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The "Revolution" Begins Now...

Although Barack Obama's landslide election victory last night proved that most Americans didn't "sleep through a revolution" when he became the 44th President of the United States, the next logical question we've got to ask is this -- can the vast movement of "citizen power" which Obama so successfully tapped into (and effectively used) during the campaign remain a cohesive, effective and powerful force during an Obama Presidency?

Yes, history was made in America last night; no one can deny that, but the outpouring of enthusiasm from the American people which carried Obama through the primaries must be translated into the creation of a bright future for America and the world. This will be Obama's task, and he will have to do it in the face of two unpopular wars, a collapsing would economy, and an image of America which has been all but destroyed by eight years of the Bush/Cheney Regime.

I hope that many of the things which Obama spoke about during his campaign, including that little-noticed speech he made in Munster, IN, a few months ago where he declared that all of the illegal laws which Bush instituted, including NSPD-51 and HSPD-20, would be repealed during his first 100 days in office, will come to pass, and it's up to We, the People, to remind him of those promises.

Barack Obama is a man who is willing to listen to others, and we have the potential to have a President who is willing to listen and respond to the American people in a way we've never experienced before, but we have to step up, roll up our sleeves, and not allow ourselves to go back to the deadly sleep of apathy and cynicism as the "revolution" is about to begin.

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I can appreciate your positive comments and share your enthusiasm and hope for a better future. Right now I'm having doubts as to whether a man who obstinately refuses to produce his actual vault copy birth certificate will repeal those laws as promised.
The judge who would not cause Obama to show the birth certificate has wronged the entire nation and slapped all citizens in the face. Even Obama campaign contributors don't have any real proof Obama was born in the U.S., and according to reports, the U.S. State Department does not confirm he was born in U.S.. He may actually not be eligible to serve as President of the U.S., but hey, what the hay?!!! U.S. Citizens were groomed and trained under Bush and Cheney to accept all the unconstitutional rule of law one can imagine, so the public has been softened up to accept whatever our lying traitorous media filth dictates.

It's strange that this particular issue concerning the judge who didn't order Obama to show his birth certificate didn't merit the notice of the corporate-controlled media, especially when millions of campaign contributors were totally clueless concering the existence of his birth certificate, and the State Department was once again asleep at the wheel, and bot doing the job it should have been doing.

Another thing to consider is this -- there are now murmurings in certain political circles about the real probability that Obama will be assassinated by agents of the British government, particularly those British financiers who are genuinely terrified that Obama might decide to engage in the "FDR reflex" and resurrect the programs and policies which Franklin Roosevelt used during to pull the nation and the world out of the Great Depression.

Those British financiers -- along with various separatist and secessionist factions within the United States (keep in mind that Sarah Palin's husband is one of the leaders of the Alaskan Successionist movement) -- want to see Obama assassinated, because they know the riots and orgies of national self-destruction which would follow in the wake of an Obama assasination would create the conditions necessary to completely disintegrate and pulverize the U.S., rendering it impotent as a positive force to bring the world out of the financial/economic breakdown crisis we're currently in.

But then ... there's something else to consider. During the attempted impeachment of former President Bill Clinton, many American citizens, including many of the nation's most influential citizens, refused to muster the wisdom and guts to prevent the attempted impeachment scheme from happening, even though that impeachment attempt was clearly a hoax against the Constitution, and the American people had the duty and responsibility to act to prevent it from happening, but the majority of the citizenry refused to take preventive action for their own personal and various reasons, which ranged from the Whitewater land grab, to NAFTA, to the "don't ask, don't tell" policy concerning gays in the military.

From that moment, the systematic destruction of the Constitution began, beginning with the hideous "Welfare Reform Act", which violated the Constitutional principle of "promotion of the General Welfare" and continuing with eight years of the Bush/Cheney program of dumbing down the American people to the point where they have accepted without protest all of the blatantly unconstitutional "rule of law" possible. Now, the provisions of the Constitution, along with the various institutions which surround the Presidency, are the only means by which we can get out of this financial/economic quagmire we're in. Whether Obama will accept the advice of those institutions and act to use those Constitutional provisions to put our economic house back in order is anyone's guess, but I'd like to hope that he'll be around long enough to take some sort of positive step forward.


