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Message from John Bonifaz

Message from John Bonifaz

Dear Friends,

What if you could vote to end the war in Iraq? Soon Massachusetts voters will be able to do so.

I am writing to tell you about, an exciting campaign that is getting underway in Massachusetts. The goal of is to place a binding initiative on the Massachusetts ballot to prevent the governor from sending any more National Guard troops to Iraq. A yes vote on this initiative will not only stop future deployments of the National Guard to Iraq, but will also send a very strong message to our elected leaders that we want them to end the war and bring all of our troops home now.

The initiative was crafted by constitutional law experts who have litigated past National Guard cases on behalf of the state of Massachusetts and was certified as constitutional by the Attorney General of Massachusetts. It relies on a US Supreme Court ruling that authorizes a governor to refuse a presidential request to deploy the Guard abroad if that deployment impairs the Guard's ability to respond to domestic public safety or security emergencies - conditions that clearly prevail today. The binding initiative requires the governor to exercise that authority to refuse to send more National Guard troops to Iraq.

This is the first time in American history that a ballot initiative is being used to empower voters to take matters into their own hands to end a war. But to get it on the ballot, the campaign needs to collect 100,000 signatures of Massachusetts voters by November 15. You can help (even if you don't live in Massachusetts.) Please visit their website at today, and take action to get this initiative on the ballot.

Here are some things you can do right now:

1. Send in your signature You can download the petition right now at, print it, sign it, get everyone who lives with you to sign it, and mail back to the campaign. If everyone reading this email were to send just five signatures, that would be enough to put the initiative on the ballot.

2. Volunteer to collect signatures You can sign up to volunteer at, and you can download the petition as well as a guide to collecting signatures. And if you're a member of a political, religious or community organization, you can get them involved as well. Even if you don't live in Massachusetts, please consider visiting the state for a day with your friends to collect signatures.

3. Spread the word There is very little time to collect 100,000 signatures, but you can help spread the word about this campaign by forwarding this email to all of your friends today and asking them to join the campaign and send in their signatures. Only Massachusetts voters can sign, but everyone can help spread the word. Also, if you're a part of a group that has an email list, please ask them to send out a notice about this campaign too.

4. Give Right now, this campaign is being run by volunteers who are donating their time and paying campaign expenses out of their own pockets. To get the word out and to reach their goal of collecting 100,000 signatures, they're going to need to hire organizers, make copies, and pay for phone calls and mailings. You can make a contribution at

This ballot initiative is a unique opportunity to change the course of the war. If this signature drive is a success in Massachusetts, there are plans to expand the campaign to other states. There are 23 other states that have ballot deadlines in the coming months, and if similar initiatives could be put on the ballot of some of those states, this has the potential to be a national referendum on the war. Kicking this campaign off with a bang in Massachusetts is an essential first step before it can move forward.

So please visit the campaign website at now and help get this campaign moving!

Thank you and keep on,

John Bonifaz


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I didn't vote this man in, I still think that the election was fixed. It's so hard to believe that there are some many either rich or stupid people that could vote him in. I'am so upset with this I even thought of moving to a different country. If another idiot get's in I will.

It is my understanding that the National Guard is under federal jurisdiction not state so I don't see how voting on this at a state level would help.

Carl Sperr

hi, I live in ohio, and am sickened by the fact that my state put the lying basturd back in office! However I do beleive times are changing! I would love to come to Mass. to help, but I live on $800 a month. so I praise your efforts, and will pry every day that you succeed. robert

The petition is a great idea. I would go one step further and like to see a petition calling for impeachment.

Carol Ostroot


Wouldn't it be better if we could all just agree to initiate an amendment to the Constitution that ensures the "national police" (National Guard) does not get deployed to foreign countries at all? After all, that is what we have the military forces for...

See what can happen by going thru the proper channels? What a great way to show this administration and the Pentagon that enough is enough. We will not send anymore of our young men and women off to fight and die in an inexcusable war.

The question I have is this: Can this be tried in every State in the USA? I know here in Georgia, this most likely would not stand a chance
of passing. Being "blue" in a "red" state is not so easy to get things of this nature passed. But, what the heck. I will forward this to my Representatives, of which one is a Democrat. I know for sure he will get the ball rolling, as he is the only one that has ever returned an e-mail, and even went so far as to call me several times about issues.

People, this is big! Get on board and let's show our Government that they are not the ultimate leaders. We still have a voice, and it is up to all of us to let our voices be heard!

Your name was suggested to me as a potential presidential candidate. I confess, I had no idea who you were so I googled you, read what I could find and now this example of good old fashioned American Ingenuity, at its best. Good fortune with this venture, I'm hoping it spreads like a wildfire. I'm convinced that you are just what this country needs in its darkest hour.

It'd be great if the rest of New England could get such an initiative going in their respective states. Surely other blue states would join the action and finally this tragedy would be over by popular demand!

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