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The Blank Vote Initiative

With only several weeks to go, the one & only thing that will get the attention of the Democrats is to threaten to deny them your vote unless they Impeach. There is no chance of this congress (or the next) supporting or defending the Constitution unless we demand it.

If you have any illusions that they will Impeach anyone in this administration, or if you think they will have hearings with Rove or anyone else, or get us out of Iraq (as they promised during the last election), or anything else that you think your going to accomplish by continuing to do the same things that we have been doing for the last 5 years; You're as crazy as I used to be.

If you have a Representative that has not signed up for Impeachment:

Simply email your Representative & let them know that unless Congress starts Impeaching, then you will not give them any of your time or money and you're not going to vote for them.

Most importantly cc: your Senators, your local & State Democratic Party Headquarters, the DNC, the DLC & even the Obama Campaign so that everyone in the Party knows of your outrage. This step is crucial. as the Blank Vote Initiative cannot remain a secret in order to be effective. The Party, as a whole, needs to realize how disgusted you are. Otherwise, your Rep is just going to ignore you (again). This is very simple & effective. Channel your passion to this Action & we might still have a chance. If you're waiting for Conyers to do something, it isn't going to happen unless We the People demand it!


Visit the website for more.

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I am quite certain that my postings have not been missed by any stretch of the imagination. I have been preoccupied with several personal matters which I shall keep private, except to say that these past three months have been extremely difficult for my family and myself.

I was unable to resist the itch to respond to this article however. All of the organizations mentioned above have sent me letters of solicitation seeking funds as a result of my contributions made back in the Fall of 2006. A look back in the archives of this site would most likely show that I have written before in the last year and a half about just how disgusted I became with the Democratic wing of the Corporatist/AIPAC Party. Thus this article hits a home run for me.

I have decided to test the electronic "voting" mechanisms in my county (Northampton, PA) by seeking to write in Dennis Kucinich for President and Robert Wexler for Vice President. In an ego boosting move, I am also planning to write in myself for the 15th Congressional Seat. I figure at least I know I trust myself!

I suggest many of you might like to consider doing the same thing. All I know is that when I hear about from where the D/C's campaign money emanates, I get the shakes. The Corporatists are hedging their bets to keep control in the event Obama wins. Bottom line: not much will change but the rhetoric.

and I hope things get better for you and yours. Rain

God bless Richard and his family from all of us here at ADS.


Rather then writing in Dennis, consider Ralph Nader. He is on the ballot in 45 states and you will find his position on the issues is right in line with Dennis. Take a look at and think about it. I would love to have Dennis in the White house, but he has given up on that. Ralph is still in there fighting against insurmountable odds!


If I WAS going to throw away my vote, I would only do it for Dennis Kucinich at this juncture. He has fought for ME & YOU right there in the Hell's Kitchen of the Congress.

Ralph is sitting on the sidelines, raking in the dough, figuring out how to spend his losing campaign funds, AGAIN! He's been doing this since 1972. Notice a pattern?

I too have been a long time fan of Kucinich and Wexler, but was crushed when Wexler voted 'yes' for the bailout package. I still don't understand how he could betray us like that. I'd love to write in Kucinich just to have it on the record, but Georgia laws mandates that my vote be tossed out if the person ran in the primaries and lost. That law needs to be changed. Therefore, my vote is going to Nader. Just watched "An Unreasonable Man" and learned all the ways he has been fighting these corrupt corporations for years. Just the kind of man we need right now.

I have always appreciated your calm reserve and humble intellect , or maybe I just crave virtues I lack ;-D

I will pray for your personal concerns, and wish you and your family well at all times!

IMPEACH BUSHCO & RICO PNAC/AIPAC...PNAC is Bush/Cheney's "Helter Skelter" !


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