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Conyers and Skelton Write to Rumsfeld

The Honorable Donald H. Rumsfeld
Department of Defense
1000 Defense Pentagon
Washington, DC 20301-1000

Dear Mr. Secretary:

We write about reports that journalists who were embedded with U.S. forces in Iraq were given security clearances. In her recounting of discussions with Scooter Libby, the Vice President's Chief of Staff, New York Times reporter Judith Miller, disclosed her belief that she had a security clearance. She specifically wrote, "[d]uring the Iraq war, the Pentagon had given me clearance to see secret information as part of my assignment 'embedded' with a special military unit hunting for unconventional weapons."1 She also noted she was not certain whether her clearance was in existence at the time she met with Mr. Libby.2

In order to better understand the scope of the program under which journalists received security clearances, we would appreciate your prompt response to the following questions:

1. Since March 20, 2003, the date of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, have any journalists been provided with a security clearance or with access to classified information? If so, please explain. At what level were these clearances granted? Were background investigations conducted on these journalists and, if so, in what manner? Of journalists receiving security clearances or access to classified information, how many were embedded with U.S. forces in Iraq?

II. Who approved the policy of providing journalists with security clearances or with access to classified information? What was the operational reason for granting security clearances to journalists? How does this policy comport with the requirement that classified information be disseminated on a "need to know" basis?

III. Did each journalist sign documentation delineating their obligation to protect classified information as is required by employees of the federal government? Were journalists required to sign any additional non-disclosure agreements by the Department of the Defense or the military department to which they were assigned? If so, please provide a copy of such an agreement.

IV. Did journalists maintain their clearances after completing participation in the embed program? Are journalists with a security clearance or other access notified upon the revocation or termination of such clearance or access? When does such revocation or termination occur? Have any journalists who are or have been embedded with forces in Iraq had their security clearances revoked or otherwise terminated?

V. Since March 20, 2003, what journalists were provided with security clearances or other access to classified information? How long did each clearance or access period last?

Please reply through the Judiciary Committee Minority Office, 2142 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515 (tel: 202-225-6504) and the Armed Services Committee Minority Office, 2340 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515 (tel: 202-226-9007).

John Conyers, Jr., Ranking Member, Committee on the Judiciary
Ike Skelton, Ranking Member, Committee on Armed Services


1Judith Miller, My Four Hours Testifying in the Federal Grand Jury Room, N.Y. Times, Oct. 16, 2005, at A31.



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this information is truly overdue - the waar in Iraq and the number of lives lost is the relevant issue. People are dying here!

Now will we get the standard 'We can't know what we don't know if we don't know it." Rum-around?

It is important that we find out exactly how a reporter can gain a security clearance and by whose authority. This sounds illegal at best. I have also written to the NY Times to try to find out how they feel about one of their reporters claiming to or actually having a security clearance. This just further complicates the relationship between the reporters, editorial management and the public good. The NY Times has been showing remarkable incompetence in the recent has our federal government.

Ah the beauties of democracy. Let the questions roll. Let the heads fall where they may.

This new twist is fascinating. These people are getting tripped up in their shoelaces.Judith Miller is incredibly arrogant.Still no need to be hard on her. Forgetting names is a natural part of the aging process. She's having a "senior moment". Or,worse, it could be early warning signs of Alzheimer's.Forgetting recently learned information, poor or decreased judgment,misplacing things.

All this is, (this letter) is a way and means to take away further jounralistic rights and freedom of the press.

The letter covers those in the press who lack the ability to understand that they not only have to protect those that they receive information from, but also see if the story that they may report can cause the risk to the safety of people here and overseas. In this case 90 CIA agents who are dead because of the lack of being responsible.

But this issue is more deeper than that, the issue was that Karl Rove, and others may have given this information to those that they "KNEW" would place this information into the press if told to do!

The reason and who would risk 90 cia agents lives are those who sit in the whitehouse and wanted to have this information reported so that the event would happen.

It is my thought that they were attempting to endanger Ms. Plame, and her agents because of comments and statements made by her husband the Former American Embassy head for Iraqi's who complained because there being no weapons in Iraqi.

The fact of the lack of Iraqi weapons was stated long ago by Vanunu, of Isreal who was locked away who stated that Isreal was the only country within the Middle east with these weapons, a truth that got him 18 yrs behind bars in Isreali and still not allow to go free.

He was a scientist and reported it to the UN and others around the world but again with this knowledge, from the past they claimed that Iraqi had weapons invaded without the approval of the UN and Lies and because of statements her husband made about the war.

