You are herecontent / State Dept. Information Line for Mumbai Attacks: 1-888-407-4747; Mumbai Gunmen Kill 80, Western Hostages Taken

State Dept. Information Line for Mumbai Attacks: 1-888-407-4747; Mumbai Gunmen Kill 80, Western Hostages Taken

U.S. citizens concerned about the wellbeing of friends and family in India may call the following US State Dept. number for information: 1-888-407-4747


Mumbai Gunmen Kill 80, Western Hostages Taken |

Gunmen killed at least 80 people in a series of attacks in India's financial capital Mumbai and troops began moving into two five-star hotels on Thursday where Western hostages were being held, local television said.

Police said they had shot dead four gunmen and arrested nine suspects.

However, the chief minister of Maharashtra said the situation was not yet contained.

"The situation is still not under control and we are trying to flush out any more terrorists hiding inside the two hotels," Vilasrao Deshmukh, Maharashtra's chief minister, told a news conference.

Gunfire and explosions were heard at the landmark Taj Mahal hotel and thick plumes of smoke rose from the building, witnesses said. There were also explosions at the Oberoi hotel and firing at a hospital where gunmen were surrounded.

"The terrorists are throwing grenades at us from the rooftop of the Taj and trying to stop us from moving in," Ashok Patil, a police inspector told Reuters.

Police said at least 250 people were wounded in the attacks which also targeted a railway station and the Cafe Leopold, perhaps the most famous restaurant and hang-out for tourists in the city.

An organisation calling itself the Deccan Mujahideen said it was behind the attacks, television channels said. The previously little known group sent an email to news organisations claiming responsibility.


"I guess they were after foreigners, because they were asking for British or American passports," said Rakesh Patel, a British witness who lives in Hong Kong and was staying at the Taj Mahal hotel on business. "They had bombs."

"They came from the restaurant and took us up the stairs," he told the NDTV news channel, smoke stains covering his face. "Young boys, maybe 20 years old, 25 years old. They had two guns."

India has suffered a wave of bomb attacks in recent years. Most have been blamed on Islamist militants, although police have also arrested suspected Hindu extremists thought to be behind some of the attacks.

The latest attack, apparently aimed at least partly at prosperous Western tourists, is bound to spook investors in one of Asia's largest and fastest-growing economies.

Hemant Karkare, the chief of the police anti-terrorist squad in Mumbai, was killed during the attacks, police said.

"We have shot dead four terrorists and managed to arrest nine suspected terrorists," P.D. Ghadge, a police officer at Mumbai's central control room, told Reuters.

Japan's Foreign Ministry said one of its nationals was killed in the Mumbai attacks and one injured.


Mark Abell, a British lawyer, said he had locked himself inside his Oberoi hotel room after hearing two explosions.

Several hundred people had been evacuated from the Taj hotel, one witness said, but many more remained inside, some calling for help from the fifth floor. Firefighters broke windows to reach trapped guests.

"We came down the fire exit, but I think they took some more people, they are trying to get to the roof," one foreigner told local television. "I think about 15 people (have been taken hostage), about half of them are foreigners.".

In Washington, the White House and U.S. President-elect Barack Obama condemned the attacks, as did France, current president of the European Union, and United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

Home Minister Shivraj Patil said there were around four or five attackers in each of the two hotels.

"They have attacked hotels, they have attacked the hospitals, they have attacked the railway station," he said.

"I was in the restaurant inside Oberoi and I saw this series of gunshots and death which I don't want to see again," a Spaniard who declined to give his name told Reuters.

"I crawled out into the kitchen and waited there, until I sensed it was all quiet and seemed over."

Maharashtra state police chief A.N. Roy said attackers had fired automatic weapons indiscriminately, and used grenades, adding that they were still holed up in some buildings.

Sourav Mishra, a Reuters reporter, was with friends at the Cafe Leopold when gunmen opened fire around 9:30 p.m. He was injured and is in St. George's Hospital.

"I heard some gunshots around 9:30. I was with my friends. Something hit me. I ran away and fell on the road. Then somebody picked me up. I have injuries below my shoulder," Mishra said from a hospital bed he was sharing with three other people.

Another Reuters reporter saw a hospital ward full of injured people with bullet and shrapnel wounds. Many people were crying as the injured were brought in on trolleys.


