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It’s Not Too Late to Impeach Bush, Cheney

It’s not too late to impeach Bush, Cheney
by Susan Serpa | Worcester Telegram

It is not too late to impeach President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney for violating the fourth, sixth and eighth amendments to the Constitution, for lying repeatedly about reasons to invade Iraq, for failing to prevent the downfall of our economy, for coercing intelligence information to be fixed around policy, for treason in exposing the identity of important covert intelligence operatives, for illegally violating subpoenas, for failing to provide sufficiently for our forces in battle, and for the indiscriminate abuse of signing statements to avoid obeying laws passed by Congress. It’s not too late. In fact, it’s essential to impeach before Jan. 20.

Impeachment isn’t about removal from office. It’s about rescuing the rule of law, the very foundation of our great nation — the United States Constitution. For if we should fail to impeach Mr. Bush or Mr. Cheney, the dangerous precedent of the lawless unitary executive is passed on to future administrations, and we shall see even more violations of our rights.

Furthermore, only impeachment can prevent Mr. Bush from pardoning himself and the other lawbreakers of his administration.

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"Impeachment is difficult and it is painful, but the courage to do what must be done is the price of remaining free" stated John Conyers himself, Click Here, but when it came to Cheney/Bush Conyers refused to act and put the freedom and liberty of our nation at great risk.

Conyers gets a letter to indict Bush on murder charges and prosecute for war crimes, Click Here,

There is still time. Conyers must reach inside himself to summon the COURAGE he once talked about to do what must be done to preserve the Republic.

How will you remove the stain on our Constitution left by the failure of this Congress to honor their oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution in the face of so many carefully researched and well documented violations of trust and law attributed to Bush, Cheney et al?
The Constitution does not empower Speaker Pelosi to take impeachment "off the table". The repudiation of Bush's impeachable actions through the constitutionally mandated process of impeachment is the only way to demonstrate to our children, future Presidents and the world that our system of government establishes a nation of laws that works for all the people.
This work left undone is a corrosive so dangerous to the fundamental ideals of our democracy that it undermines the very oath of office taken by every elected officeholder.

Willyboy and Mr. Grover

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