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Put Paulson in Prison

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Congress hastily voted to approve Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson’s $700 billion bank bailout plan on October 3, 2008, after a tumultuous week in which the Dow fell dangerously near the critical 10,000 level.

The market, however, was not assuaged. The Dow proceeded to break through not only 10,000 but then 9,000 and 8,000, closing at 8,451 on Friday, October 10. The week was called the worst in U.S. stock market history, Click Here

willingly pay for a washing machine that didn't work or write a check to a painter who didn't paint your house?
No sane or enlightened person would! So why are most Americans going to continue to pay taxes for this crime? It's like a tied-up homeowner in the middle of a burglary asking the criminal if he wants a check for his money in the bank too!

WAKE UP! TAX REVOLT!!! I see no other way....

"A country without a Soul is destined for Hell...on Earth."

Failing to slip "missing nukes" into the Middle East last year, failing to convince the world to be Afraid, Very Afraid of the Patsy OBL and obviously-contrived GWOT, Failing to Intimidate Russia and China into subservience, failing to successfully control all elections through their patently-rigged EVM's, The Last Resort False-Flag of the Desperate Elite is to Create an Economic Oligarchy through its Recently HiJacked International Economy and thereby Hold Hostage the People of the US and setting the stage for Intercepting a Humanitarian Insurgency of the Electorate.

Dr. Hudson spells out the very nature of my greatest fear since the Bent-Spear Missing Nukes event, that these Pirates would crash our economy through some manufactured crisis in order to cripple any advance of the will of the people toward green energy, government transparency, Justice and the Rule of Law both domestic and international, Accountability for their War Crimes and a slew of other equally egregious Crimes Against Humanity and the Constitution.

The 1933 Failed Coup by HW's father Prescott Bush, DuPont and JPMorgan comes directly to mind... X 10! This Coup however, beginning with the Stolen 2000 Election allowing them to set the stage for the 9/11 False Flag and the consequent Trillions in Defense Plunder, fattened the coffers of the Imperial Fascists First, then Intimidated Domestic and International Opposition sufficiently to begin the process of Attempting to Install a Global Dictatorship.

Having spent the last eight years deregulating and "consolidating" away the economic diversity that has always underpinned the relative stability and growth of the US middle class, then hording their newly-plundered trillions into a ghost-cloud of unaccountable and borderless investment banks and vehicles, (this, on top of the vastly-expanded Black-Budget operations around the world) they are now poised to hold hostage the entire world economy, the Elections, and the US Congress which has become all but a fear-fed rubber-stamper to everything they ask.

Are we going to have to Storm the Bastille Again or What?

We cannot count on the Congress, we cannot count on the DoJ, we cannot count on the billionaires, or local governments and we're still not even sure we can count on an election. It is hard to argue with Dr. Hudson's summation that the bailout spelled the official end of our Constitutional Republic.


...this is the world we live in. And it's time we did something about it.


There has been a robbery of the brain dead american tax payer! Since the american public is brain dead the suspects could face murder charges.

Trillions have been stolen from banks by these suspects!

The suspects are as follow and should be considered known liars and thieves. These suspects include obama, pelosi, mccain, bush, chaney and all the blue dog demasses.

These suspects will be pretending to want your vote on election day to cover up this robbery, do not fall for it.

If you spot any of these names on election day do not vote for them, I repeat do not vote for them. Instead vote for the GREEN PARTY or any third party immediately.

If you are a brain american that is all.

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