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New group wants Bush out

Organization hands out fliers, graffitis to get message out
The Daily Texan
By Jimmie Collins

There are only 16 days until the beginning of the end of the Bush regime, according to the World Can't Wait, a new political organization. The Austin chapter plans to be on campus and around town handing out fliers and actively advertising their cause.

Media Credit: Joe Buglewicz
Spray painted signs calling for a "walk out" on Bush and displaying the logo of World CanĀ“t Wait, a new political organization, have appeared around campus recently.

"This administration does not represent us ... even though they say they do," said Sonya Morales, head of the Austin chapter.

Today marks the fifth day of encampment outside the White House counting down to Nov. 2, the day WCW has organized protest marches in 40 cities and college campuses across the nation. Nov. 2 is also the one-year anniversary of President Bush's re-election to office.

"We're not just going to be the same old people sitting at tables on the West Mall," Josh Waldman, an Austin WCW member, said. "We're going to be making noise and getting attention."

Advocates of the organization have spray-painted information regarding the WCW Web site and its motto, "Resist or Die," on buildings and sidewalks on or near the UT campus.

Because the offenses occurred at an institution of higher education the graffiti "is considered a state jail felony," said Sgt. Leigh Glass, a spokeswoman at UTPD. The department will be investigating the owners of the Web site to find out who committed the crime. Morales said the organization does not advocate the graffiti but that it is an indication the organization is inspiring people.

According to WCW, the march is only one event in a string of others meant to change the current political climate to one similar to that during the Vietnam War.

"We want to bring things back to that type of movement," Waldman said.

While WCW's goal is to drive Bush's administration out of office, they admit that may not immediately happen.

"The office is built specifically so the president could ignore public opinion," said David Prindle, a UT government professor.

Public opinion polls as of Thursday showed 38 percent of the country believes Bush is doing a good job.

"Bush is not setting any records in unpopularity, but it is very difficult to remove a president from office," Prindle said.

"A Republican congress is not going to impeach Bush unless he's caught committing felonies in the White House," Prindle said. "Nothing in his character suggests he would resign ... and barring a stroke or cerebral hemorrhage, I don't see Cheney removing him from office."



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It is time to throw the rascals out! The world can't wait! Where is the Leader we need to bring us out of the mess we're in?

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