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"CIA-ISI registered MV Alpha" delivered paramilitary terrorists to India. UPDATE

It is now being reported that the team of seventy (70) Pakistani-ISI soldiers were delivered to Mumbai (Bombay) by the "CIA-ISI registered MV Alpha". As more credibility on these reports surfaces, it puts more, severe war crimes evidence against George W. Bush and his cabal.
Just why in the hell would a U.S. Taxpayer-funded-CIA affiliated outfit be performing terrorist atrocities against helpless, unarmed tourists and guests in India?

It must have to do with this: The new pipeline attempt.

Bush is really going down in flames, as it was reported that CON Condoleeza Rice was amidst negotiating the release of some of the terrorist paramilitary units who attacked India, and Bush may have attempted to bribe and extort Indian PM into saying the attacks were Al Queda.
UPDATE: 'CIA Illegal Ops in Central Asia Using Islam & Madrassas'


UPDATE: Dec. 03,08: DC bums hiding behind secret funding room at Morgan Stanley, Hillary 'ran the money'.

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Although we're now learning that those Pakistani nationals who caused so much terror and death in Mumbai were affiliated with the CIA in some capacity, one question keeps nagging my mind.

The question is ... what role (if any) did British intelligence play during the planning and execution of the Mumbai attacks? The reason why I'm asking this question is because of several things which are slowly emerging in the aftermath of those attacks.

Among the latest information to come forth are these newspaper articles, beginning with this headline published in the London Mirror, November 28, which headlined its coverage: "SEVEN MUMBAI GUNMEN ARE FROM `LEEDS AND HARTLEPOOL'" and continued, "Seven of the terrorists ... are British, Indian government sources claimed yesterday. They said two British-born Pakistanis are under arrest. And another five suspects are said to have been born and raised here.

"Two of the seven are from Leeds, one is from Bradford and one from Hartlepool, the sources claimed.... The Hartlepool suspect was allegedly found in the ... Taj Mahal Palace hotel. .... The man from Bradford and one from Leeds were allegedly discovered on the 17th floor of the Oberoi-Trident Hotel.... A second man from Leeds was allegedly captured near a jetty after a gang of around 25 terrorists landed in Mumbai by boat on Wednesday.

"The suspects were allegedly found with documentation, possibly including passports, which revealed their origin. The sources say they also spoke to each other in a heavily-accented Punjabi common in UK Pakistani communities."

The Mirror reports that British Prime Minister "Gordon Brown yesterday urged caution, saying it was premature to draw any conclusions. He said Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had not told of him of any evidence at this stage that Britons were behind the massacres."

The Mirror comments, "If the terrorists are Britons, the UK security service will have to urgently discover how they slipped through the surveillance net.... Since the early 2000s Britain has had an unwelcome reputation as a haven for Islamic radicals."

Following in the wake of the London Mirror's headlines, there was this item published in the Daily Telegraph, which headlined its story, "MUMBAI ATTACKS: ARE THEY BRITISH? British police have flown to India to establish whether any of the terrorists who killed 150 people in the Bombay massacre had links to the UK."

The Evening Standard, under the headline "Mumbai siege gunmen are from Britain," reports that Security sources have told the Standard that "it is known that dozens of British-born Pakistanis have traveled to Pakistan in recent years to train in its [terrorist] camps. One source said recently: `The camps are full and many of the people inside are Brits." When you consider these articles, and what's already been disclosed over the last three days, this phenomenon is suggestively similar to the number of Saudis who were involved in the 9/11 attacks in the United States in 2001.

It should be pretty obvious just where this "strategy of terror" is actually coming from, who's behind it, and why these attacks are happening at this particular time, and anyone who makes an effort to argue that we haven't obtained the sufficient evidence necessary to conclude that the British are behind this attack is a bonafide idiot; in fact, anyone who attempts to deny that the British hand is in these attacks is a 4th class idiot, not even a first class idiot.

Combine the terror attack in Mumbai with the onging threats to the lives of President-Elect Barack Obama and his family as well as the global financial collapse, which has seepeded up in recent weeks, as well as the demand from many world leaders that the U.S. step up and enact the same types of financial reforms which FDR wanted to put into effect, you have a recipe for an ugly chaos stew prepared and served up by the British, who are so fearful of losing their stranglehold on global financial power that they would kill off half to world's population in order to maintain their steadily fading power.


Naturally, a lot of attempts at blame-fixing is going on at this critical juncture upon these attacks, and you are probably right about British involvement possible. This whole thing is a puzzle within a puzzle, because, as you know, according to current documentation from 'The International Currency Review' and other publications, the British government is deeply involved in growing and smuggling drugs (opium crops) in Afghanistan, and who knows where else, so the U.S. crime syndicates (aka 'Poppy'. aka 'The Rose', etc., aka, etc, ad nauseum) are there too and the two allied forces must agree, to some extent, and get along in this so-called joint effort of anti-terrorism in getting the bad bogeymen, etc., so we have a joint military exercise going on with the British over there, over and against the objections of the U.S. Citizens as well as many British Citizens who know the truth and cry foul.

