs that unites the masses,,a common bond with many nations...

This day will be marked on many countries calenders...
We will take two days off,,,one day to morn the wrongs done and one day to work at connecting with our brothers and sisters from many Nations...
Eventually every people of every land will be on board...

The masses uniting under common cause will bring peace to the World...

As men,companies,and leaders become global so should the masses..

The USA will also mark this day in another way,,
We will stamp the US flag with the UNITED STAES CONSTITUTION..

Please keep fighting to bring the people that tortured to justice...
There is nothing more degrading,humiliting,insulting to a human being,or unproductive than torture...

Required viewing by members of Congress and Senate,,an audio of the screams of torture and morning,,a video of tortured and grieving..death and destruction...
Under the heading of a educational class,,,
It may give them a heart and soul...

The United States seems to be turning into a dictatorship of the president (or in the present case of the resident). We would like to take a rest, but I doubt very seriously that Obama is going to represent any change whatsoever with the crew that he has on board. We are heading into rough waters.

You may know that was asking for suggestions of questions to ask Obama after he is installed in office. A question about having a full investigation of 9/ll was voted up to number one until it was abruptly removed from the running.

The basis of the 9/ll wars including the so-called "War on Terror" is an audacious instance of false flag terrorism and, of course, the powerful do not want us to know that.

Your idea is stated very well.I am attending the Assembly as a VFP Chapter representative from Atlanta and other VFP members will be present. I'm sure we will support initiating this effort.
mike hearington

If they are meeting in Chicago, they should take this to Obama personally. Here is where he lives:

I entered my comments and suggestions yesterday to include a 9/11 investigation/prosecution because it's not a matter of "if" Bush's PNACer's were involved but to what degree. There's no question 9/11 is the lynch-pin of ALL the wars of the past 10 years! Your inclusion of:

We will work to achieve the prosecution of high officials who are guilty of war crimes, including the supreme crime of aggressive war. would have worked just as well for me and you can count on my support for what it's worth.

Last year I signed out of every organization, "green", "peace", "democrat" etc., that failed to include either direct 9/11 investigations or open criminal investigations/prosecutions in their mission, and the same with UFP (J?) too.

I support your terminology, Justice for All.


Andre Shepherd, who deserted to avoid going back to fight in Iraq, argues that the war there is in violation of international law.

"If I carried out my orders, it would make me a criminal. But I swore my oath on the American Constitution, which PROHIBITS WARS OF AGGRESSION OF ANY NATURE, SUCH AS THE ONE IN IRAQ, Click Here,

Where do we sign?

A petition, along with alerting our elected officals about this, would help, no?

Join and come to Chicago!

Lots of other things to do at

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