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"Run Amok" Judith Miller Goes Down in Plames

By Dave Lindorff

I cannot remember having as entertaining a time reading the New York Times as I did this past Sunday reading the page one story on Judith Miller and her self-imposed jail time.

Really, the three reporters assigned to report on her release from jail, where she was being held for contempt for failing to reveal her source and what had been said to her regarding CIA agent Valerie Plame, and on her own account of her four-hour grand jury questioning, published the same day, handled their difficult task brilliantly.

Without outright calling their co-worker a liar and a shill for the Bush administration's war marketing campaign, they left almost no doubt in the reader's mind not only that this was in fact what she was, but that the Times’ senior management and many of her colleagues at the paper thought exactly the same thing.

At her less-than-triumphal return to the newsroom, they reported, after she gave a little speech calling her 85-day jail stay and her release by special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald "a victory for press freedom," there was "restrained applause."

Several reporters actually criticized Miller on the record for the story, a rare breach of collegiality that shows clearly in just how low esteem this war-mongering hack is held at her own place of work. Even more delicious, when Miller, who never did write a piece about former ambassador Joseph Wilson and Plame, asserted to the reporters writing the article about her that she had “made a strong suggestion to my editor


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I never saw so much white-out on a page of NYTimes. If I wanted to give Miller any slack, I'd have to think her life was threatened into playing this little farce. Or is she, like the Bush crowd, so arrogant that she's ignorant. We aren't stupid.

I am heartily glad to hear what you had to say on the subject. I had just cancelled my subscription to the Times the day before the article came out so I didn't get to read it.

I wrote about this to all 6 editors of the NY Times way back when she first went to jail and they were bemoaning the "freedom of the press" issue. I informed them that being a shill for this administration was NOT freedom of the press and how dare they call it that. I also informed them that she should be kept in jail for doing a deep violation of her trusted position as a reporter of the fourth column needed to inform and protect Americans.

I thought it might fall on deaf ears and in fact received back a scathing reply from the Executive Editors office and my future emails were banned and rejected at that particular office. However, the other editors allowed my continued ragging on her to continue to come through.

It is heartening to hear the other reporters had the same feelings as I did and are now finally able to let us see it. Thanks publishing this report. P

I couldn't have said it better myself. In fact, you should send this in to the NYT as a "letter to the editor". Well done!

I recall stories early on suggesting that Ahmed Chalabi was a source for Ms. Miller's knowledge of Valerie Plame's identity and work. Ahmed Chalabi is a foreign national. Disclosure of the identity of a non-official contact (NOC) to a foreign national, ordinarily, is a serious security breach, and, therefore, punishable at law. Has any new work been done on the Chalabi-Miller link to the outing of Valerie Plame?

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