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Take A Free Impeachment Play DVD As Our Way Of Saying Thanks To You

Although most are preoccupied with the general election right now, impeachment is STILL on the table in OUR hearts and minds, and just after November 4th we are on it again full bore.

At the same time, YOU, our participants, have been very good sports about the admittedly many alerts for worthy progressive candidates we have asked you to help. And to thank you, that is why we want to send you a free copy of the impeachment play DVD. All you have to do is go to the page below and submit the form. The entry of a donation amount is NOT required for the form submission to go through. You can even watch the entire play from end to end on line at this same page.

Impeachment Play DVD and Video:

Other than from us, how many emails do you get offering to just GIVE you something like this, a beautiful fully produced stage play on DVD of a fantasy impeachment trial of George Bush and Dick Cheney?

But of course many of you HAVE made contributions for various causes, and are continuing to do so, and we felt it was so important that everyone experience this important activist theatrical work that we are putting out as many as we can for no charge. We felt strongly this was a valuable tool to help people visualize this as reality, and an educational resource to promote discussion of the issue.

All we are asking is, that if you are so fortunate as to be able to make a contribution of some kind to help support the distribution of these of tens of thousands of DVDs, then please DO enter a donation amount when you submit the form. These contributions have made it possible for us to pay our valiant actors through the union (which we are thrilled to be able to support) for their magnificent and deserving work, for the bandwidth on the free viewing site above where you can watch the whole production right now, and everything else. But a contribution is not a requirement. We just want you to have it.

And when you get it, throw parties for your friends to show it, put on screenings in your community at libraries and community centers as so many are already doing. And encourage everyone you know to get their own copies, just as you got yours, and do the same thing.

Just remember, as long as there are 15 minutes left, even for a president and vice president supposed to leave office anyway, there is PLENTY of time left to impeach, for that is how long a vote in the House takes, and any talk to the contrary is just silly, defeatist babble. And all we have to do to make it happen is get MORE people to speak out and DEMAND it. It may be the only thing that can deter future presidents from doing the same and worse.

But to actually make life imitate art, we need millions of people to watch the impeachment play video, to really bring home the issues involved, and to inspire them to raise their voices too. Request your own copy of the DVD at the site below.

Impeachment Play DVD and Video:

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

If you would like to get alerts like these, you can do so at


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