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Gephardt and Kucinich on the War

Gephardt and Kucinich on the War
By David Swanson

Many will recall that Congressman Dennis Kucinich was a leader in organizing two-thirds of the Democrats in the House to vote against the war that three quarters of them have been afraid to speak out against since it started.

The Democrats' "leader" at that time was Congressman Dick Gephardt, who joined Bush in the rose Garden to promote the war. Well, apparently, Gephardt -- reversing himself far faster than, say, Robert McNamara (and, more to the point, John Kerry) -- last week said his support for the war was a mistake.

This past weekend, Kucinich said something else. At a gathering of several hundred progressive activists in Denver, Kucinich said that if the Democrats nominate a pro-war candidate in 2008, he will not support them. This promise received huge applause from a crowd of mostly die-hard Democrats. It ought to be a promise every one of us makes about 2008 and 2006. Let's make this resolution now: We will only vote for candidates commited to bringing the troops home now.

The point is not to defeat Democrats who are measurably better than Republicans, but to force the Democrats to positions that allow them to win.


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I have known Dick Gephardt since 1972 and always felt he would be a great president. He made the run in 2004 because it was a fitting end to a distinguished career. He stayed in the House because he thought he could do the most good there. I am gald to see him come out and admit he was wrong but I can assure you that he thought he was doing the right thing in supporting the President at the time. How was he to know like all the rest of us that it was all a charade? I think a good ticket in 2008 would be Gephardt/Sheehan.

You know I'm damned tired of the damned if they do and damned if they don't tirades of the "left" in attacking their own.

NO election will be won when you continue to blame them for the IWR which they had NO IDEA was based on lies and fiction!

YET, if they come out now and say, "Mea Culpa" you're all over them like vultures over a carcus saying, "Flip/flop!"

LOOK...if you want them to be sorry for voting for "Peace" as GWB assured them they were doing--NOT giving permission for the jerk to attack immediately without provocation--THEN QUITE STABBING THEM IN THE BACK when they say they made a mistake.

As far as I'm concerned, not one democrat will be able to be elected with all of you broadcasting such endearing thoughts as, "spineless, flip/flops, ect..." AND furthermore, it will serve all of you right if neoCONS and Republicans continue to beat the crap out of dems and progressives because they don't attack their own.

06 ain't gonna change hands with this circle and shoot shit.

Kucinich was on the right track calling for national health insurance.
1.Realistically, though, for a start, why not say cover medical and
dental for young people under 19 (to take in high school 18yr olds.)
2. Strong support for day care assistance to help working parents.
particularly single parents, frequently single mothers.
Incidentally, both 1. and 2. would reduce abortions. Ultimately health
costs as well.
3.Democrats should push to convert to the metric system. U.S. is
behind almost the entire world on this one. I suspect it impacts on
minority and lower income kids studying science the most.

During the November elections of 2004, I made the resolution not to ever again vote for a mealy mouthed, failed democrat, or one that supported the war, or one that supported Bush in the patriot act, or supported tax breaks for the rich. This is almost tantamount to not voting for any democrat who was elected in the last decade! So be it.

Horray and that goes for Hillary Clinton also....None of this we have to see it through....thorugh to where.....Govonors should refuse to send National Guard troops to war ...Look at Massachusetts who is seeking to stop deploying National Guard Troop to Iraq..

Congressman Kucinich has been my candidate for a responsible leadership role, that of President, ever since he first entered the 2004 race. He talks the sense of Stevenson and Wellstone, but without the bombast of my second favorite, Dr. Dean. He has been ignored by the main media honchos, and I am delighted to see he is still on the outspoken trail of "common sense must prevail" and peace in our time.
If he would change parties to the Greens, might he bring enough to the third party movement to defy the corruption inside the Beltway?

Me too. I will not support any candidate that doesn't promise to bring the troops home now. No timetable, now. And no Hilary Clinton and her ilk.

I agree that Hillary is too tied to corporate money.
We need to put true progressives, Roosevelt Democrats, back in
Congress. Republicans don't want to pay a living wage, but they
think poor people can save enough to retire on. They want us to
pay taxes for the enrichment of the wealthy and big CEO's. They
are dreaming of being lords in a feudal system. and they are
well on their way.

You have my pledge. I will only vote for a candidate who goes on record as against the war and for bringing the troops home now, and who pledges to impeach Bush and Cheney.

I totally agree. The only anti-war candidate in the Democratic party in 2004 was Howard Dean who lost in the primary, regretfully. Over 50% of Americans are against this war, and if the democrats won't put one up, we should vote for a third party candidate. Why are the democratic leaders not jumping on this ? Are they complicit with the neocon PNAC'S (Project for a New American Century) vision of fighting oil wars to control the dwinding supplies of PEAK OIL ?