Nothing else! So it is not about the journalist its more about why the whitehouse leak this information to the press in the first place. This was a treason act. I will be decussing this on the air because the fault he being removed from those who were in charge Libby, Chenney and Karl Rove. It was leak via a e-mail. I seems that another FBI agent during the time who was involved in investigating E-MAils on the Internet ending up murdered by the Washington snipper or was she killed because she had knowledge of the E-mail?

The spy and counter intelligence game being played in the whitehouse is endangering Americans and people outside the US.

And unless someone launchs a investigation to why those in the whitehouse allowed they're Press Secretary to create the venue to have information leaked and why VP Chenney did nothing to stop it then this country is at risk. Again it took someone in the whitehouse to give out this information in the first place and if the connection goes to Karl Rove, Libby and V.P. Chenney they also should be given up to the Justice Department to investigate about acts of treason.

So John Conyers, Jr., Ranking Member, Committee on the Judiciary
Ike Skelton, Ranking Member, Committee on Armed Services we need you to take the real first steps and go after those who cause this leak within the whitehouse. This is a issue of national security which the press has little to do with other than report and if they're informants our high ranking Government Officials they need to go down with the reporters too.,


D'Anne Burley
D'Anne Burley Show

Please note that I had sent into Congress and Senate a Treason Document requesting a full investigation which is sitting on the desk of Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois and Senator Obama's Office in DC.

I also spoke to Rep. John Conyers, Jr. getting no response in this issue. The document was written by a international Attorney, and they're and other individuals involved in it who also know that the acts of treason coming out of this Whiteshouse will go unpunished because those who have the power to do something about it refuse to act because of fear and or possibility being involved in these acts themselves.

We have a right to know.

I never even thought about this....I think Conyers is great!!!!

I have always thought that Judy Miller was bought & paid to promote the administrations agenda. During the whole buildup- She wanted war so bad. I had never seen anybody want war as much as she. Her early reports from Iraq were hillarious with her "assurance" that WMD would be found.

IF she indeed did have some sort of security clearance- she would be somewhat of an employee---therefore a tool of the pentagon- to promote & tell their tales.

Rumsfield probabally won't respond. He'll just ignore it like it didn't happen. "What lettter?"

Keep it up Mr Conyers. It may not seem like you are making progress--- but inch by inch- we ARE finding the truth. Thanks to you we have learned alot more than they want us to know.

If the American people doesn't see it we are heading towards a dictatorship so be prepaired

Thank you John Conyers and Ike Skelton!! John, you've had guts for quite a while. But being from Kansas City in the middle of the red sea, I am very happy to see Ike Skelton, a Missouri Representative, ask those questions with you!
You are the kind of guys I'd vote for. Persistant, determined, unafraid of asking the kind of questions that need to be asked of our govenrment. Which is what makes it a democracy for pete's sake!!
Thank you. I am so glad to see some democrats speak up.

Save the ink! No need to write to Bush, you will either get no answer or just some more lies just like always.

Bush is above the law...he has lied to congress time and time again and started a war based on made up intelligence. Nothing has been done yet to hold Bush accountable and it looks like that will never change.

He should be jailed.

I agree with the sentiments expressed regarding Bush being jailed but I also believe that we need to let our Congressional reps and Senators know how we feel. They are political animals and if a sufficent # of people protest, they will hear.It is easy not to act. You tell yourself it will not make a difference but by choosing not to act you are, in effect, condoning what you disapprove of. That attitude, not acting/voting,taken by too many good people, is the reason mr bush was re-elected (that plus dirty tricks).
Though before being jailed, Bush should be IMPEACHED. The Republican Congress tried to impeach President Clinton for personal misbehavior, yet they ignore the probable crimminal behavior of Mr Bush. How can that be tolerated? I do not condone the conduct of President Clinton or his subsequent denials but at least this was in regard to activities unrelated to his role as president. Mr Bush's egregious acts were committed in his official capacity and thus warrant IMPEACHMENT.If the current Congress refuses to take this action then they are hypocrites and possibly co-conspirators. Let them know that you are outraged by GW's conduct and that you expect them to hold him accountable. If they do not, then hold them accountable in the next election. Your vote is the best
way to correct these problems, use it.

Thank you for writting a letter that speaks for me. I am so appalled at the lies of Bush and his administration.Our kids are dying for nothing. We're still in danger here. They should not be there.

Thank you again,

Wanda M. Sharrieff
Mother, grand mother, great grand mother
Retired educator, Social Studies
Freedom fighter

As a concerned citizen, I hope this crucial national security issue will be clarified soon, especially in the light of publicly known missteps by the current administration in manipulation of the news media, such as buying favorable news coverage, creating phony news "reports" to support administration policies and admitting a "reporter" with phony credentials to White House briefings.

Miller was clearly presenting the White House Case masked as an "objective" journalist. Bush has compromised the entire country-.

