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Left I mea culpa

Eli Stephens
Left I on the News

A blockbuster! How could I have missed this! Well, thanks to Mike Whitney's
post at CounterPunch today, my poor eyesight has been cured. Here, buried in
the middle of Judith Miller's article on "Plamegate" is this statement
[emphasis added]:

"My third interview with Mr. Libby occurred on July 12, two days before
Robert D. Novak's column identified Ms. Plame for the first time as a C.I.A.
operative...I told Mr. Fitzgerald I believed that before this call, I might
have called others about Mr. Wilson's wife.

Let's start with the small stuff, the legal bullshit designed to protect
Miller from prosecution. She "believes" that she "might have called others."
In other words, if someone else testifies that Miller called them, then, ok,
she admits it, but if no one else testified to that effect, then maybe she's
misremembering and didn't make any such calls. Right. She admits she was at
the scene of a crime if and only if security cameras caught her on film;
otherwise she doesn't admit it.

But the big issue, which fits in with the line of argument I advanced in an
earlier post, is to ask about what Miller doesn't say: why might she have
placed such calls? According to her, Valerie Wilson/Plame was so
insignficant that Miller couldn't even get her name right (twice!). Libby
mentioned where she worked, but for no apparent reason whatsoever -- it
wasn't about about nepotism, and it wasn't about arranging Joe Wilson's trip
to Niger. According to Miller, as I wrote earlier, it was evidently just
idle chit-chat, and didn't relate to the actual subject at hand. So why on
earth was she on the phone a few days later, pursuing the subject, placing
calls to "others" about Valerie Wilson/Plame? Once again, it's what's
notsaid more than what is said that is significant -- Miller doesn't give
any indication about the answer to that question. She isn't even capable of
making up some lame excuse for why she might have placed such calls, because
there is no valid reason for her having done so.



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