Get ready to duck. Isn't the number of lawsuits filed against Obama on the birth certificate issue up to a dozen or so, maybe more by now? The corporate-controlled media you mentioned, already knows all about this crap. They know a lot more, too, which 'Mockingbird' agents are quashing.
The 'Machine', the CON, can't possibly believe that the onslaught of all these lawsuits can successfully be sidestepped forever, and neither can the lawsuits over the illegal campaign matters, both contributions & other matters, so what they are doing is stalling us just long enough to get another sword into our nation's side like 911 Attacks were a sword.
The next hologram special (like the one used to display the WTC planes, etc.)is on the way, and it could be anything from a fake, or pseudo-assassination to the real thing, or some combination thereof.
The media, the judges in the rulings on Obama's birth certificate, the compromised campaign workers who want to speak out, the Constitutionalists & their journalists, the offended citizenry, and on and on cannot be stalled for Obama's entire term in office, so the 'Machine' needs an act of injustice or a fake one to be perpetrated somehow against Mr. Obama, one that would be televised 'coincidentally'.
This is a case of: if I were Obama I'd not be cooperating with any of their 'dopey schemes' as Cary Grant put it in one film.
Lee Harvey Oswald may have done that and paid an ultimate price, for it was later discovered there was no blood in that courthouse basement where Oswald allegedly was shot- not on the floor, not on the gurney, nowhere! They later determined the bullet wound channel in Oswald's body went upwards, so he was undoubtedly shot for real, perhaps in a lying position AFTER BEING LOADED IN THE AMBULANCE.
If you don't believe all this. Go look it up.

The 'Machine', the CON, needs a shocking act now much like it did when it used Oswald to reinvigorate their old 'red scare' by blaming the JFK Assassination on an avowed Marxist. That was why the patsy was changed by George H.W. Bush, who told J. Edgar Hoover, no, we're looking for a Lee Oswald, when Hoover said they'd pick up another guy Hoover named.
If the CON can completely blindside the emotion of the world with a horrid, racist, act of pure hatred it will reprogram the actions of those who filed the lawsuits against Obama, and no one will be able to challenge much of anything as before on this matter. Who would go against an entire grieving and ANGRY nation of mourners!!?? Additionally it would propel the victim, an unfortunate Obama into a deity type status some might worship.
I hope I end up wrong on this intuitive possibility, but meanwhile...........
You'd better get ready to duck.


Ugh. Better read this one.

if I remember right if this parden was comitted MR. vevel said there will be disbarring of lawyers unthowning of judges an impeachment proceedings started well were are they? what are they doing about this? I hope they arent just a bunch of blow hards. its time to get their stuff going dont ya think. at this time citisens are arming by the thousands and doing there part. they think oboma will try to take their constatutional rights to own firearms away. that seems to me they dont trust him to reastablish the constatution and bill of rights . he needs to astablish the trust of the people that elected him by this simple act of reastablishing the constatution bill of rights and the rule of law. the american people has voted out the nazi regeim and they probable wont accept communizum in its place we are americans we help each other when times are bad we stand together when we are over comming our problems . so lets get together help suport the spinless and balless people that roll over like whiped dogs and get this staitend out.
and in all the publics eye and we will win this battle for our country and all generations that follow us in the future. we can help other countrys after we help ourselves. we dont have to occupie contrys to help them bring our money home we need it here first. if the head of the snake is severd the rest of it cant hert you.

Please delete this. thanks


Is the post above where I suggested the Candidates For The Con, the real powers who run this country, are stalling for something.

You might expect another emergency soon, like 911, to distract the public from the phony elections the same way The 911 Attacks did for George W. Bush in order to 'cement' the newly elected president in office.
This is particularly true this time since Obama has an unsettled birth certificate issue. If he left the U.S. and became an Indonesian Citizen I don't think he is therefore eligible to become president. Also, if he was not born in the United States he is also not eligible to become president, but the Electoral College has not named him president yet, and they are compelled to consider the evidence against Obama, who obstinately refuses to produce a vault copy birth certificate which indicates a live birth on U.S. soil.
So logically, in addition to the usual campaign and election frauds which erupt more and more each election, there are more issues to settle and solve concerning whether Mr. Obama is even eligible for office.
I listed a possible scenario above considering the use of holograms by military these days.


In fact, recent posts suggest that on the very next day after Obama won the election he has tapped the North American Israeli Mossad Spy Chief, Rahm Emanuel, who "As North American mega MOSSAD chief, Rahm Emanuel has helped coordinate various financial and political black ops on behalf of the Bush-Clinton Crime Family Syndicate for over 15 years."

This must be the return-the-favor which Obama owes the machine which also installed criminals Bill and Hillary Clinton. This must be the alleged bribe which has been referenced from various sources which Obama took.
"As reported in our previous intelligence briefing, Obama has sold out to the Bush-Clinton-mega Mossad-Gary Best "TRUE COLORS" gang in return for the presidency of the United States."
"United States of America – It can now be reported that the campaign of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is under investigation by the Ohio Attorney General for espionage and illegal use of the noted "Joe the Plumber's" personal financial information and credit rating."

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