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Preemptive Impeachment to Prevent Pardons!

Preemptive Impeachment to Prevent Pardons!
by buhdydharma |

All of the "politically pragmatic" excuses for NOT Impeaching George and the boys are the table! There is now no excuse for excusing their crimes.


As always when there has been some sort of trauma...and we have had eight years of so much trauma that we are all suffering a sort of PTSD, I think, there is the urge, the instinct to ...move on, to not dwell on the trauma. To put it behind us as fast as possible. But if we are to get over the PTSD, well...

Meteor Blades put it far more eloquently than I can:

.....that healing cannot occur, not wholly, unless the crimes that have brought our nation to such a ruinous condition - morally, economically and politically - are investigated thoroughly and a proper penalty imposed. Most importantly, the bent machinery that allowed, nay encouraged, those crimes must be rebuilt with safeguards so that they never occur again. That's not vengeance. It's justice. And true healing and progress cannot come about without it.

(For more background on the Never Again theme you might want to read MB's Palling Around with Terrorists as well, if you haven't already.)

Healing, Justice, Repairing the past before and as we move into the future. It is not vengeance, though if anyone ever deserved retribution it is they and I am not without that impulse by a long shot, it is about doing the right thing. It is about being a people and a nation and a world that does the right thing. Retribution and revenge are not the important things here, reclamation, reparation and the Rule of Law are.

There is no doubt that they are guilty, none.

Of all of the laws, treaties, conventions and just plain moral codes they have violated, and they have violated nearly all of them, the one thing that stands out and the one thing that there is a smoking gun on is...torture.

From the Washington Post in October, when it was obscured by the election:

The Bush administration issued a pair of secret memos to the CIA in 2003 and 2004 that explicitly endorsed the agency's use of interrogation techniques such as waterboarding against al-Qaeda suspects -- documents prompted by worries among intelligence officials about a possible backlash if details of the program became public.

Guilty. Guilty of the most heinous of crimes. Beyond doubt, beyond question. The only question that does remain is...are they beyond justice? Can WE allow them to be beyond justice?

No one else is going to do this, it is up to us, up to the bloggers to push for justice, to push against pardons, and to push for prosecution.

To do so we need to make our case. We need to make a list of their crimes, and we need to present it solidly, lucidly and undeniably, free of too much rhetoric and backed up with facts and links.

There is a smoking gun on torture, certainly enough of one to demand the most thorough investigations possible, including a Special Prosecutor or an Independent Commission to investigate and expose the crimes of the Bush Administration. But we have to make a case, the best, most persuasive, most inclusive case we can, to overcome the instinct to move on and sweep these crimes under the rug. We need to present the entire shocking list, and then hammer them hard on the most provable crimes. They ARE undeniable...but they are NOT unignorable, unless we make sure they are not ignored.

To that end I ask you to present YOUR best case, your best evidence, your best reasoning, your best arguments for prosecution. For a new impeachment movement to prevent Bush from pardoning his fellow criminals on his way out the door. Let's work together to get the most solid presentation we can, and then present it to the rest of the blogosphere wherever we can and gather all of the support we can to push for justice.

An impeached president cannot pardon. Impeached officials cannot hold government positions...never again. Let us be sure we have done all we can do to bring this about, whatever the outcome may be. We owe it to tourselves, to the nation, to the world....and especially to those who have been killed and torture....In OUR Names.

Put whatever you have, whatever you feel, in an essay or a comment and we will do OUR best to incorporate it and build the best case we can, and then present it with a petition and a plea for others to make as much noise as they can. If you are not a 'joiner' then do what you can on your own. Every word counts, if we are to be heard.

We may not win, but dammit we won't...we can't...let this go without a fight.

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How about Kucinich's articles of impeachment? All ready to go.

How about Bugliosi's book, Bush on murder charges? All set to go.

Suskind's FORGERY charges? All set to go.

I have been absolutely heart broken that our Congress and Senate has refused to prosecute those individuals that lied us into a war and cost the lives of millions, bankrupted our country, and shifted the wealth and ownership in this country of over half to the wealthiest one percent. To me these individuals are accessories.

The thing that makes me the craziest is that so many people have suffered, homes have been lost, families have fallen apart, and poor people dying without access to health care. Apparently none of this seems to mean that much to our leaders. It's like the man who brutally beats his children and then forbids them to cry because they deserve what they get. Nancy Pelosi and Congress are like the neighbors that know about it, but don't call authorities and don't show any animosity towards the man.

Meanwhile, his kids are dying, have brain damage, broken teeth and no food while the neighbors say,"Oh let's not dwell on the past, let's just move forward. Let's forgive the man. Forget the children, we don't want people to be put through the unpleasant details and expense. We have other things to do now."

When I think how the Bush Administration couldn't give their cronies 700 billion fast enough, but balked at helping poor children get medical saying that this was socialism clearly shows that the Bush Administration are cannibals and no amount of suffering by Americans means anything to them. They only went into office to rob us an take our resources.

Wouldn't it be great if all of these lame duck Republicans who lost their seats because of Bush/Cheney incompetence (and, well, their failure to act as the "check and balance" they were meant to be) were all in favor of sticking it to Bush and Cheney on their way out? They may be authoritarian sheep, but they are also vindictive. Maybe now is the best time to impeach!!!

Somebody mentioned Suskind's book - what happened to him? One minute he was all over the news shows saying that journalists were fanning all over the globe searching for more evidence about the forgery, and he hasn't been heard from since.

Actually, they want to impeach Obama.

for the crime of being a Democrat, if they regain Congress in twenty ten.

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