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But was "shock and awe" any better? I mean if a government does it and attacks people in their homes is that OK? But attacking tourists is not OK? Don't get me wrong, neither is OK with me.

so says Haaretz at Woman rescues two year old covered in blood, at least four adults still inside, with injuries, but you can read the report.


Investigators have linked the Mumbai Attacks to the E. German Stasi, DVD, and Pakistani ISI.

As you know, past reports at, The International Currency Review, and other publishings have listed the President's father, G.Herbert Walker Bush, former President 41, as having ties to the E. German DVD, Deutsche Bank. There's a lot more to this than meets the eye.
The following report states a possibility of a major sports event terror attack in Florida designed to kill up to 9,000 Americans, etc., after Obama is installed and Hillary gets into action with her money and operatives.
Better read this one!
UPDATE on India False Flag Attacks Tied to East German Stasi DVD and Pakistani ISI

by Tom Heneghan

I dond't believe the Clinton family have any link to the terrorist groups you claim.

However i agree the BUSH family does. Knowing their the long history in secret CIA operations.

The Russians say this attack have been link to AL QAIDA and we all know the long time ties AL QAIDA - CIA.
Take a look:


Bill Clinton was 'detained' by the U.K. when he was over there answering questions about the loot and links linked to him which were found during the London Lockbox Facility Raids. You can look it up at the site.
Also Hillary has been linked to the funds which are reportedly being used to foment terrorist activities and attacks, etc.. HILLARY RUNS THE MONEY, my friend. Hillary's confidant, Eva Teleke, aka Telege, etc., has a red list International Arrest Warrant out for her arrest. She was last at The Mayflower Hotel here, I think. The Clintons have been written up for financing terrorism and murder, and they are deep into trouble, and the only way Hillary, not having gotten the Presidency or Vice Presidency, can avoid massive prosecution for herself and Bill will be to create the terror diversions, and you can bet that as long as they remain at large you will continue to see more terror attacks and emergencies and false flag attacks on U.S. Soil, too.
I have posted these links so many times here I won't go back and repost them again, but you can go to, and click on the Index link and start reading the reports I've gathered and written introductory pages about. Most of those reports are also at

You can also start here and read ALL OF THIS STUFF. The Clintons are pure evil and please don't try to excuse them to me, I'm not buying it.
When Cokie Roberts's (then Cokie Boggs) father, Hale Boggs crashed and was killed, it was Bill Clinton that drove him to his death plane.
Here read these:

Start reading and studying instead of seeing these cons on tv, and READ ALL OF IT before you make further comments on them because they are culpable on lots of stuff and have a trail of dead people behind them-a body count list.
Read 'Bloody Bill Clinton, The American Caligula' here:

I don't buy it. I need more evidence. What you are showing me looks more like LIBERAL HATER'S Speculations.

I am not a Clinton fan in particular after the war with SERBIA but remember he EXPELLED all the NEOCONS "CRASIES" from his goverment and that's a fact.

So far i haven't seen any PNACER MEMBER in OBAMA'S team. If you see it let me know. By the way i am not VERY happy with some members he is picking in particular GATES and JONES.

FOLK. If believing in that CLINTON'S STUFF makes you happy then ENJOY IT.


Perhaps when you stop believing that either the Dems or the Repukes are O.K., you'll be on the way to recovery.
The Clintons are huge criminals, and according to documents, Hillary may either have foreknowledge or complicity of/in the JFK, Jr. murder.
The report on the John Kennedy, Jr. 'crash' as it was called is not accurate, as far as the official version, and the FSS (Flight Service Station)did not necessarily report that the weather was not flyable weather.
No I don't "enjoy" "that CLINTON'S STUFF", as you put it, but neither can I ignore it, either. We have not had even fairly good honest leadership since President Jimmy Carter, and the Clinton's are closet Repukes who are a husband-wife CIA team and are employees of George H.W. Bush.
If and when they are jailed, you may wake up from your Clinton dream-illusion.
I am well aware that all persons and families of wealth are not destructive, and yes, not equal, but that is a separate issue and discussion, so you are waxing 'passive-aggressive' and leaving the discussion of the Clintons when you go off on these tangents on wealth, etc..

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