When individuals in the Excutive branch of our government, in their zeal to market a war, use access to security clearances to facilitate a campaign of mis-information and character assination, they endanger our national security and betray the American people whom they are entrusted to protect. It is the constitutional duty of the U.S. Congress to provide oversight when such threats to our national security arise. Thankfully Rep. John Conyers is providing the leadership toward the U.S. Congress fullfilling it's responsibilities. It serves the interest of all Americans regardless of party to fully support Rep. Conyers efforts in a matter so vital to our national security.

You might wonder why Judy Miller and the New York Times were so sure that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction before the invasion. What varifiable evidence was so compelling that the NY Times would allow such stories, lacking printable evidence, to be published?

My theory is that Judy Miller was given a secret clearance so that false information could be passed to her, things like bills for purchaing uranium, tubes for processing nuclear materials, aerial photos of mobile bio-labs, and other pieces of "evidence" that would varify the contention that Sadam was building or intended to build nuclear and/or biological weapons--just like they eventually showed us. I know I had some honest concerns at that point when Mr. Powell made his case before the UN.

Armed with this kind of information Ms. Miller was absolutely convinced that Saddam's WMD program was for real. She couldn't cite the "evidence" in her articles because they were "secret" but she could tell her bosses at the NY Times that she was provided with "secret evidence" so compelling that it must be true. Aside from being biased, why would a leading newspaper like the NY Times risk their credibility by allowing these assertions to be printed if they too weren't convinced that they would eventually be vindicated? Did Judy Miller say, "Trust me. I have secret knowledge that only special people like me are allowed to have--not even members of Congress know what I know."

I believe that our government, well, people within our government, conspired to mislead Congress and the American public in order to obtain the "legal" authority(meaning financial support)to go to war in Iraq. By using shills like Judy Miller they were able to perpetrate the fraud that we were at the mercy of Saddam--we wouldn't know we were being attacked until we saw the mushroom cloud! By feeding Judy a few mushrooms they were able to create fear and loathing in the press adequate to tip the balance of reason.

Now that some of the thruth has come out it's clear that Ms. Miller and the NY Times were being played for patsies, but they're just to vain to admit it. The leaking of Valerie Plame's identity was just another vindictive act in this sad story of the most corrupt government in our nation's history. The bigger question is whether or not we, the citizens of the US, will likewise become patsies subject to the reign of a despotic dictator. Will we see the coup coming (and do something about it) before it arrives? Well, it's already happening ... in Congress, in the various Departments, in the labor markets, in our homes and bedrooms ...Hello!

So give the journalist security clearence, then tell them stuff (like the names of CIA opperatives) and then when the info gets out claim innocent because you didn't leak anything, you passed it to someone with a clearence. Come on folks, let us hope no one is ignorant enough to let that one pass. That is like giving your 10-year old the keys to the car and then blaming him for the accident.

So give the journalist security clearence, then tell them stuff (like the names of CIA opperatives) and then when the info gets out claim innocent because you didn't leak anything, you passed it to someone with a clearence. Come on folks, let us hope no one is ignorant enough to let that one pass. That is like giving your 10-year old the keys to the car and then blaming him for the accident.

Good work, Senators! Keep the heat on until their pants burn up what's underneath.

She is perfectly suited to have a clearance, she is a Zionist a friend of Scooter, Jack and Delay not to mention Karl and Steve in Condi's office and she prays to the same god as Rush-and the Cheneys the golden calf

Thank you! Way to go! Do what you need to to get this on CNN or MSNBC.

The First Amendment is very important and we should protect our journalists from persecution and prosecution.

She spread so many lies about WMD during the propaganda runup to the unprovoked attack on Iraq that I can't imagine anybody believing anything she says. Even her employer apologized for her lies. And she gets a security clearance!

This whole hoo-hah should dispel the myth that the NY Times is part of the so-called "liberal" media!

This is the terrain of professional journalism and requires the ethics committee or divison of the designated society to investigate and pass judgment on both the NYTimes and the reporter.

Our Democratic representatives do not represent us and they are not worthy of my support. They will not get an ounce of my support as long as they standby and watch this administration deconstruct our democracy.

You are one of the few that are taking a stand and I am most grateful. Thank you and please continue.

I am so proud of you, Rep. Conyers, and you are in my state.!!
At last someone is taking a stand as so many of us have been watching.
Please know that My family and all my friends are rooting for you and for your efforts. Even though I'm the only one who keeps writing and signing petitions, I speak for many people in my area as well as family Out/State.
Sincerely with Thanks,
Myrlene Mapes

Perfect! I think that the time for American's to stand up and be heard is now. We must. That is our duty. Our voices can't be altered the way our votes were.

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