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New 911 False Flag Attack Possible According to Report
New 911 False Flag Attack Possible According to Report
Nov. 12, 2008

According to the following report by Tom Heneghan, international intelligence source, this current time period between now and the anniversary of The John F. Kennedy Assassination date of November 22, 1963 may be a particularly vulnerable few days for the United States, as there are more reports of maximum blackmail going on among both current and past high leaders of the U.S.,
and the vast funds of the original Reagan-Mitterand Protocols which are now reportedly lodged in the CIA proprietary account(s) under the name of Tim Osman, aka Osama Bin Laden, may continue to remain frozen if a false flag or real terrorist event causes a big enough emergency. This might block the payments from this custodial account to be paid out and stop the repatriation of the Global Settlements Funds from proceeding, which might possibly cause more undue banking stress and collapses.
While mega-rich companies like AIG are getting billions from taxpayers, the taxpayers are apparently in danger of losing everything due to this blockage of the payments of these Leo Wanta, Reagan-Mitterand Settlements. Never before in the history of the world has such a huge, oversized scandal kept the entire financial thread of most every nation on the brink of disaster.

Note: Heneghan emphasizes that it is George W. Bush who is directly responsible for this ongoing madness of events!

Final note: I want to make this clear to you folks, that all of this financial TREASON, which is currently taking place with your U.S. Taxpayers' money, is being done on the orders of White House occupant, sexual deviate, cocaine-snorting AWOL Bushfraud under the authority of the UN-Constitutional "Patriot Act". Heneghan

Please note my former article,, from my posting here and at on 11-07-08, where I referenced a possible upcoming emergency. There are others, also,who now see the current time period as an especially potentially explosive zone. Joe Martin
PS. Please note the reference to some explicit impeachment evidence which the tape in the possession of the person named which Siegleman had, concerning the conversation between all these people listed. If this isn't conspiracy to steal an election, I don't know what is.
All this smoking gun evidence is under wraps and being sat on, for how long? Can you imagine the level of bribery and blackmail going on, which, in fact, is exactly what is mentioned in this report.
Also, the contributor at the end of Tom's report adds that the phony websites claiming to be Al Quaida went off the air on the internet during Hurricane Ike, which indicates that due to the power shortages in Houston, the home of G.H.W.Bush, Carlyle Group, and company, the sites may actually be hosted in this area and in Florida. This is where the phony Bin Laden(dead for 7 years?) threats of new attacks come from.

thanks, joe

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Take a look at this report from yesterday:

Bin Laden 'plotting new attacks on US'

Since Alqueada = CIA

I am just crossing my fingers till jan the 2Oth

Hey DICK where are you?
Long time no see!


Until I have corroborated something by using cross sources I do not believe anything the government or the media says.

I believe Bin Laden has been dead for about seven years, that the whole terror scam is run out of places like NASA town-Houston, Texas, one home of the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate, and I believe that most of what you see and hear on tv and in newspapers and magazines is so spun it is false information.

I also don't believe Americans are told the truth by government on basic matters of law such as I.D., when we cannot even get a driver license or picture I.D. without a birth certificate and Social Security number, and others can become President of the U.S. without proving any birth on U.S. Soil. Obama has not gone through the procedures McCain and others went through to prove he is eligible.

The United States of America is a theater of sorts which is run by criminal syndicates who install 'Candidates For The Con' without honest and fair elections.
The only thing you can figure is that certain federal agents(including some I've met) are so highly paid off and bribed and scared they won't stand up for the truth and arrest these bums.
Why in the hell would a government (CIA?) allow or place information that America was going to be attacked by some boogeyman, Al Queda, when they won't even be truthful and informative about the Moon Landing Hoax, the alleged alien program of experimentation on our citizens, and Roswell incident,etc.? Did you ever ask yourself why they would risk scaring folks half to death on this one terror issue?
Think and use your head. IT IS PHONY!!!!!

It is because they want to control what you are afraid of in order to create a need for their services, create confusion, and continue to rob you, the taxpayer, continue to maintain control through fear. The CIA is an abomination, along with the DISC, Defense Industrial Security Command, originally under Wehrner Von Braun, a Paperclip Nazi.
What a bunch of pure shit this country is full of.!!!!!!!
joe martin

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