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Peaceful Day in Iraq

By Cindy Sheehan

I keep hearing on the news that this past Saturday was a relatively "peaceful" day in Iraq. Despite many reports already of alleged election fraud (shades of Ohio and Florida), George and his cronies are cautiously optimistic that the referendum for the constitution will pass. George Bush says that it looks like Iraq is heading for "peace."

I have two points to make about the referendum vote in Iraq on Saturday. First of all, George told us in his headlong rush to disaster in Iraq that Saddam had WMD's and that Iraq was culpable for 9/11. George and his band of war monsters still despicably say 9/11 in every major speech in defense of the invasion and continued occupation. He never said "regime change" or spreading "freedom and democracy." If the constitution passes, what will be the next devious justification for the occupation?

Secondly, I hate to spoil CNN's euphoria over the vote on the referendum, but 5 soldiers and a Marine were killed by IED's on Saturday. I wonder if the families of those tragically slain on the "peaceful" day are celebrating the turn-out on Saturday? I know I don't think that it was worth Casey dying so the people of Iraq can vote in a theocracy.

The soldiers and the Marine were all killed by IED's. There exists such a thing as an IED jammer. For $47,000/vehicle, our children can be saved from most of the IED attacks. The Pentagon has decided that $47,000 is too much to spend to keep our children alive!!! Halliburton steals that much from the Pentagon before the CEO's first cup of morning coffee. For the two vehicles that were destroyed and the 6 of our children killed, it comes to a little over $15,000 per person. Not to be crass, but the government will be handing each family a check for $100, 000.00 soon (the deaths are still "pending") and $400,000.00 in insurance death benefits. I know each family would mortgage their homes, or sell their souls, if they knew it would have cost $15,000.00 to keep their precious family member alive.

We can't let these criminals in power to come up with another sham reason to keep our troops in Iraq. Iraq does not now and never has needed our military presence there.

Our young men and women have done everything they have been asked to do so far. It is time to reward them by not asking anymore of them and bringing them home alive.

We know that the "counted" dead Iraqis have been 3663 in the previous 6 months. How many more have not been counted? How many of them even have names to us?

It is time to for us to stop the serial abusers in power. Each day we delay means more flag draped coffins and more shattered lives.

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The US Oil boys have had their eyes on Iraq, Iran and Kuwait for decades now. Saudia Arabia isn't out of the woods either.

Well how come the oil we now control in Iraq isn't doing us any good? You're an idiot.

Friday, August 12, 2005

A message to Cindy Sheehan

I realize how tragic your loss is and I know how much pain there is crushing your heart and I know the darkness that suddenly came to wrap your life and wipe away your dreams and I do feel the heat of your tears that won't dry until you find the answers to your question; why you lost your loved one?

I have heard your story and I understand that you have the full right to ask people to stand by your side and support your cause. At the beginning I told myself, this is yet another woman who lost a piece of her heart and the questions of war, peace and why are killing her everyday. To be frank to you the first thing I thought of was like "why should I listen or care to answer when there are thousands of other women in America, Iraq and Afghanistan who lost a son or a husband or a brother…

Cindy, We are still waiting for your reply...

why do you want a reply? don't you know i have the attention span no longer than wesley clark's presidential bid?

move along you lookie-loo's...nothing to see here...

oh yeah: BUSH LIED! (cindy cried)

Help the UNITED STATES and send this woman who exploits the death of her son and promotes violence. Send her ass to Iraq now along with that communist supporter from Texas. That'll be a good start, then we can move on to others who don't get the msg that the U.S is made up mostly of people who believe in Unity, Strength, Honor and pride. I would have hated to see these types of people who would have prevented us from fighting to free the Jewesh people from hitler, Or preventing us from fighting for the freedom of the black race, or for fighting for our rights in general. This person and those who support her are for their rights only and any of the the rights they don't agree with, Ahem, the 2nd, they fight with the wealth of democratic corps,politicions and wealthy terrorists that just may be your nieghbor. Send her away now and do an intensive study of the individuals who do not support the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA your chosen home!If they don't like how we operate here in the U.S. then send them where they belong. I will fight for my President, My country,My home and ALL the rights of the constitution for ALL the people who reside within our borders. President Bush is your President and like it or not he deserves your respect. I have respected both democrat and Republican presidents why? Becuase they were the leader of my Nation, My home. Find the ones who threaten our Nation from within and do your best to send them to the country they support!

