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Citizen's Arrest of Rove Attempted

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....somebody will succeed in arresting one of these criminals. Rove, Rummy, Wolfofwitz, etc.


Why aren't Bush and Cheney in jail?

This ruling class membered and funded group is not really doing anything besides keeping themselves entertained. Funny how these code pinkers continue to get near these high ranking government officials and put their hands on or near them and yet again no arrests. I would also hardly call that an attempt at putting hand cuffs on. Just more crazy bullshit from those crazy counter productive code pinkers,chris dorsey

These are BRAVE ladies DOING SOMETHING while YOU and ME are sitting at home just complaining.

You CAN BET they will be one of the first going to a FEMA CAMP for being "TERRORIST SUSPECTS".

I Personaly WELLCOME eveyone who PROTEST against the WARS NO MATTER the PARTY they BELONG TO.

My name is not Mr.Critic it is chris dorsey,and if you can not see that this group of millionaire socialites is a designed or coincidental ploy to feign resistance I do not know what to tell you besides my name is always signed so adress me by my name,chris dorsey

just how did she get that close to Rove... How did she get past the Service and up on that stage? And what happened afterwards? Do you really think if you did that they wouldn't still be kicking your ass today? Do you think you would be arrested? Out on bail? Or do you think you would be renditioned to someplace like Turkey or Eygpt? Why not these ladies?

Code Pink is very selective about the issues they support, which is their right I suppose, but a lot of people, even people like Sheehan, have had their issues with them at one time or another.

I don't know if they are gatekeepers or if they are just well funded with good lawyers on call, the fact is they aren't really representative of the average activists.

However, now I do remember that the girl who was brutally knocked to the ground by that cop at the (RNC?) convention was wearing pink. Was she a Code Pinker? or just one of their supporters?

I support ANY CITIZEN who actively opposes to the WARS.

I consider Mr. Dorsey Claims on PINK CODE very LIGH because I have seen this BRAVE LADIES doing for a LONG TIME, what none of US have done.

I ask you both please, to see this video and many others on YOUTUBE:

And please feel respect for those doing something.

People like Karl Rove, Alberto Gonzalez etc Do not have that High Security profile, That's why people still can go close to them so easily.

If MARTIAL LAW is declared then, they won't be able to PROTEST like they do now.

Let's see what happen after the November 4 If McCain WINS.

Sorry to see the great work CodePink has been doing for six plus years questioned. I question other things. The focus has changed because CONgress has been doing what is good for them (for the most part), but Pinkers haven't given up and have some new ideas that I find enlightened.
See for most current.
And yes, the woman who was thrown to the ground was CP. The recognition of CodePink by police and others may partially explain why more aren't arrested. Think arrests of peaceful women and men of known peace-seeking group might get press not wanted by powers that be.

... how did she just walk right on stage with Carl Rove? Do you think anyone can just walk right up to these people?

It's a serious question.

She got backstage or she just lept onto the stage, and calmly walked across the stage up to Rove and stood beside him. But that's not all. Then she had a little face time with him and asked him about why there were no women on stage. Then she tried to grab him.

I am 6'4" and 240lbs. If I had tried that, they would have been on me the MOMENT I set foot on stage, NOT right after my little, on camera moment with him.

And was she arrested? and if not, why?

These are serious questions.

I mean if they got some secrets about getting past the Secret Service, by all means, share with the rest of the class.

Rain, drunk deceptive socialites may apeal to you however, what you and Jl do not see is that security are giving these women and men the ability to get near these folks because it is staged. perhaps not everything that involves a protester wearing a pink shirt is staged, but when it comes to the millionaire ruling class leadership of the orginazation the actions are controled. Code Pink and their supporters are counter productive and controlled opposition. And by the way Rain i have explained in great detail in a case by case basis what these code pinkers do, but you understand because I watch you deploy the same tactics, that is why people cant trust you, so please stop with the sorry to see the great work questioned bs, chris dorsey

You heard it from Chris Dorsey so believe. Was supporting CodePink, not attacking you, Chris. Conquer and divide tactic seems to be working well with you.

words and emotions swirling.

Even his/her? initials stand for Conquer and Divide. I wouldn't single him/her out otherwise.

IMPEACH BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !


Nobody likes to talk about how these code pinkers get their funding or how their leaders can not get into Canada however can get in front of a TV camera in Pakistan. Or how the secret service allows someone who has been with in inches of Rice to run at the president without making arrests. It is not logical to think that this is possible and if it is I would like to know how the operation goes. As always follow the money.chris dorsey

Citizen of peace and war criminal on the same stage, not hard to figure out the bad guy here.

IMPEACH BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !


Many CodePinkers are MOTHERS of soldiers in this illegal war, and since when does the "ruling class" empathize with MOTHERS, FATHERS & soldiers deployed to illegal war ? If you are bound and determined to dis the REAL ruling class, dis them where they live, on Wall Street and as CEO's of oil companies and war contractors and corporate media. And how come you didn't notice that Karl Rove is the REAL member of the ruling class membered and funded group > THE NEOCONS? Take your blinders off.

IMPEACH BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !


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