But in this so-called phony exercise, if some faction of British Intelligence has broken away and committed these latest acts of atrocity with the help and/or assistance of the Israeli Mossad, and they have done this completely without the foreknowledge and help and approval of the United States Leaders and Government, then merely by associating with this joint effort with the British we have laid ourselves liable, and George W. Bush could be getting a bad rap. But this would be the price for involving ourselves in foreign "entangling alliances", as our forefathers implicitly warned us not to do! When the damned wagon train (overseas wild ventures) becomes too long to manage and handle and you can't see one end from the other, anything could be going on in between those wagons! Any good old wagon master knew that!

So you must remember that if the CIA-ISI Motor Vessel 'Alpha' delivered the paramilitary troops described in those reports, they now have an almost impossible task of claiming their precious, traditional 'plausible deniability'. They should at least deny publicly at news conferences that they gave any permission for this vessel to be used as it was! THE CIA SHOULD ISSUE A FORMAL PUBLIC STATEMENT AT THIS TIME THAT THEIR VESSEL HAD BEEN COMMANDEERED AND THE UNITED STATES AGENCIES HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO RESPONSIBILITY IN THESE LATEST ATTACKS.
Last, but certainly not least, since it is a known fact ever since 911 that the U.S. Intelligence & media is infiltrated & compromised by foreign intelligence, every single one of those Israeli Flags at the desks of those dual Israeli Americans working right inside Langley, Va. CIA headquarters should be removed with their flag owners and shipped straight back to Israel without allowing them to steal another 2.3 or 3 trillion U.S. $ !!! Then the bone-headed, butt-headed CIA would have a better chance at knowing what all its operatives and operations were doing! Until the foreigners are completely out of our intelligence systems we are done for. What kind of government dumb ass could not figure this out and understand it!!!! They are there using no Social Security Numbers like we must use, leaving them totally free to take from us, stage more 911 false flag attacks, take our trillions of treasury dollars, use their foreign passports to flee back to Israel when convenient. And knowing this, our government expects us to obey the law!!!!!?????? Why should we??? I'm not a killer, or anything like that, but I don't feel like obeying statutory laws anymore. Do you now see why folks don't believe in our so called laws anymore, don't abide by them? People know about this crap!!!!! We are like children of wicked step-parents who say "do as I say, not as I do".

Just as rogue elements of British Intelligence operated in a Pro-Federal Reserve Corporation way in their role in the JFK Assassination, it may be they were also operating in much the same manner in this latest assault on democracy in India.
It is the R.I.I.A., the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which serves as liaison between our CIA, and the British Government-Monarchy, etc.. Somewhere in between we the 'Yanks', and they, the 'Brits', in this liaison may be the answer to how many informal, casual, operations are undertaken as mere projects of various mega-cartels and corporations, etc.. I suspect that if British Citizens went to Pakistan to train for these suicidal attacks in India, we may be looking directly at radical Jihadism and Radical Islam, or something contrived to look like it.
Now you see why a lying media is so destructive, for without ALWAYS reporting the truth to the U.S. and World, it is difficult to get a grip on such a sudden occurrence as these latest rounds of violence. The problem is; one report states they delivered some 70 soldiers, so if there are more who are armed and/or can obtain armaments, the trouble is just beginning there!
Please see the post below on 'CIA Illegal Ops in Central Asia Using Islam & Madrassas'

(Correction: It is not the Harold Prettyman Courthouse. It is the E. Barrett Prettyman U.S. Courthouse. thank you)

But the main link to the puzzle here goes all the way back to the Sibel Edmonds case which I wrote a page or so on at my site several years ago on how the three Repuke lawyers sent to the E. Barrett Prettyman U.S. Courthouse in April 2005 to suppress Sibel's hearing and convinced the judge to expel Sibel from her own hearing and she had to wait in the halls outside the courtroom DURING HER OWN HEARING!
She had the information which could have prevented this latest round of attacks in India, I believe.
According to this and other files, The CIA is staging Illegal Black Operations using Islam and Madrassas as cover, so with the Israelis being involved in the Indian attacks it all fits.
Mossad and CIA together again.


Lastly but not least, the DC Bums, and you must include Bush-Clinton here, have reportedly been using a secret room at Morgan Stanley to finance secret black ops.
You can probably 'go figger' that these black ops consisted of using the radical Islam card by the CIA contractors to pose as Somalian Pirates to transport paramilitary troops over to India or where ever they choose to attack, and perform the so-called terror attacks.

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