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Impeachment Prevents Pardons; Whistleblowers Wanted

Impeachment Prevents Pardons
by Bennet D. Zurofsky, Esq.

Let's not forget that each act of illegal surveillance was a felony under the provisions of FISA in effect at the time. Hopefully, whistleblowers will open up about much more than illegal electronic surveillance after January 20, but we should be demanding that the new Attorney General appoint a prosecutor to convene a grand jury to investigate not only the criminal FISA violations but also the numerous other crimes of Bush, Cheney and their underlings and henchmen, especially including their war crimes.

There are so many areas where Bush-Cheney have invoked executive privilege and/or state secrets/national security to deny Congress, the courts, and litigants information that should have been disclosed. I hope it is not vain to believe that the Obama administration will, at the least, bring all of this material into the full light of day and give such litigants as the victims of their extraordinary renditions and torture their day in court.

That assumes, of course, that Cheney, et al, do not have their shredders and hard disk destroyers working overtime to destroy the evidence and the records of their time in office. Of course, that destruction of public records and possible evidence of criminal activity is itself a crime, one that they have apparently already committed with regard to thousands of White House email communications.

Full accountability requires criminal investigation. Indeed, impeachment would be best for that is probably the only thing that could stop Bush from issuing pardons to all concerned, including himself, on the morning of January 20. Congress's abdication of this responsibility remains a great disgrace in our Constitutional history and, even though I would love to see President Nancy "impeachment is off the table" Pelosi sworn in in time to preside at President Obama's inauguration, such a glorious reassertion of its Constitutional powers by the lame duck Congress seems most unlikely.

I also fear that President Obama will decide that investigating the crimes of the Bush-Cheney White House would be too politically divisive an undertaking for his new administration and that, even in the absence of Bush pardons, the criminals will escape all punishment.

I hope that President Obama can be persuaded otherwise. The Bush-Cheney administration was not only incompetent and 100% wrong in almost every decision or action it took, it was also downright criminal under the federal criminal code. Downright criminality at such a high level should not go unpunished. If the American tax-payers are going to fund bodyguards, healthcare and pensions for Bush & Cheney forever, a lot of that should be provided by the criminal justice system under the same harsh terms that Bush & Cheney were the first to demand for those guilty of crimes considerably lesser than their own.

Anyone who cares to forward or publish this email is free to do so.

- Bennet D. Zurofsky

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You would love to see the Wicked Witch of the West sworn is as president? Not me! I am still mad that the people of San Francisco have their heads up their asses so far they can't tell the difference between a patriot and a whore. It would be one thing if just they had to pay for their stupidity. But no. We all have to pay with two more years of the Wicked Witch of the West. She is a neo-con through and through.

...TERM LIMITS?! Government "SERVICE" was not intended to be a career!!! Then this re-election bullshit would end after two terms!!! (THIS is a pet peeve of mine.)

"A country without a Soul is destined for Hell...on Earth."

There the only one's with job security...
TWO term limits...
Along with judges moving into elections,,,
Then they'll vote the way of the US Constitution for WE THE PEOPLE....

4 impeachment bills and 39 serious articles of impeachment presented to Congress by a determined Rep Dennis Kucinich and not even a single impeachment hearing indicates whatever happened is going to be "swept under the rug", click here,

I believe a very small minority is interested in prosecuting Bush & Co. I live in an anti-Bush area where almost everyone is an Obama supporter. Yet everywhere I turn, people say, "I'm so excited about Obama's changes that I'd like to focus on more important things in the future." When I complained to a chief editor and VP of a major newspaper about the complete lack of coverage about impeachment, he said he has no interest in looking into the past. So I asked why we don't abolish the judicial system because the entire system deals with things that happened in the past. He said it's "a leap of logic."

You can say that this editor/VP is brain dead but the sad thing is most people (especially those in power) are with him.

Light-hearted look at what we can become> not fooled anymore :

"I wrote this song in the darkest days of Republican scorched-earth domination.

Abraham Lincoln's wise words were finally shown true last night with the overwhelming support of the American people for Barack Obama.

I hope I never hear the term "real Americans" or red state/blue state again.

My hope is that our leaders have moved away from the deceptive and divisive politics of the Bush era.

But if they don't, well "you can't fool all the people all the time".

Video and Music by Dan Kaufman for "

IMPEACH BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/FARA AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !


after killing 20 generals the anthrax chemist a few congress people and every one that could help hang him who do you suppose will be the next to try to stand up against this murderer? will conyers be the next to die or will it be nancy pilloisie or will dady bush have oboma killed? no one has stopped these killers yet so they will kill again.

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