We get whom wew deserve, and anyone who would vote for a pro-war Democrat will get whom they deserve. Dennis Kucinich was one Democrat who had the political courage to stand uo to the Bush crown and work against the immoral invasion of Iraq -- and I have left the Democrat Party and am now a Green...

I will not vote for any candidate who is not truthful enough to stand up and declare the folly of the Iraq war! We need leaders in Washington with the courage to be honest with their constituents. If they cannot admit that the current administration has wreaked more havoc on this country than anyone in recent (or even distant) memory, they do not deserve to be on Capitol Hill!

these are my feelings exactly and

i am a second generation lifetime democratic voter at 60 yrs of age. these people at the top except for a few are completely out of touch with their base and will pay in the next election. no longer will i vote for the lesser of two evils.

There is no longer any pretense to support this everlasting raid on the treasury by Helliburton, there are plenty of jobs for any scum bag politician zionist misinformation media propagandist and or their off spring to work as guinea pigs and cannon fodder for Helliburton, in the mean time when this disaster ends we will be facing a depleted military that will be unable to defend the borders never mind warring for the criminal jews in DC and Jerusalem

I agree with Dennis Kuncinich on supporting a democratic canidate for prresident. War is not the answer.
adene Katzenmeyer

It is essential that the Democratic Party get its act together. There is Bush and his regime slipping about and covered in exposed lies of his administration.
As far as any Democrat that I have talked to keep asking: "Where is the Democratic Party. There is only one answer: "It is moribund."

We do not contribue to any Senator or Representative who will not speak out against this senseless war. We are Super Seniors who are grateful that we live in the United States. Our parents and gandparents came to this country in the early 1900's. W are so fortunate. I spent almost four years in the service dkuring WW2 and almost two years overseas. I know what war is so let's get our kids home NOW. We should not sacrsifice another life without a good reason.

You have my pledge. I will vote only for candidates who admit that the Iraq war was a mistake and who are commited to ending the warfare now.

It is past time for our party to break ranks publicly with war supporters and, for those who voted for the war, to admit that they were mistaken. Only by doing so can we,as a party, stop being either on the defensive or looking like we have two heads.


We must be thorough. We not only want our troops home. We also want no permanent or enduring bases left in Iraq. We also want to cancel or nulify Bush's Executive Order 13303 which claims Iraq oil for Haliburton and other companies. We want the privatization of Iraqi assests to be undone so that Iraqis may reclaim them. We want our sham constitution dismissed as an forced imposition.

We should want UN peace keeping and the restoration of Iraqi infrastructure all with our fullest help but not control. Let's try to get our withdrawal right and honorable.


No way will I throw away my vote in November 2008 to default another four years of government ownership by American oligarchy. There is just too much at stake to make that November election a 'one issue' contest.

If there is a split in the GOP that year (a distinct possibility), then I would be inclined to sit out my vote in protest of the lack of an anti -war candidate, or otherwise vote Green, etc.

Go Kucinich!! Getting Democrats to come out of the closet is a very important thing for the future of our country and maybe the world. This war must end as soon as possible, without putting our brave kids who are over there in danger. Democrats need to stand up and be counted and be willing to fight for the tenants of a true Democratic Party or sit back and let the "real" Democrats run. I will vote only for candidates who are in favor of ending this immoral war now.

I, too, take the pledge. Wasn't it Schwartzkoff (sp?) who stated that going all the way to Baghdad during Gulf War I was insanity?

Well, U.S. forces went all the way to Baghdad, including the occupation of Iraq, and it has been the largest strategic blunder in U.S. history.

What was the real purpose of the Iraq War and who did this war benefit? I can think of only one answer: Halliburton

War Hawks? Fly away! (and that includes all of the Dummycrats who supported this quagmire)

I had pledged this to myself early on.........and I now pledge it publicly...I will not support any candidate who is willing to continue this mass murder of innocents.

Yay, Dennis! I will not vote for any more mealy-mouthed Democrats who don't have the gumption to oppose this stupid war! What we have done over there is a horrible, failed attempt at empire building, based on greed for oil, with intent to occupy Iraq, as our perminent colony. What we have created is chaos, and a new training ground for terrorists. We have justified the position of Al Khaida extremists, and angered moderate Muslims the world over, with our obvious greed, torture prisons, disregard for human rights, and deliberate insults to Muslims. I would like to see George Bush being tried right after Saddam, for the same crimes! Meanwhile, let's get out of Iraq! We're the problem, not the solution, over there, and it's not worth risking the lives of our troops for Halliburton's greed, and the Neocon's folly.

I supported Dennis Kucinich last election, and will again!

I voted for Kucinich in the primary last year, and at this point in time he has my vote for 2008. It's time for a President who is smart and can turn this disaster around.

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