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Worldwide Coalition for 9/11 Truth : Global Anti-War Petition from Pakistan

This is Azad from Pakistan. I am a concerned World Citizen. Muslim but not stupid. I represent a group of rationalist progressives here in Karachi, Pakistan. Unlike the majority so-called (uninformed and ignorant) moderates, liberals n even progressives, we are very well informed of the vicious game. We know the challenges of today. Are strict Pacifists and Anti-Interventionist and firmly believe that in today's age, ANY kind of armed conflict is NOT affordable anymore. We fully understand the Oil and Control motives behind the so-called War on Terror. We totally understand that the Energy (Oil) Crisis, other Natural Resource Depletion, Population Explosion and Climate Change are the REAL challenges of Today. Gigantic existence threatening challenges that can only be solved with an Informed World Community working together in a conflict free world.

Unlike the regular moderates, progressives and liberals we are fully equipped with the theological and scriptural arguments to counter extremists and conservatives. We have special appeal for the average Muslim majority which genuinely wants to be recognized and respected as responsible world citizens.

I was hoping that this year 9/11 Truth question will get serious attention and become a major election issue, but was appalled to see that nothing substantial happened. Not discrediting all the marvelous efforts by the 9/11 Truth Movement, but we still aren't able to reach the masses. there's still something missing which I believe is that it is still largely localized or western issue, outside the Truth Movement and especially among Muslim, the War on Terror doesn't couple with the 9/11 fraud in the majority's perception/understanding. The connection between 9/11 and the War on Terror have been largely erased from popular perception, (since there's so much going on). To globalize 9/11 Truth Movement we need to tie it with the War on Terror and always push it as such. Make it a survival question for the whole Humanity. 2975 people from 90 nations were murdered by these Evil Elites, the crimes of 9/11 were not only an attack on America, they were in fact the start of the –never ending- Attack on Humanity i.e. the so-called War on Terror.

We need to ask people of all those countries demand their governments to motion in the UN for the establishment of an Independent Truth Commission to investigate 9/11. I know UN is an Elites' proxy, but at least we'll be able to register 9/11 Truth question in peoples' perceptions. We can do it with internet. With the social web, we can hypify the issue. This is how mainstream media does it, then they'll surely have to pay attention. We are honest people but not stupid. If they can do it, we can do it too. Today, the reality is that the Reality is not about Truth anymore. It's about how many people know you and HOW they know you i.e. what is their perception of you. We need to introduce the world to the 9/11 Truth Movement as Concerned World Citizens advocating a genuine global cause. In my opinion, only such an approach can take the label of conspiracy theories off the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Therefore, I believe that the lacking ingredient in rallying world support is under presenting the 9/11 Reichstag as "THE Pretext" for the so-called "War on Terror" and the failure in making the masses realize that it is not only the 9/11 family members or first responders, or just the Muslim countries' concern and interest but the whole world is the target. The very survival of the species is at stake! The Muslim world will also respond very positively to it. Since it will be helpful in taking the burden off their religion. With internet we have the capacity to make 9/11 Truth a Global Muslim Cause too! The average Muslim is abysmally ignorant, whether the extremists, orthodox, conservatives and even the so-called "moderates and liberals" (the majority). But the moderates and liberals will be all happy n eager to participate in a worldwide movement that can take the label of Terrorism off which is attached to Islam today. This will have the double effect in educating the common people -particularly muslims- and bringing about the consciousness that the concerns of the average/common man are the same everywhere, be it the East or the West, be it the Land of Islam or the Land of Infidels or whatever frame they choose to label their myopic 'Us v/s Them' worldview

We need to turn our demand for 9/11 Truth into a world cause in a mass popular way. To get mass appeal, we need to make it very simple for the layperson to understand;

"9/11 was an inside job in which 2975 innocent people from 90 countries were murdered in cold-blood, making it the worst Attack on Humanity, carried out to engineer public consent into allowing the never ending worldwide aggression for the final round of global corporate imperialism and thus should be investigated as a Crime Against Humanity and that we're not asking for any trials or convictions at this point, we are only asking for a free, independent investigation of the matter."

I know I must be sounding repetitive but the absence of the Muslim nations is the biggest hurdle in globalizing the cause. I don't see a single grassroot organization listed on this page;

Not even from Turkey! I am confident that with our line of argument and the power of internet, we can help in globalizing the Truth Movement by making it a Genuine Muslim Cause.

Deeply concerned and perturbed over the worldwide –and particularly Muslims'- ignorance regarding 9/11, it's connection to and the motives behind the so-called "War on Terror", we have founded a "Worldwide Coalition for 9/11 Truth" ( and started a worldwide Online Petition for the 9/11 investigation under an independent International Truth Commission, the coalition site is soon to become an active blog and 9/11 Truth Movement directory of best 9/11 and War on Terror research resources. For now, only the basic skeleton is up. I am working on it as quickly as possible, you'll see lots of improvements very soon. however the basic Petition is live and have started collecting signatures. Please see, how you like the initiative and I'd be very grateful if anyone can suggest/comment for improvement.

We've set a very audacious and outrageous target of 100,000,000 signatures by July 4, 2009. We are not unrealistic fantasy people. We know what we are talking about and we're confident that with right internet leveraging, it's achievable. In fact we are very sorry for not starting it earlier. However, it's never too late. Now we are inviting local chapters of 9/11 WWC in every city around the world, particularly in the 90 victim nations, each of which will work in their communities on increasing general public awareness of the crucial importance of 9/11 Truth and it's connection with the War on Terror. We're also planning to hold worldwide rallies and "Give Peace A Chance" concerts n movie screening events starting one week prior to the swearing-in ceremony of the new US President. The rallies and events will be repeated on worldwide scale on July 4.

There are a number of other popular initiative that we'll be floating soon. Please sign the petition and mentor us in our initiative. Eagerly looking forward to your comments, suggestions and criticism. Together, I believe we can transform the 9/11 Truth Movement into a truly Global Movement.

Your brothers in Truth,

Worldwide Coalition for 9/11 Truth

Best wishes/Azad

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by far and by large, most Amerikan's are too stupid to have figured out that what took place on Sept. 11, 2001, was indeed, a FALSE FLAG attack on U.S. citizens and some foreign nationals. Most also are stupid enough to believe that jet fuel burns with black smoke at gazillions of degrees, enough to melt even diamonds, and that buildings implode at free fall speeds when they have tons of support columns holding them up. And lastly, most are so stupid as to totally buy the story that North Amerikan Air Defense was utterly defeated by 19 arab men wielding box cutters. I could go on and on about the level of absolute, utter STUPIDITY on the part of Amerikan's, but I will not, as it's nearly pointless, because you know, as do most of the rest of the world, that people in Amerika are about as sharp as the leading edge of a marble, and about as inquisitive as belly button lint, when things don't smell right.

If the world is going to hold a 9/11 truth hearing, it just may as well forget about getting Amerikan's involved, the only thing they seem to care about is their television shows and their Britney Spears. And their humvees.

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