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Bank Crisis a Scam. Bush-Greenspan Machine Busted.

According to the following report the recent banking disaster is a direct result of the Bush-Greenspan criminal machine which has, to some extent, reportedly, been busted.

The Global Settlements to Ambassador Leo Wanta, the recipients in the G-7 and/or G-8, and consequently The U.S. Treasury, were held up again, as usual, which prompted British and Chinese heads of state to lock down the funds they provided to guarantee that the settlements would take place. These collateral funds had been necessarily put up by H.M. The Queen, and the Chinese, amounting to about 6.2 Trillion, and 7.8 Trillion equaling about 14 Trillion total.

Bushfraud and his bunch then desperately tried to raise "outside" money from the public to cover the entire ordeal and hide it from the public. This was known as The Bailout Plan which was sold on television as something good.

The number of arrests of banking officials and others who have to do with blocking the settlements is now staggering. If the settlements are not made it actually looks like U.S. Citizens will never be able to repay the principal and interest of bank bailouts which would happen every so often. The 'Bush-Greenspan Octopus' would have you, the taxpayer, cover their reported sins of HIGH TREASON, AN IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE, with your hard earned tax dollars and forever enslave you than to repatriate the money where it should go.

So the bailout plans are scams upon the American People perpetrated by a now more impeachable than ever, pRESIDENT, Bushfraud.

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No More Two Party dictatorship.


Yes, by taking every last dollar laying around and cleaning everything out, the arrival of a new currency would not leave all those unspent dollars. Good point, but right now I think the heads of the world are still trying to get the settlements paid out and threatened Bush with arrest back just before the Ft. Bragg troops headed up to D.C..

I'd rather keep the dollar and see it revitalized.
Thanks for your post.

this is just the last minute "cleaning out of the cash drawer on the way out of the looted, ransacked U.S. Treasury" going on here.

this was intended from day one, back when that son of a bitch in Texas, Phil Gramm, decided to just deregulate the shit out of everything to facilitate the maximum amount of criminality to occur, with the minimum amount of oversight by anyone.

now, we are decades later, and the combination of Nixon killing the 'gold standard' and the incessant money printing and fudging by the FED, has caused the rest of the world to finally realize that the United States is a massive criminal enterprise, nothing more, nothing less. They ship goods to us, and we pay them with WORTHLESS TOILET PAPER BASED ON JACK SHIT.

actually, JACK SHIT would at least have a fertilizer use.

the real, solid, meaningful wealth in this nation was looted over time, and it took the better part of about 40 or so years for it to be offshore'd and stolen.

this is just the last minute cleaning out of the change left in the cash drawer, after ransacking it.

You're right on the ransacking- it does look systematic, and I wrote up Phil Gramm awhile back as something like a bone-headed lardassed fatassed idiot when he called We The People a bunch of whiners. Had we whiners had the time to look up during the last decades instead of keeping our noses to the grindwheel to try to beat inflation, etc., which he and others caused, maybe the real culprits could have been prevented from freestyle crime sprees against the nation.

Yes i have it about figured that way on the money printing, etc. and wrote about Congress allowing Bush to not report the G-3 money supply back ending 2005, in 06 copy of Candidates For The Con.
Lots of folks couldn't understand why Bush and his regime kept preventing the feds from holding ICE raids for so many years. This information came in recently that the feds knew where the illegals were, but Bush would not allow them to raid and bust them. Consequently, the utter breaking of U.S. Citizens OF EVERY RACE, by looting our jobs took place.

But I still say one of the real reasons Bush could not oppose Vicente Fox and other Mexican leaders has to do with the drug trade and deals and promises made, as well as the drug-related Mexican(s) on the Federal Reserve. They are all now co-partner-conspirators.


Yeah, these 'legal looters' apparently had the 5,000 executed in and or near Katrina-N. Orleans, perhaps because they were merely poor looters, yet the magnitude of what the legal looters have done is incomprehensible damage.

I hope U.S. Citizens give dipstick Phil Gramm a piece of their minds. I saw this address on him. Nice, cozy destructive 'Billionaire-Texas Boy Club', as V.K. Durham calls it, they have.

I had written a response to you, anonymous, yesterday, but wasn't logged in, so I guess the moderators never got to it yet.
Yes, that's about how I had it figured. The looting has taken place over the decades, particularly since JFK was assassinated. We had all these losers like Nixon, G.H.W.Bush, Kissinger, just wringing their hands and chomping at the bits to get at us and the treasury just as soon as one good president could be knocked off. Interesting how THE BRITISH INTELLIGENCE CULT HAS TARGETED THE IRISH ANCESTRY U.S. PRESIDENTS, McKINLEY, GARFIELD, KENNEDY, REAGAN, AND NOW THAT PERMINDEX MURDER CORPORATION IS BACKING OBAMA.

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