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Fraudulent Election 2008

From John Gideon:

In a stunning admission Sequoia Voting Systems has admitted to not
printing and mailing over 11,000 absentee ballots to Denver, Colorado
voters. Their spokeswoman claimed they "made an unfortunate mistake".
In fact, the company had failed to notify the city of this "mistake"
and when originally asked they lied and told the city they had
delivered all 21,450 ballots they were supposed to print and deliver
to the post office on Oct. 16. Sequoia claims they will have ballots
printed and delivered to the post office by tomorrow, Monday. Voters
have until election day to get those ballots marked and either back
in the mail or delivered to any early polling site. Not mentioned by
anyone is if any overseas voters or military are affected by this

In Jefferson Co Arkansas voters will vote on ballots that don't have
some alderman races on them. The county discovered their error too
late and they have now fixed it but all early voting has been done
without those races being voted on by the voters. The county will
just forget all of those voters and hope that none of the races are
close which would open them up for potential lawsuits.

National: How to Stop Election Theft and How Not to Stop Election Theft?

National: Antidote to Election Theft: "Steal Back Your Vote"

National: This Election Will Not Be Stolen

National: Opinion - Groups work to fend off Nov. 4 poll problems

National: Casting its lot with e-voting
Despite critics, Hart Intercivic has made its choice

National: Obama could still lose election to McCain from GOP voter
suppression or vote fraud

National: Democrats Describe Efforts to Limit Voting Machines Problems

AR: Error On Redfield, Altheimer Ballots Addressed At Emergency Meet

AR: Candidate Reacts to Ballot Error That May Have Cost Votes

CA: Your vote faces challenges like never before

CA: Polling places are in the mail

CA: Riverside County registrar braces for record voter turnout

CA: Riverside County - JACOBS: Why act like there's something to hide?

CA: San Diego County - Steps taken for smooth Election Day

CO: Coffman sued over voter purge

CO: Boulder County - Greenlee: Will our votes count?

CO: 'Missing' Denver mail ballots were never sent by vendor

CO: Denver - Missing ballots weren't prepared
A vendor didn't mail half the 21,450 needed, but that's been fixed.

FL: Both parties to guard polls on Election Day
Legal teams for the Barack Obama and John McCain campaigns will
deploy thousands of poll watchers to Florida voting sites to keep an
eye out for possible irregularities in the presidential election.

FL: Florida counties split over voter verification

GA: Gwinnett County - Officials 'confident' in absentee solution

IN: Parties await judge's ruling on Lake County early voting

MD: Decision Time for Early Voting in Md.
Issue Has Long Divided Lawmakers

NY: Speaks Out for Election Transparency

NY: Does the US electoral system HAVA brain?

OH: White House Asks for Scrutiny

OH: Lawmakers Urge DOJ Not to Intervene in Ohio Voter Dispute

OH: Is Ohio doomed to ballot battles?
Some laud litigation; others see need for nonpartisan system

PA: Counties add voting machines, poll workers in anticipation of
record turnout

PA: Bradford County - Editoral - Integrity of voter lists needs protection

TN: Davidson County - Problems Plague Early Voting System
Elections Commission Says Blames Calibration

TN: Knox County - Voters confused about presidential vote on TN
county's machines

TX: Brazoria County - Clerk says to double-check electronic ballots

WV: ES&S official left company in May
Ireland gave man an award Thursday for voting innovation

Overseas Voting: My Voting Experience From Afghanistan

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The articles are all included for the information of the subscribers
of "Daily Voting News" though we realize that the subscribers may not
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The Times, June 2009

Obama Fails Test, Iran Tests Nuke!
While negotiating with Iran in direct talks that continue to remain aimless, Iran announced the successful testing of a nuclear weapon in a remote north west desert of Iran. Iran’s president, Amenidijhihad, announced, “All Iranians can be proud of our achievement, no longer will the western infidels hold a sword over our heads. Soon the region will have greater independence, praise Allah!” The full intent of these remarks is unclear, yet intercepted communications between Iran, Syria, Yemen and Egypt indicate Iran desires to become a leading provider of spreading influence and weapons in the area. Israel’s air defense and army systems have gone on full alert, without official comment.

Gas at $11!
Gasoline prices soared to $11.25 a barrel yesterday, for the first time in history, based on Iran’s successful nuclear test and fears of growing conflict in the region. Gasoline lines formed for the first time since the Carter administration, with hording due to fears of shortages

Obama package, Iranian bomb force DOW to plunge below 5000
The economy also continues to slip as negotiations in the capital continue on a trillion-dollar infrastructure package the nation cannot afford. The savings from Obama’ pullout from the war in Iraq have been offset with pork barrel spending for highways and a socialist health care package. Tax increases also have cut revenues and savings are down. With the testing the Iranian nuclear bomb, first the middle-east and then Asian markets continue to plunge.

Unemployment numbers up
The growing roster of the unemployed continued as corporations, large and small, continue labor cuts to respond to the increased taxes from Congress and the Administration.

Iraq announces alliance with Iraq
Just shy of President Obama’s designated mass US troop withdrawal from Iraq this July, Iraq’s parliament approved an Iranian treaty with economic packages forging closer ties.
The US Army Commander, recently forced into retirement by the new administration, stated, “Its obvious. We leave too abruptly and the terrorist spawning regime of Iran fills the vaccum"

Section B Other Headlines
Russian invasion of Ukraine
Joe the Plumber in Jail
Venuzuela drills off of Florida limits
Russia and Venuzuaela- the next Cuban Missile Crisis?

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