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U.S. Can Recover Cash Stolen By Israel 2 Ways

There are two possible scenarios which could recover the 2.3 or 2.7 Trillion dollars stolen by Rabbi Dov Zakheim from or through the Pentagon, and also the monies Goldman Sachs and Lehman Brothers execs have been sending to Israel just before declaring bankruptcy.
"Economic Collapse: Money Skimmed, Sent to Israel?"

Bailout for Jewish Crony Banking Fraud Conspiracy

1. If it ever becomes formally determined that these funds were stolen and have not been returned to The United States
the US Treasury numbers on the notes, bonds, securities, etc., and any other identifying codes and numbers can be declared stolen and therefore null and void,and the notes, bonds, etc., can be reissued with different numbers, etc., from different printing plates and the original plates destroyed. The same process should be fine for the 30+Billion that Bushfraud had flown into an Iraq War zone and was lost.

2. Scenario 2. This can be the utter and complete destruction of Israel by making it into a glass parking lot for failing to return the funds, along with step one. Israel has bitten the hand, The U.S., that feeds her, gives her military equipment, etc. and she has illegally set up a massive spy network within The United States of America.
Either scenario is fine with me.

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Remember Cynthia McKinney grilling these pieces of shit, Zackheim and Rumsfeld, about the 2.4 Trillion dollars missing from the Pentagon budget, unaccounted for?

How many of you so-called politically savy jackoff's in Amerika remember that hearing on Sept. 10th., 2001??? How many?

let me guess. none of you.

no wonder your govermment gets away with so much thievery, you're all fucking brain dead, aren't you?


That's undoubtedly why Cynthia McKinney was singled out and treated so miserably in a televised session,( wasn't it the State of The Union Address?) of Congress. The D.C. bums already had her on the watch lists, without a doubt. The criminals know who to watch for, and as I've stated before, this is the reason they have the super radar-microwave in every neighborhood and the Neighborhood Watch Programs. It's to ensure they can continue stealing ALL THE TREASURY MONEY and stealing every thing else with impunity.

They can keep themselves covered by predicting where people will be at a given moment, and if necessary, prevent what we try to do. Run people off the road or crash them with crash cars, blast them on the road while driving with their 30 mm sound guns like the prison guards use shown on '60 Minutes'.
Call and bother folks all hours of the day and night, screw up your bank account, steal your credit cards, start rumors at your job or with your neighbors and friends and family, etc..
People are ignorant, in general, of this stuff. If you move, they have so much of our money they can buy all the houses around you and bother you forever, or until they kill you.

actually, with all of the resources available to every person who actually takes the time to do the research, and fact finding, the people in the united states could easily have been on top of this mass murder and high treason more than 7 1/2 years ago, had they cared enough to.

the only interest now, comes as they are all completely cashed out, deep in personal debt, and their gas guzzler's fuel gauges sit on empty, their jobs going away.

furthermore, not enough of them are intelligent enough to smell treason when it's right under their nose...and due to this, it's so very appropriate that they go down the toilet with their fuhrer, strictly as a karmic whip they get for being such ignorant, self centered slobs, interested only in their own tiny, miserable lives.

cynthia mckinney tried to warn them on sept. 10, 2001. they ignored her, at their own peril.


Yeah, it would probably take a military coup to break up the crime spree this regime is on. I've read from several sources the U.S. Treasury has been completely looted and Bush is responsible.

But understand that Bush may be in the position of Fuhrer, but he isn't concerned with actually helping Amerika. He seemed content to try to loot the place and maybe live happily ever after when out of office, but his dad, who was in control in the W. House even on 911 changed all that. They've trashed the U.S. so completely there isn't much left but the crying.

As more and more infrastructure fails, jobs disappear, etc.,the murder rate which is soaring now may even go higher, etc.. Bush and the Bush-Clinton Crime Syndicate helped themselves and are directly responsible. The American people may be sheeple, but the syndicate violated all their public trust. joe martin

Most Americans are ignorant , but not by choice. I know that everything I "found out", I accidentally tripped on while researching other stuff.

I know that the international community is tired of hearing this, but it really is the fault of the MSM that dulls American brains. The Neocons plotted that too, by overturning Fairness Act and deregulating MSM in 1996 with Telecommunications Act. Thus, the MSM is no longer the watchdog of the people, but the lapdog for the powers-that-be. It all boils down to this, we have got to get back to REGULATING everything corporate, INCLUDING the media.

Corporate media monopolies are actually killing good old American competition, and competition makes journalism truthier. Regulation & competition combined makes capitalism healthier in all aspects.

Free markets, as we now see too late, have failed us miserably.


Brilliant idea on regulating media. They really should be charged with TREASON for failing to report what the whistleblowers are telling them, because the results are killing our nation. They are omitting earth-shattering facts of relevance which could save our country!

I've posted an update and link on the Banking Holiday Episode at:

Very Clever Yank.

I personally have nothing again all Corporations
There are Corps in Russia , China etc.


The problem is when they in ORDER TO MAKE PROFITS start to LOBBY or Support WARS, Or when like HEALTH corporations LET PEOPLE SUFFER OR
DIE so they don't lose money.

