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New facts on Cheney, Bush Sr.-JFK Assass. emerge near anniversary

As JFK Assassination Anniversary arrives so does new information regarding the time-lines of visits to U.S. Embassy in Mexico City in the four months just prior to the John F. Kennedy Assassination.

'Candidates For The Con' Is Coming True

Nov. 22, 2008 Joe Martin

My second chapter of 'Candidates For The Con' opened with a statement on the Mexican Government's files on U.S. Government criminal activity, and that the father of the current President may be mentioned in such files. This chapter argues that the current Bush Administration cannot oppose (former leader, now) Vicente Fox- Mexico's leaders and that there are too many skeletons in the closets of high U.S. leaders and former leaders.
Indeed there is the mention today of new evidence claiming, according to Tom Heneghan, prosecutor Juan Angel Guerra has found Richard Cheney and George H.W. Bush, Sr. made at least 5 (five) trips to the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City in the 4(four) months preceding the J. F. Kennedy Assassination. This is particularly important considering Lee H. Oswald's trips to Mexico City, also.
Heneghan writes, "current Texas Willacy County District Attorney Juan Angel Guerra, the prosecutor who has secured a Grand Jury indictment of both Vice President Dick Cheney and former Bushfraud Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, recently returned from Mexico City with evidence detailing at least five (5) trips made by both daddy Bush and Dick Cheney to the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City in the four months preceding the assassination of President Kennedy."
Investigators may be on to more than just small information.
See Tom's full report here:

Also the hearing on the Grand Jury Indictments of VP Cheney and former Att Gen Gonzales fell into a heated exchange in Raymondville, Texas here:
'Prosecutor shouts at judge in Cheney hearing'
Apparently the prosecutor was objecting to the preferential treatment the High Cons get, the way the three Repuke lawyers ousted Sibel Edmonds from her own hearing and fixed it up behind closed doors with the judge. The prosecutor knew they'd probably try it again. There are a lot of gullible judges, I guess, who want to 'accomodate' the bigwigs.

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The owner of this site (A Danish) have done what I consider the most extensive and detailed investigation regarding the JFK murder. He Hired a retired FBI agent: Zack Shelton who was tracking a possible suspect for a long time.

Zack was helped by his former FBI Deparment's Staff incluided his Supervisor. Their findings are amazing.

Regarding G HW BUSH, He is also considered a suspect since two of his long time BODIES: Luis Posada and Orlando Bosh were spotted at Dailey Plaza that day and he (GHWB) doesn't remember where he was on 11-22-1963.

GHW Bush Bodies:

I liked so much their investigation that I ordered a DVD they have, called: The Grassy Knoll which I recommend to you.

I also recommend to you a HISTORY CHANNEL serial called "The men who kill kennedy" (TMWKK) . This serial was so HOT that was banned and was played only Once.
You can find this Serial in YOU TUBE.

Yes, I already devoted the equivalent of a small chapter on Posada in 'Candidates For The Con', as Posada is more of a 'dedicated' Candidate For The Con.
I've read that site and I'm not sure I believe the part about James Files. I believe when I researched it they said one of the tramps was Harrelson, not files, yet lately perhaps some disinformation is hitting the web.
Also, I don't think Files shot JFK with that pistol. The driver, William Greer, turned and aimed a weapon at JFK the moment JFK's head explodes in newly released versions of Zapruder film.
There are so many 'sources' trying to cloud up what happened that it's getting murkier at times, instead of more clear on what happened.
Tom Heneghan's latest report says new evidence is that an automatic weapon was fired at limo from front of motorcade. I'm not sure I buy that, either. Perhaps some rounds were fired semi-auto from an auto-capable weapon, or a round was fired from a non-auto gun which such round could also be used in an auto version of that cartridge, but spraying the limo with auto-fire, I'm not sure that would contribute to what they intended- a lone nut shooter.
Take a look at this video:
Then you will see the real reason that William (Bill) Cooper was murdered by law enforcement authorities in Arizona for trying to defend himself
ON HIS OWN PROPERTY. One law enforcement person finally admitted they had an emergency order to not let Cooper get back into his house alive, etc.. It constitutes murder, and Cooper was the champion of the 'driver did it' concept. That is why, to this day, I'd be willing to believe that all persons who adhere to this belief that Greer, the driver, did it, are going to undergo surveillance, stalking, then murder. Just because that assassination happened decades ago does not mean the machine affiliated with the murder has gone away, nor does it mean they will stop murdering any persons seeking the real truth about it.
The U.S. leaders have their heads in their asses for allowing this piece of crap government of a military industrial complex to continue running all over the place doing what they want at will: murder, treasury thefts, etc., etc., phony war, etc.., election fraud, etc.. What the hell good are gutless lawmakers?!!
As Heneghan says, they have doctored up the Zapruder Film so much it's pitiful. But that's what we live under, an intelligence-fraud type of ruler-ship which permeates the business world, medical world, education, military, political, and banking worlds.


