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Once Again, It's Time To Be Vigilant...

As if the ongoing financial crash wasn't bad enough, now, we've got something else which has been tossed into the bubbling pot of chaos, with reports of possible terrorist attacks in the U.S., every citizen's primary concern should be the imminent, ongoing threat to the life of President-elect Barack Obama. The urgent --- actually, the predominant -- question right now is how to create and maintain the defense of the President-Elect's life, which must become the overriding issue which takes immediate precidence above all other issues, as important as those other particular issues might be.

Of course, other incidents which could occur during the holiday season can create a mess, but the assassination of President-Elect Obama is the primary incident which could trigger a massive explosion of rioting and "mob-incited" violence among the population, and would result in the collapse of the U.S. as a functioning Constitutional Republic, and this is not the time for anyone to decide to "fall asleep at the wheel" or to go on a "vacation" from the ugly realities which are confronting us.

The renewed cause for concern among many political groups and organizations in Washington and elsewhere about an attempt on President-Elect Obama's life comes in the wake of an Associated Press report that the FBI has informed law-enforcement agencies in New York City and other major cities in the U.S. that it has received a "plausible but unsubstantiated" report that al-Qaeda terrorists have discussed attacking the New York City subway system during the holiday season. The FBI stated, according to AP: "We have no specific details to confirm that this plot has developed beyond aspirational planning, but we are issuing this warning out of concern that such an attack could possibly be conducted during the forthcoming holiday season."

There is precident for this report, of course, as we saw with the stepped-up "terror" attacks in Italy back in early 2001, then you had the threat in the Washington, D.C. area, and this "strategy of terror" finally culminated with the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

What's happening in this particular situation is that America and the rest of the world is in a dangerous period of crisis, which is exactly the time that calls for a major attempt on the life of a prominent American leader, but keep this in mind ... all kinds of things are possible during these next seven weeks, and there will be other things which will be thrown in to distract public attention, and while these various incidents will be horrifying enough in themselves, they will be more than enough to turn the citizenry's attention away from the immediacy of the other problem (namely, the threat to the life of President-Elect Obama), in order to get them to concentrate exclsuively on their own fears, anxieties and problems.

This is why the impeachment effort against George W. Bush and Dick Cheney MUST be pressed forward with a new determination and relentlessness, because if President-Elect Obama were to be assassinated while Bush and Cheney are still in office, HSPD-20 and NSPD-51 -- along with all those other illegal laws -- would be immediately activated, causing a massive shutdown of the nation, and the imposition of the kind of ugly, vicious, top-down repression and suppression which we got a glimpse of in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.

These next seven weeks will be absolutely crucial as to whether the United States will survive to usher in a new President in 2009, or if it will fracture and ultimately collapse and become a brutally fascist dictatorship headed by Bush and Cheney, who could become President and Vice President for life. Impeachment of Bush and Cheney must not take a holiday, because not only do our lives and the lives of the President-Elect and his family depend on it, but also the continued existence of the United States as a functioning Constitutional Republic.

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Probably the rogue attacks like those which just happened in a financial sector in India are more likely possible than an assassination attempt. If Obama exercises reasonable caution and has Secret Service protection, he'll probably be well protected, but the more common opportunity for the crims is like the sudden bombings and crime wave in India where so many were killed earlier today.
You recall the last time Alberto Gonzales was on the hotseat due to go before a thorough Congressional scathing? Some 33 or so people at Virginia Tech were killed by a sudden gunman, and now not only is Gonzales under indictment in Texas by Grand Jury, VP Dick Cheney is also under indictment with him. So we have triple threats here.
If as you say, the British, according to history, might pull a stunt, we also have Gary Best's True Colors-Blackwater dipsticks on the loose, and Bush whose orders are currently, reportedly, not being carried out by military due to alleged drug-narcotic and alcohol abuse, is an unhappy on-the-way-out camper, too.
All this, in addition to any white supremacists who cannot see that any deliberate act against Obama could finish us for a long time, and I must agree with you, it's time to encourage citizens to use their very best judgement right now as we enter the holiday festive period.
We can only hope and pray and say thank you to the French Intelligence agents who are apparently using satellite surveillance to try and keep a lid on these rogue saboteurs. They've done a great job thus far.
Also, it was reported the Fr. P.M. Sarkozy has has issued a red notice, for the arrest of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, so these cons who are losing out could possibly get their collective heads together and have another 'party' on us. Hope not, though. Happy Thanksgiving.


Investigators have linked the Mumbai Attacks to the E. German Stasi, DVD, and Pakistani ISI.

As you know, past reports at, The International Currency Review, and other publishings have listed the President's father, G.Herbert Walker Bush, former President 41, as having ties to the E. German DVD, Deutsche Bank. There's a lot more to this than meets the eye.
The following report states a possibility of a major sports event terror attack in Florida designed to kill up to 9,000 Americans, etc., after Obama is installed and Hillary gets into action with her money and operatives.
Better read this one!
UPDATE on India False Flag Attacks Tied to East German Stasi DVD and Pakistani ISI

by Tom Heneghan

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