A 5th generation American
Thank you President Bush for your hard work,Hard decision and everlasting patience for those who threaten our homes, Our lives and our NATION.


Dear Todd
What in God's name are you smoking boy?
Get your Dr to check that mad cowboy disease
your friend jethro dallrad

American will triumph in spite of Americans that want America to fail. They are sad people and full of self-hatred.

How do you know what took place? Were you there? No. Why, I honestly do not know. Perhaps you are to scared or perhaps the insurgents tell you to stay here and cause strife between Americans. We now have proof the that she and her supporters are partially funded by middle east extreemist's, insurgents. If you need proof just do an intense stidy on her group and it's funding, use more then one search engine and whatch for their coded websites. Trust me they are there.

How in the world and why should anyone trust You, You who write this blog as "anonymous"? How dare you cut down this grieving mother who has more guts than any of us.

Cindy has no guts - just a lot of nerve exploiting the death of her son to promote her political agenda! And, there is no doubt Cindy is supported by radical Left groups that support Islamic radicals. Take a break from drinking your kool-aid and look it up.

As for being anonymous, it provides some protection from liberal thugs like you. Sadly, I live in a Blue area of the country, where my vehicle was vandalized and painted with anti-Bush graffiti, because I had a Bush bumper sticker. Wow, some people foolishly believe Americans have a right to free speech. Also, in my fair city, Republicans are routinely harassed, threatened and beaten by Democratic union thugs. Liberals like to think they're enlightened and sophisticated – NOT! Liberals are more intolerant than anyone!

Sadly, Cindy has a pathological hatred for America and a pathological need for attention. The only people that dignify Cindy suffer from the same mental disorders.

Actually, Cindy has the will and the guts to call it like it is. Those who would sling comments like the one I am responding to are small minded and have no comprehension of world affairs and the effects of American imperialism. I suggest that the above respondent read more...maybe some Gore Vidal writings may help put things in perspective.

American imperialism? Please! Islam has been waging war against the West for over 1,000 years (for those of you who don’t study history, that was a long time before America existed). Islamic radicals want to rule the world - period. American "imperialism" is just an excuse for Islamic radicals to wage war. People are so naïve to think that if America "makes nice" with all foreigners, we would have world peace. Appeasement is considered a sign of weakness. Grow up!

Dear Todd,

First of all, the President was not elected...we are operating under an electronic coo, thanks to the documented electronic fraud conducted in Ohio and Florida and several other states across the nation. Second of all, the President "earns" the respect he is not granted simply because he dons the coat of office. My father fought in WWII and the Korean War...I know what sacrafices he made for this country...I also know that the circumstances surrounding WWII was considerably different than those surrounding Iraq. You need to garner your information from other sources besides network are in the dark about why we are in Iraq and what motivates this presidential administration to remain there. Until you research the real reasons for the majority of US foreign are simply another repeater of simple minded propaganda spewed forth by the power elite. Educate your self and then you may be able to comment intelligently.

Please provide a link to any authoritative source that has facts regarding the "documented electronic fraud."

I think you have been swallowing some effective propaganda of your own.

Educate us, so that we too may "comment intelligently."

Yes, let's see some legitimate proof of election fraud – not just conspiracy theories from Left wing nuts. Dems are just sore losers. Dems think they're better than everyone else, so if they lose an election it can only mean that they were cheated.

Wacko talk. How is it that Cindy knows all and the rest of the country needs for us to hear it. Personally, I'm more sick of Cindy than the WAR!

If things are going so well in Iraq why dont they show us
why is there an effective media black out in america?
could it be all the dead civilians ? and torture?

How many of you brave boys are chicken hawks?
Sign up and go on over and fight the war.
Act like the 'good germans' that you are.
Put up or shut up
You idiots make me sick

Look in the mirror, and see true sickness!

Have you finally wised up? Cindy's bashes America, supports our enemies, and causes more American soldiers to die. Enough said.

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