The guy was a Natural born Killer who served in the KOREAN war and after killing TWO fellow soldiers was force to retire.

He started working for the MOB short after . He was hired as a driver by Charles Nicoletti (an expert Hit man for SAM GIANCANA).


Zack Shelton on Files:


That day Nicoletti was the Main shooter and was located at the school's Depository Building. FILES was set by Nicoletti as a BACK UP shooter ONLY .
He was too young at that time and He was located at the grassy KNOLL and was ordered to shoot ONLY if there was NOT a clean hit at Kennedy's Head.

He claims he used just a single round with a mercury shell. Later on mercury traces were found in kennedy's body by forensic experts.

That "PISTOL" (fireball) in reality is considered by GUN EXPERTS as a very powerful and PRECISE weapon. For that distance, with the SCOPE and firing from the TOP OF THE FENCE was a very easy shot for him. That short rifle was very easy to hide underneath his Jacket.

Please watch those TWO videos i mentioned in particular The Grassy Knoll and bring your own conclusion.

Here like in the 9-11 case, there is a lot of speculation.

For me JFK Case is closed.

Not disputing whether Files could have done that shot, but he was, I think last time I checked, doing life in the pen somewhere, so someone could have paid him to say all that. In fact, I think he was already in the pen when this confession came up.
I know all about the Remington XP-100 Fireball, & I've handloaded for and fired everything from a .22 & bb gun, to an express elephant rifle. I used to mount & zero in telescopic site-scopes for fellow hunting and varmint shooting buddies and have done bench rest shooting, too. I've grouped high powered rifle shots into less than half an inch 3 & 5 shot groups @ 100yds from sporter weight barrels! That's less than half MOA. It takes handloads to accomplish that, especially not using varmint or target barrels, but depending on the rifle and bedding, chambering, throat, etc., it can be done.
Although there were many shots flying around during that incident (some, as you know, bounced off the curb, etc .) the main shooters were limited to being positioned in front or very much rearward to JFK to preclude the possibility of non-targeted persons getting hit, too. The approaching target, and the leaving target is easier to hit.
The heavy duty soft and frangible 'dum-dum' round which was fired from driver Greer's high powered gas airgun did not need to be fired much faster than todays air pistols which shoot bb's and pellets which are much lighter and smaller.
The soft 'dum-dum' round would not have posed as great a threat to bystanders, Secret Service, photographers, etc. as a firearm round which are high velocity. Also, there is no empty shell casing, no powder residue, no evidence of it.
You may believe in your 'case-closed' if you wish, but the way things really happen are not as writers and the press, television, and many books say.
What you see is a magicians trick- a sleight of hand, with others even firing blanks, probably, in order to create the illusion of more gunfire. This is also true about the WTC buildings and their collapse, etc.. It was done with explosives in a pre wired building with a Navy helicopter executing the remote control while hiding in the smoke plume above the buildings. After the first one went down, the chopper moved over to the other one and it went down.
You have to keep an open mind and understand the motives for ensuring that certain persons who participated in criminal acts remain protected and their crimes hidden forever.
I think Greer has been protected, and Files, serving life, may be vilified to some, is also a big hero to many others who may believe he did the shot. But, already in the pen, he is very convenient.
Take a look at what was probably a mechanical pre-rigged gun device concealed in the trunk (directly next to JFK's spine-head area).
This vehicle was tarped and guarded with submachine gun toting guards at Parkland, later rebuilt and refurbished at a cost of $ 500,000. and finally retired in 1977. Now you see why Jackie was slapping at the rear of the trunk lid, at the device which she thought had just killed her husband.
At this moment there were two women on the left rear of motorcade manipulating camera looking devices, and of course, the Umbrella Man was on the right with what may have been an antenna.
Hard to tell comprehensively what the hell was going on.
It does fit that since the Secret Service guards were told at the airport to stay off and away from the limo that some person(s) did not want anyone close to the trunk area for fear of discovery of something, possibly, and to prevent the possibility of accidentally getting struck with fragmentation, etc..
I don't think we will ever know all of the truth on it.
Just because someone told you something, whether in a book or on tv doesn't make it so, but thanks for your input and comments. Interesting. later, joe

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