They behave like some Humans do,when they GET TO MUCH POWER they get corrupted.

Someone said: You control the CURRENCY and you control the country.

But if you control the MEDIA YOU ALSO CONTROL A COUNTRY.


Thoughtful illustration!
Also it would probably surprise us all to learn how many government agents network with public relations firms, talent agencies, etc.. That being the case, when an event such as 911 Attacks happen, the feds and any other government agents and agencies should issue truthful information to all the major news agencies-MSM, and strongly suggest it be published immediately. If it was a matter of national security and public safety it should be required!
This would preclude scum like Bushfraud from hiding his and his cronies crimes and sins.

One thing's for sure, this land of ours will eventually be land of the free or land of the ZOG-Zionist Occupied Government.

Joemartin and Yank:

IT ISN'T Amazing that with all the evidence exposed in Bugliosi's Book and in Suskind's Book not a single MSM outlet have ever said something like:

-The Bush admin accussed of WAR CRIMES!

They even didn't mention the Half Impeachment trial of may 25th 2008.

But as i always say:

Who Controls the MSM:


William Randolph Hearst in 1898

Since that time MSM=WMD

I have to give some credict to KEITH OLBERMANN


The Media has been engaged in an enormous conspiracy of silence since before the Oklahoma City Murrah Building bombing.

It resembles the dead end Jim Garrison, District Attorney of New Orleans, spoke of like an investigation going out from the hub of a wagon wheel, but when you go out the length of each spoke of the wheel it always comes to a dead end at the rim and you go no farther.
The intelligence world is naturally connected to big business, and big business trickles down to many smaller businesses. The media is not going to be honest about 911 or any of this stuff, just as it never really was about JFK hit. I think even within a few years of the Warren Commission's inception, more than 80% of the people on the street did not believe Oswald killed Kennedy and did not believe the Warren Commission.
The U.S. is connected by various press agencies and talent agencies and they are all inter-related following an ordered "line". Anyone who deviates from the "line" is out, and maybe going to get dead.
According to the docs I've read, a lot of this line must exist with the ADL, and JDL, etc.. It has nothing to do with anti-semitism. That's only the bugaboo they use to enforce condemnation of an out of "liner".

Yes, I am brain dead. I am an atheist and pro-choice. I am tired after working 40+ hours this week (the daily 4 hour road trip not included - add 20 non-paid hours). I have family and the associated problems. I just wonder what the hell can I do other than worship Dennis Kucinich?
I do not have time to be an activist. I am a minister who knows GOD (I do not believe, I know). Pro choice is using a condom or the pill. If I were a thief I would not need a job.


there is no crime in earning a living, slaving like crazy as you are, and trying to keep your head above water.

other than the knowing god part, that's your own business, earlywine. worshipping Kucinich isn't going to save the nation at this stage, either.

but having not a clue that significant hearings were underway, getting to the bottom of the disappearance of almost 3 trillion dollars, held by Cynthia McKinney, right up until Sept. 10th., 2001, grilling Zackheim and Rumsfeld and others as to the whereabouts of the missing a 'crime' in that nearly 8 years have now elapsed, and to a great deal of us who've done the research, and believe that this might have been the trip trigger that gave the neocon's the green light to execute the false flag ops the next day. etc.. etc..

you're not brain dead. overworked. underpaid. screwed, like
2/3r'ds of the working class in the united states, but certainly not brain dead.

however, you cannot put enough emphasis on people getting a handle on the gist of those hearings, and understanding that Zackheim and Rumsfeld and others in the Pentagon were getting their nuts roasted over a Cynthia McKinney fire the day before it all changed.

there's a 'nexus' in other words, earlywine. not coincidental. and it points to 'motive' and 'who did it', to fully understand the discovery of nearly 3 trillion dollars gone missing from the Pentagon, now suspected to have gone to Israel.

and have known for quite sometime. Did you know he was one of the "Vulcans"? Condi's group that worked on Bush's foreign policy agenda before Bush was elected in 2000? Several neo-cons, Rice, Cheney and others, meeting in George p. Shultz' living room in 1999...

Did you also know Zackheim at the time was head of a company that made... wait for it... remote control systems for 757s?

Let me say that part again for those who weren't REALLY listening...

Zackheim, the man who later took charge of finding the missing TRILLIONs of dollars in the Pentagon, whose office was HIT by something on Sept. 11th 2001, was head of a government contracted business that made REMOTE CONTROL flight systems for commercial airliners (so that the Pentagon and the defense department could use them for running DRILLs much like the 5 or 6 air defense drills being run that day).

So yes, thank you, some of us know who he was and is. But I am glad you brought it up. It should be brought up everyday here, IMO.

it would appear some Amerikan's are indeed awake and lucid, and therefore, I must take back my assertion that everyone in your country is brain decedent. obviously you're not.

The more people who know who Dov Zackheim is, what he and Rumsfeld and Cambone were up to, and how much money went to Israel and has kept going to Israel, even in these bank failures where huge sums of money were gutted from financial institutions books and shipped to Israel before the U.S. government declared them effectively insolvent, the better.

