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Post-Election Reflections, and Continued Call for United Nations Election Observers

By Diane Wittner,

Less than a week before the U.S. presidential election, a coalition of democracy activists called for United Nations elections observers to the United States election.

The number of signatories to our TrueVote.US and petition - 5,000, collected in only a few days - is a sure sign that folks are distraught with our undemocratic system of voting.

We must develop a democratic, non-partisan, and voter-verifiable election system everywhere in this country in time for the mid term election.

Our call for United Nations (UN) Election Observers wasn't just a quixotic venture; it was a model action with lessons that are relevant for the next U.S. elections.

Along with eternal gratitude, I offer to this country's hard-working voting rights champions some reflections on our experience. A summary:

1. We partnered with an amazing mix of experts:

a) Grace Ross, long standing human rights activist, former Gubernatorial Candidate for Massachusetts, and 2004 petitioner for UN Election Observers (with Women's International League for Peace and Freedom)

b) Kevin Zeese, Executive Director of TrueVote.US

c) Ben Manski, coordinator of and Director of Liberty Tree

d) Medea Benjamin, cofounder of Global Exchange

2. We learned the nuts and bolts of how to call for UN Election observers. Grace taught us all that an effective pathway into requesting UN international election observers in this country is to cite international human rights violations of people not able to vote or to have their vote counted. Furthermore, we learned that the only means citizens can present a case in relation to human rights violations is in partnership with a non-governmental organization (NGO) with consultative status to the UN: hence the kind offer of Global Exchange to fulfill that role. Inside the UN, ECOSOC addresses human rights violations, and we delivered our petition and press statement to a careful selection of ECOSOC member nations.

3. We constructed the beginnings of a useful international media strategy that we invite others to use and adapt. Our press release, our petition summary and our petition delivery youtubes were available in three languages - English, French and Spanish - and were all cross referenced on the two partner websites. I am convinced that with much more lead time (such as ten months), and with a series of meetings with relevant UN officials, a domestic and international media blitz would be successful.

4. In our initial research, we discovered that symbolic steps towards universal suffrage have taken place in the last three years in our country, both at the United Nations headquarters in New York and the CarterCenter in Atlanta. So, it's high time to demand that international democracy leaders practice what they preach, here on U.S. soil. Read on, and try not to weep at the irony:

a) On September 15, 2008 (two months ago!), the CarterCenter held its first ever ‘Annual International Day of Democracy.'

b) On October 27, 2005, the UN (with an impressive list of endorsing organizations) commemorated its ‘Declaration of Principles of International Election Observation'

The United Nations hasn't the authority, or ‘teeth,' progressive activists in the U.S. believe it ought to have in relation to U.S. government actions. But given the global stretch of crises we face, and the urgency of the issues, U.S. citizen activists ought to look increasingly to the United Nations for support, leadership, and for help in pressuring the United States government. It is hard to predict, for instance, the positive influence U.S. NGO's might have if partnerships with the United Nations were strengthened on the pressing issue of voting rights in the U.S.

As concerned voters around the country unravel all that went wrong in this last election, perhaps they'll determine that democracy-restoring voting rights work must be done at the state level. Or they might collectively pressure Congress or the Executive Branch anew.

Still, to our friends around the country, we offer lessons learned from our United Nations action for the next round of elections, which, after all, is only two years away.


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When the dems steal an election no one says a thing!

Here is the corrupt deal. Pelosi takes impeachment off the table, the REPUBLICANS would allow obama to win! No one in the bush crime family will be prosecuted. At least not bush, chaney and close friends.


This election was fixed. Obama violated every campaign law in the book. The dems did not allow any dissent from any other presidential contender.

The dems along with the main stream media refused to allow open debate with obama!

The dems, pelosi, obama, mccain and the GOP allowed obama to go on all major networks solo and would not allow any other contender to go solo. THIS IS A VIOLATION OF CAMPAIGN LAW!!



The writer of the comment to MS. Wittner's article does not address the main theme of the article: to help insure that fraud and incompetence does not lead to the exclusion of legal voting in America. Her work in conjunction with others she mentions is vital and not part of some bizzare conspiracy to allow "the Dems [to] steal an election." The comment writer, in caps, screams that the Dems and Obama's "only" job is "to support Israel." This smacks of the Elders of Zion kind of talk - the rubbish that stoked the fires of European anti-semitism that led to the Holocaust.
The main article by Ms. Wittner is trying to shine light, in the enlightenment tradition, on the way in which we can assure sovereignty lies with the people. That intellectual and political project, which has been on-going from the 1700s to the present, requires vigilance, not prejudicial thinking. Well done True Vote and afterdowning street. -J. Acheson

there is no doubt we need to fix many things at! many are already being addressed by the incredibly knowledgeable transition team..things that may be corrected by executive order particularly. but Ms Wittner is right on; our electoral and election process is horribly flawed. From my own research, it was to be the Electrical College, honoring Franklin, but states righters got ahold of it.

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