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What's John Conyers Talking About?

A poster on DU claims Conyers said yesterday he plans to enforce outstanding subpoenas in the coming year. I can't find any evidence of that. Can anyone? But I did find this:

According to the Detroit Free Press:

"A hoarse Congressman John Conyers spoke during the Democratic celebration at the Renaissance Center Marriott Hotel Tuesday night about 'retroactively impeaching one or two people in the White House.' Conyers called for 'informal hearings on the subject.'"

Yawn. Been there, done that, didn't fall for it the first dozen times. There's nothing informal about impeachment.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

"John Conyers. The man running House Judiciary is cheerleading the Europeans who want to indict Bush officials for war crimes. Other Democrats are thinking about hearings and other show trials. This is far from the postpartisan reconciliation that Mr. Obama preaches."

Also far from reality, as far as I know, sad to say.

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BY taking impeachment "off the table" for her 110th Democratic Congress and thereby nullifying the nation's Constitution for Bushco, Pelosi has assured the Bushco clan a clean getaway outta town without pursuit for their past crimes. Conyers can hem and haw as Chairman but its all just a puff of hot air. Come next spring Conyers should be just about ready to release his new Article on "Why Cheney/Bush Should Have Been Impeached", a classic follow up to his 1st acclaimed Article, "Why Nixon Should Have Been Impeached" Click Here,

Hi David.

You said:

There's nothing informal about impeachment.

Everyone! True or false?

The Answer, My Friends, Is Gonyers With The Wind...

John publised the book The Constitution In Crisis in which he laid out the probable cause for impeachment.

Impeachment, dear friends, is merely the formality of removing someone's priviledges so they can be tried on the allegations -- if there's probable cause.

There is. There has been for two years. You can still get a copy of his work, if he hasn't "sold out".

The House impeaches. The Senate tries the person on the allegations unimpeded by "executive privilege" or what have you. It's done by the Senate because it may indeed involve national security secrets which would not be safe to let be known publicly.

Katrina or any number of other terrorists could be listening.

THEN, if they are found GUILTY, they are removed from office. And then they are liable for criminal charges if any are warranted.

Conyers is apparently as ignorant as the rest of us. Why not impeach Conyers?

Chairman? Of the Judiciary?? Of the PEOPLES' HOUSE???

Amazing. Just amazing.

John Conyers was re-elected in Michigan's 14th district with 92% of the vote.

And out in California's 8th district, Speaker of the House of Bush Nancy Pelosi was granted carte blanche to continue perpetrating her fraud against America with 71% of the vote, with Cindy Sheehan receiving 17%.

How is possible for any member of a Congress with a 9% approval rating to win re-election with such staggering numbers?

Maybe we should all start smoking whatever has got those Michigan and California voters completely baked, so we can just join them in sweet, painless, clueless oblivion.

I'm getting the munchies already.

Unfiltered Video Commentary:

John J. Coghlan

Many of us never believed George Bush when he told us we were attacking Iraq because they possessed weapons of mass destruction. Many of us have never believed John Conyers, and Nancy Pelosi when they told us they were not supporting impeachment because they didn't have the vote. Guess what, we now have the vote. Like Bush's lies, Conyer, and Pelosi's lies are becoming more clear. The real reasons are. Pelosi has been making money on the administration's crimes. She is also a criminal accomplice in torture and war crimes, and impeachment would bring all this out. Conyers is a pathetic brown nose, who may also be, being blackmailed. Illegal spying is not only a good weapon against terrorist, but it can be used against political opponents as well. New York's Governor Eliot Spitzer crossed the administration and they ran him out of office with revelations regarding his personal sex life. They tried it with President Clinton, and they have seceded in doing it to many people across the country. Some of the actions of intelligent liberal Democrats just don't make sense. I often wonder if these people have been informed by the Administration that they have the goods on them, and if they don't toe the line, revelations will be made.

The bank has been robed. The thieves are running out the door, and all our disgraceful Democratic Leadership wants to do is sweep up the floor. Congress is not the only problem. The voters who reelected these fools, are also to blame. I guess they decided to vote for the lesser of two evils. When you vote for the lesser of two evils, what you get is the lesser of two avails. I think what we need to do is get rid of this two party system, and replace it with something where the voters have a choice.

"Illegal spying is not only a good weapon against terrorist, but it can be used against political opponents as well"

J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI was eventually appointed for life because he knew everything damaging about everybody. When he died there was a burning of the many files he had at his own home. I think they were actully burned in Hoover's yard so that no one would have a chance to run off with any.

That was before modern technology which makes all information easily accessible at a central site such as NSA or the personal computer of Karl Rove or other political advisor. And computer files aren't easily destroyed; they may go on forever unless, in the case of friends and family, there has been a very thorough plan to delete them before departure - as in the White House emails. Any that need to be copied for continuing blackmail would fit nicely on a laptop.

Or did Congress in going along with the information gathering and illegal spying get a secret deal to protect themselves against such collection and blackmail? Were they that smart?

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