The more people who know that Silverstein had his buildings rigged with explosives, done by a MOSSAD front company in New York who got paid by the U.S. government, by the way...the better.

The more Amerikan's waking up to the fact that their own government did this to them, with the help of the Israeli Intelligence Community and it's deeply embedded in U.S. government operatives, like Chertoff, and Zackheim, and a whole host of others, the better.

The more we expose this right here and now, the better!

thank you all for your awareness and your vigilance against these dual passport holding demons from Israel.


Yes, I knew that and you can hold a 30 point bold faced typed page in front of the Zionist-controlled media of our Z.O.G., Zionist Occupied Government, and they would change the subject!

This is most accurately defined as a mass programming by mind control government which remains in MASS DENIAL. Mass denial by media, is the exact term which defines why our country is going to hell. If this was WWII you'd see all kinds of announcements on radio and television over the current domestic situation which has developed within the U.S..

Yes, as far as Zakheim, the stolen trillions, and 911, etc., it also pays to remember how the 5 Raytheon Executives which were affiliated with DOD flight control programs who specialized in REMOTE CONTROL GUIDANCE SYSTEMS were also killed on 911. The ones supposedly on the crashed planes were either murdered or placed into some sort of protective custody or dungeon, is my guess.

So the level to which the whole thing stinks is so odious that much of our public is in an outrage, and all Bushfraud does is allegedly continue to loot the Treasury, do more deal-making and buy more time until he can fake his death and probably disappear. Meanwhile the chicken-shit media sits mum and scared and follows its bought-off orders as scriptreaders.


Yeah, it's hell to have to work for a living, IF ONE CAN EVEN FIND ANY JOB IN THE U.S..
One thing a lot of us can do when possible is suggest to others, over lunch at work or school, while carpooling, or whenever recreating, that there should be a huge accountability movement started to cause all lawmakers and officials who don't uphold The Constitution and The American People to be held accountable and to have to explain why they did not act in the best interests of this great United States of America and her people.
This would eventually require news medias to become accountable, as well. Why don't you think about how to get something like that started.
I'm like you, can't do much with my limitations. joe martin

"Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney grills Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on the Pentagon's missing trillions, DynCorp's slave trade, and the 9/11 wargames.
House Hearing on FY06 Dept. of Defense Budget, March 11, 2005."

Isn't she magnificent ? !


Yes, Cynthia McKinney is magnificent, and I'd already placed a sign box on my old index page at, which is now under maintenance, but I have her back up in the article on the 5,000 executed persons during Katrina, at my current page. I have tried to do so much research and searching for 911 information I have not even had time to format my page and add an index and place the pages under directories.

Cynthia's gotta be the bravest woman in America besides Cindy. Why are all the women with cajones named "Cynthia, Cindy"? I looked up the meaning of the name, it is an epithet of the Greek goddess of the moon, Artemis:

I know this will conjure up "moonbat" derogatory term for those who voted for Bush, but everything Cynthia and Cindy have said has been found to be true.


I'd posted a big thank you on my old web page to Cynthia McKinney for speaking out against Cointelpro, which apparently is a program that violates the rights of citizens at times and uses underhanded tactics.
I'm now wondering if the late Agent Carnaby was involved in some of this stuff when Houston P.D. shot him. He had several names and a lot of badges and stuff, but if an agent, would not have needed a concealed carry permit which he had.
Also, the brave German Finance Minister, Christine LaGuard, who is butting heads with Bushfraud over the financial stuff also showed him smoking gun evidence that Bushfraud's buddies, The Mossad, were involved in penetrating (probably massive bribes) Yemen forces which resulted in explosion of U.S.Embassy in Sanaa. She's really got moxy, too.

Simple, we cannot afford "pork" and "earmarks" for other countries anymore, unless we caused their suffering, or if they are suffering.


I'll second that one for sure, and since the whole country and world are verging total financial collapse, let's cut out all pork for all jurisdictions and districts.
Use the available funds to repair and rebuild more U.S. highways and bridges, etc., and start work programs.

No foreign aid should issue to any country at all until the U.S. balances the budget completely. Let Iraq start paying for some of their stuff with their mega-oil revenues.
Any countries whose nationals have been here in the U.S. mucking up our national forests and state grounds with drug growing, etc., should have no foreign aid as of immediately, and those countries should be billed the amount for (U.S. Jobs creation here)U.S. Contractor Companies to clean up our lands.

That is, if Iraqi oil reveues do not fall into Bush Crime Family and other foreign hands!


This must involve huge deal-making between Bushfraud, the oil companies,aka 'The Seven Sisters', and Iraq's government.
Apparently the oil companies have not received enough assurances that Iraq will protect their interests, and Bushfraud may not have received his 'cut' on this war deal. As well, Bushfraud was allegedly using the Iraq Central Bank as a money laundry, and as you know, our emergency financial house has not been put in order in the U.S., etc., so there must be ongoing need for the money laundry, etc., and other issues.
The U.S. oil companies should be told to start selling gasoline, diesel, and petroleum products to U.S. market and citizens at the same low price it sells to foreigners!

Has the Hydrocarbon "law" already been pushed through?

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